An Incredible Value Right by the Roadside

This down-and-OUT stock is worth way more than its current value during this market drop and volatility on fear of the coronavirus pandemic.

We Need Some Social Distance From This Market Noise

With the Fed announcing bazooka liquidity measures as selling took a breather, it allowed the market to rally back to the next level of resistance of around 2600. But now what?

This Might Just Make You Trade, and Sleep, Better

I expect we will be testing and retesting and seeing more rallies and more testing in the months ahead -- so if watching the blinking tickers gets you on edge, take a step back.

Snap Could See a Lot of Cash Burn Over the Next Few Months

The Snapchat parent was burning cash going into this year, and it's now likely seeing its ad sales slump and its cloud infrastructure expenses spike.

Market Quickly Discounting Stimulus While Unemployment Numbers Loom

The bounce the last two days was classic bear market action.

I'm Dusting Off My Old Playbook for Bonds Right Now

After a strong day for fixed-income markets, let's learn from 2008 how to play this volatility.

Big Blue Rebounds Sharply, Launching the Start of its Recovery

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Boeing's Recent Rebound Is Not Likely to Last for Long

Often times this kind of 'knee jerk' rebound is not sustainable

With SPY, I'm Looking at a Ratio Call Spread

Whatever short-term positive impact the bounce of the past two days is having will be just that: short-term.

The Long Side of Target Still Looks Risky to Me

TGT does not look ready to participate vigorously in a recovery rally.