My Post-Earnings Assessment of 2 Biotech Stocks

Let's look at a couple of companies we have covered on these pages before.

Buyers of Marriott Stock Should Postpone Their Reservations for Now

A better buying opportunity could develop later in the second quarter.

Marriott Is Booking Gains on Monday Thanks to Aggressive Growth Plan

Marriott is making many investors more comfortable with a new growth model that proposes aggressive expansion and sizable shareholder returns.

Symmetry Suggests Splunk Sets Up for an Options Trade

Consider a bullish options strategy on this one, whether it's selling a vertical credit spread or buying a bullish vertical debit spread.

Fed's Pending Rate Announcement Should Fend Off Selling Pressure

It is going to be hard for the bears to gain much traction right now, so build gains while you can by focusing on stock picking.

FedEx Looks Weak Heading Into Earnings

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

Fed Decisions, Economic Forecasts, 6 Stock Moves: Market Recon

I would expect some tough sledding over the next day or two ahead of Wednesday's FOMC policy meeting.

Jim Cramer: Ulta Paints a Great Picture in Beauty Personalization

Ulta Beauty is a new champion of retail -- and other names should learn from them.

Ulta Beauty: Good Investing Is Not Easy

This stock has been a beautiful performer, but right now it is overvalued.

Recency Bias Is Not Your Friend in the Stock Market

Let's take a trip back to last September to see why the current situation is different.