Nasdaq Quadrophenia, Sellers' Strike, Spring Football, All Hail Nvidia

Financial markets have been warped by policy, which has severed price discovery from underlying economic performance.performance. Know where the exit doors are along the way.

It's 'The New New Thing' All Over Again

In the 1990s, we had the 'new economy' stocks and the 'old economy' stocks. Sound familiar?

How This Recession Could Play Out From Here

While every recession is different, here's what could be in store for jobs, interest rates, the Fed and stocks.

Downside Momentum Is Still Missing in Action

This reminds me of 1999 to 2000, but the big lesson during that time was that the crazy uptrend can persist much longer than seems reasonable.

Jim Cramer: Don't Get Sold Out

While we face some absolutely insane moves, we have to ask: Where are the sellers?

Upwork Should Be Able to Create Its Own Niche

All the current indicators from trend to momentum to price action sit in a bullish position as the stock breaks above resistance.

Being Long Both QQQ and SPY Is a Dangerous Combo Now

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Gold Continues to Shine With Historic Highs in Sight and No Speculative Frenzy

The spot market is above the $1,800 threshold.

Real Money Post Industrial Average Outperforms, Despite Outbreak

The RMPIA rebounded more than 22% in the June quarter to finish up 7.8% at the 2020 half mark.

Has Twitter Finally Got Its Wings?

TWTR looks like it's ready for a sustained move higher.