This Stock Has Attractive Breakout Potential

The stock is up nearly 5% Wednesday and on my radar for a breakout Thursday.

I'm Calling on Verizon

With earnings coming up and the stock of Verizon at lows, I think there is a lot more upside than downside at this point.

Can Abbott Labs Get Its Act Together?

Traders finally seem to be rejecting the downside of ABT.

Here's How to Work Workday

WDAY's charts are bullish as the name is up in trading on Wednesday.

Does the Fed Really Not Know the CPI Is at its Highest Rate Since 2008?

The real issue is that they don't know and are just hoping that "inflation is transitory".

Rotation and Churning Mark Mixed Day in the Market

While we have the Fed meeting minutes looming, I've got my eyes on the close.

Should You Buy Home Depot Ahead of My Instore Purchases?

You'd better check these charts out -- over my home-improvement shopping list -- to see how to approach this retailer.

Upstart Holdings Continues to Impress Me

Here's our price target for now.

Signet Jewelers Shares Could Slip Lower

It's a time to be cautious.

I'm Intrigued by The Glimpse Group

But it should only find a home in a portfolio seeking high potential rewards for taking high risk.