Investors in CymaBay Therapeutics Need Patience and Discipline

Shares of the biotech appear to be in the early stage of making a new base pattern.

Let's See Whether Small-Cap Resurgence Continues

The Russell 2000 had a strong week last week, but whether smaller names can outperform their large-cap brethren going forward remains to be seen.

BP Is Set to Rally - The Only Question Is How Much?

The stock price was already moving up ahead of this supply shock.

Oil Attack's Ripple Effects and the Case for Defense Stocks: Market Recon

The drone attacks on Saudi oil operations even could influence the Fed's thinking on inflation and rates.

Charting Out Two Potential Winners

Here's two buy-setups: Costco and Mastercard.

Jim Cramer: Here Are the Real Winners and Losers From the Saudi Oil Attacks

Algorithmic traders, along with the Chinese and the Saudis, will feel the outcome of the oil attacks.

A Resilient Market Shrugs Off a Trio of Dramatic Events

The news on momentum stocks, bonds and oil has not roiled the market as many would expect.

Home Shopping Network's Owner Poised for Profits

Qurate Retail Group's chairman, CEO and media magnate John Malone each made significant buys totaling more than 1.9 million shares in the company -- that's a good sign.

Brent Oil Went Up on Saudi Attacks, But Where Does It Go Now?

The problem with the oil market is not one of supply, it is one of demand.

Market Tries Surfing a Sideways Chop

But the short-term overbought reading should lead to a market pullback, and that should be followed by another rally attempt.