The Bears Are Growing Louder Every Day

There still is no confirmation of the pessimism but you can't help but wonder if it will be self-fulfilling at some point.

Alibaba Still Isn't Shy About Opening Up Its Checkbook- Tech Check

The Chinese e-commerce giant just took a stake in a video platform, and is reportedly in talks to buy a stake in a German retailer's Chinese arm.

The List of Companies Involved in the Race for AVs Is Quite Impressive

The race for AVs can be divided into two acronyms - ADAS and MaaS - and MaaS is an enormous potential market for global companies.

Nvidia Steps Up to the Plate: My Pre-Earnings and Post-Earnings Trade Ideas

If you want to take a swing, here are two nuggets that might work for you. Is Ready to Charge to a New High, So Buy a Shallow Dip

Charts can always "go bump in the night" but right now it looks like can break out to new highs.

International Paper Doesn't Look Like an Attractive Investment

With considerable chart resistance in the $50 to $56 area International Paper is not attractive at this time.

Don't Let the Indices Mess Up Good Trades

It is easy to fall into the trap of dumping good positions because of weakness in the indices.

Chart of the Day: How Correlative are Crypto Woes to Nvidia Stock?

Is crypto really crashing Nvidia stock?

Moderna's Small Base Could Surprise on the Upside

Prices have moved above the early January high giving us the simple definition of an uptrend.

Novice Trade: PayPal

I think it almost certainly trades about $100 in the next few weeks.