Market Uptrends Are Intact as We Begin an Important Week

We view Friday's action as a somewhat expected event within an improving environment.

Tech Earnings Season: 5 Things That Have Stood Out So Far

Demand is cooling for some products and services, and a strong dollar is a clear headwind. But not all of the news has been bad.

Allogene Therapeutics' Charts Suggests a Rally Ahead

Here's how traders can play the stock.

China Considers Three-Tier System to Allow U.S. Listings to Continue

Beijing regulators are prepping three categories of data security for overseas-listed companies, in the hopes that Chinese companies can remain on Wall Street.

Earnings Reports Will Abound, So Who Will Get Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

It will be interesting to see what investors are willing to forgive and what they will refuse to tolerate when it comes to performance and outlook.

F5 Sees Its Charts Perk Up a Bit Ahead of Earnings

The technical signs of the specialist in application security have improved over the last couple weeks.

A Defining Week for the Stock Market

Three major events will determine where we are heading.

Big Week, Big Earnings, Collision Course, Tracking Trend, Fed, Fun With Numbers

The longer-term trend is still to the downside, but the short-to medium-term trend has improved as has relative strength.

Not Losing Big: Just as Valuable as Winning Big

People need to learn to avoid owning shares of companies which have never made money.

Bottom Callers Looking for the Exact Low on Trades

If we get an upside this week, volatility should pick up in August.