Why Food and Leisure Industries Will Struggle Even After Covid-19

Some industries and the economy will take longer to restart than a lot of the pundits and administration believe.

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A Look at Our Situation Now: Good, Bad, and Ugly, and 3 New Stock Groups

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After Huge Relief Bounce, Focus on Coronavirus and Economic Uncertainty

This just a very large countertrend bounce. Look for a sizable pullback and then some very choppy and sloppy action.

Welcome This Bargain -- It Will Make You Feel Right at Home

Buy Ruth's Hospitality Group low to sell it high. You may never get a better chance.

Some Tech Stocks Have Run Up Too Fast This Week

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Let's Rewind to 2008 -- and Not October

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We're Up for Three Days, but That's Not the Whole Story

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Good Medicine for a Retest? Johnson & Johnson

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Jim Cramer: The Rescue Bill and a Fed Dive-Bombing Policy Ignited All Sectors

I think our scientists, our medical minds, are working on an atomic bomb that can nuke Covid before it invades us.