We're Raising Our Market Support Levels

Sentiment continues to suggest rallies to resistance.

Steve Wynn Accused of Working for China to Lobby Trump

If Elon Musk proceeds to buy Twitter, he would surely face censorship pressure stemming from Tesla's Shanghai factory, as Steve Wynn's experience shows.

Target Misses the Earnings Mark and Throws Its Charts for a Loop

It will be interesting to see where traders might come in to cover shorts or to pick a bottom after the retailer's disappointing first-quarter results.

AeroVironment Is Ready Now to Rally: Here's Our Price Target

The stock could rise more than 20% from here.

Stocks May Rally, but Bear in Mind We're Still in a Bear Market

With that warning given, let's check out possible trades involving a big drugmaker and a semiconductor giant.

Take-Two Takes It to the Upside

Let's check the charts again after an earnings-related rise.

Overall Technical Action Improves, but a Disaster Is Hitting the Retail Sector

The macro environment is still full of land mines, and the disappointing results from big retailers definitely hint at the potential for a recession.

Trading These Markets, April Data, Fed Speak, AMD Moves

There's no doubt that the Fed Chair was about as hawkish as we have ever heard him, but his crew seemed to try to temper that hawkish posture.

Jack in the Box May Surprise You to the Upside (Along With 2 Other Stocks)

Let's look at three tasty options for those willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Before You Cross Wall Street, Look Both Ways: Up and Down

Was that the low last week? Has sentiment changed? Let's see what the charts and indicators tell us -- and why you should look up (before we bump into resistance).