Carnival Traders Are Voting With Their Feet

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Bed Bath & Beyond Goes From Bad to Really Bad: Here's How to Trade It

BBBY just released the firm's first quarter financial results. It reads like fiction.

Bearish Sentiment Is at Decade Highs -- And That's Very Bullish

Support levels have held and need to stay in that condition.

Losses Keep Piling Up in 2022 for This Portfolio of 2021 Losers

In past years the Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio has performed pretty darn well versus the broad indexes; that isn't the case this year.

Upstart Looks Anything But Up on the Charts

The shares are in a sharp downdraft from their zenith in October.

Finding a Silver Lining or Two in Tuesday's Tech Wreck

It wasn't a pretty day for most tech stocks, but it wasn't a disaster, either.

Microsoft: Taking a Fresh Look at the Charts

A rally could soon unfold.

Paychex's Charts Indicate It May Not Pay to Hold Its Shares Right Now

The technical indicators of the provider of human resources and payroll services are not favorable at present.

Down Market, Negative Growth, Recession Talk, AMD, Trading AeroVironment

All of the talk around recession that had abated, at least for a day, returned with a vengeance, supported by a Cathie Wood interview.

A Market for Sitting on the Sidelines

There may be some short-term trades and perhaps a few buying opportunities of unfairly hit stocks, but it just isn't the time to be active.