Chart of the Day: Just How Much Are Semiconductors Tied to China?

Who are the biggest casualties of a trade war?

A Correction in Seagate Technology Appears Over, Traders Can Buy Strength

Let's see if we should join them.

The Markets Have Been Bonkos

The Big Kahuna of market movers is due tomorrow morning with the release of November's nonfarm payrolls report.

Playing a Lululemon Call Spread Here Isn't a Stretch

A pre-earnings long or a post-earnings short spread may make sense here.

Jim Cramer: The White House, China, Huawei, and Uncharted Waters

Let's go over the stakes here because they are high and huge and were integral to today's selloff.

Western Digital Is Seeing Some Light at the End of the Tunnel

Western Digital has some improving indicators.

ASML Holding Is Poised for an Upside Move as Downside Momentum Has Slowed

I think the rally can come sooner than later.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

We are probably tuning up for a run right back to 2800 in the S&P 500 over the rest of the week.

The Primary Index I'm Watching Right Now Is the Russell 2000 ETF

I'm still optimistic about a decent rally before the end of the year.

Lam Research Shows Bottoming Signs Amid All the Broad Market Turmoil

Let's look at the charts and indicators for more clues on LRCX's next move.