This Market's Getting Picky

A few of the index movers were up, and that held up the major indexes much better than the rest of the market. Let's dig in to see what that means.

I'm Not on the Defensive ... Yet

This is still a good market for stock picking, and here's what would have to change for me to think a shift in character is imminent.

Here's Why I Still Wouldn't Nibble on Chewy

This kind of price action is particularly discouraging.

Snap Shares Need a Lengthy Repair Process

Let's see how the charts look today.

Here's Why Inflation Is Like a Game of Tag

Until the economy's ability to produce and deliver products catches up with demand, here's what's likely to play out.

This Apple Chart Is Quite Attractive and It's Working on a Breakout Move

I can see the appeal if someone is worried about a deeper correction in small-caps.

A Strategy Update for the Soaring Trade Desk

Expect some consolidation to unfold before we get to our next price target.

Intel Traders Are Still Voting With Their Feet

Let's check out the charts of INTC.

I'm Long Target, but Not Especially Eager to Buy the Shares

Here's why the stock is trading lower in response to earnings.

I View Weak Days as Opportunities, but Remain Disciplined

At this point it's just the normal ebb and flow after a good run.