Jim Cramer: China Is a Rogue Nation Acting Against Our National Interests

What I don't get is why would anyone in this country, any citizen, want the Chinese to do what they are doing in this country?

Resistance, Poor Stock Picking and Lack of Momentum Keep Bulls on the Sidelines

The market needs strong follow-through to prove that it is returning to health -- and we are not seeing that yet.

That S&P 500 Death Cross Is Still Hovering, Despite Market Support: Market Recon

The longer prices remain at these levels, the greater the impact upon the 50-day average. Here is what we need to see to reverse it.

Kick the Lottery Habit and Become a Millionaire

Statistically lotteries are for losers only.

Are You Afraid of Missing the Rally or More Afraid of Missing the Decline?

If you were bearish on Tuesday and bullish on Thursday, then I think you need to sit back and consider the indicators.

Micron Stock Rallies to Gain on Thursday After Pre-Market Plunge

Shares finished the day up 2.14% to $37.67 after beginning trading as low as $35.28.

Capitulation Is Rare but We Had an Example of That Today

I'm not sure if today was true capitulation but it was close enough to make me believe that we have a shot at some upside from here.

Jim Cramer: Making Sense of the Awkward Situation the Fed and Markets Are In Now

Here's the context you need to be a little more clear-headed and a little less scared than you are.

Toll Brothers has Made a New Basement as Part of a Rebuilding Process

Patient investors may want to go to the open house.

Low PE Tech Plays Bounce Alongside After HPE's Strong Earnings Forecast

Reports of the death of cyclical technology stocks are premature, apparently.