Bears Push Up Against Positive Headlines

Many market players are anxious to embrace the much anticipated bearish narrative, but the market refuses to acknowledge the bearish arguments, as players are already prepared for bad news.

Jim Cramer: We Can't Have It All

You can't have the banks and financial tech stocks go up, old and new tech rally simultaneously and the soft goods companies and industrial techs rise -- someone's wrong.

ECB Decision Gives TLT a Positive Tilt

Take advantage of the NIRP-induced carry trade with this options trade.

Oracle's Earnings and Guidance Raise Fresh Concerns About Its Revenue Momentum

Larry Ellison's company continues to grow much more slowly than the broader enterprise software market. And it just declined to reiterate its full-year revenue growth guidance.

Charts Put a Damper on Party City

Chart resistance in the $7-$9 area and a lack of a base pattern are likely problems for investors.

Why Sea Limited Is a Favorite of Mine

I haven't changed my tune in my belief that eSports is a sector to own for the next several years.

Jim Cramer: Think Twice About Buying Right Now

When we get this overbought, any negative news could turn into a violent pullback.

Sage Advice: Tighten Stops for Oracle

Following company news, a sell stop just below $51 looks like a good idea right now.

Not a Good Time for Bears

After the dramatic rotation, continued concern about a recession and difficult trade negotiations with China, plenty of good arguments for downside exist, but the bears are running into two big problems.

Are We Approaching a Minsky Moment?

A Minsky moment is when excessive speculation leads to excessive demand for credit and excessive leverage.