After a Hard Lesson From 2008, Now's Time to Use What I Learned

We're often too scared to buy when stocks are truly cheap, as during crashes and bear markets. So, let's look at Microsoft and see whether the price is right, right now.

Precious Metals Have Done Precious Little in the Face of Inflation

Gold and silver have been just treading water this year, though that performance certainly is better than most stocks.

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Turning Point Brands Needs to Bottom Out

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Why Exporters in Japan, Domestic Plays in China Offer Protection

Chinese stock markets have offered surprising strength while a weak yen will boost profits of Japanese firms that reap most of their sales overseas.

Trading a Bear Market Is Not Just the Inverse of Trading a Bull Market

Bear markets are much less forgiving than bull markets.

How Far Down? Inflation Torment, Sign of Relief? Bewitched, Trading Chip Stocks

there was a high level of professional participation on Thursday and almost all of it was on the same side of the market.

Waking Up to an EBIX Nightmare -- and Acting Fast

Here's what happened when I saw the Hindenburg report on one of my holdings.

Oversold Condition Shaping Up Nicely

Let's check the oscillators -- and why July still shouldn't be particularly good for markets.