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Do You See Those Horns Poking Through?

Sentiment is getting a bit too bullish and we're overbought, and here's what that should mean.

As Indexes Rise Amid Unrest, Investors Are Skeptical, Fear Missing Out

If this market is ever going to top, it seems likely it will have to occur on good news since no amount of bad news seems to matter.

Apple Is Ripe for a Put Trade Again

From a risk/reward standpoint these are super cheap.

Jim Cramer: I'm Watching China, Europe Right Now

Other places besides the United States are flashing green, and they can surprise us -- even give our international companies a boost.

Nutanix's Recent Action and Long-Term Story Intrigue Me

The company has been transitioning from a transactional hardware sales model to a subscription software model.

Regeneron, PayPal, Facebook Push Up Real Money Post Industrial Average

The RMPIA rose 3.2% for May and 3.3% for the first five months of 2020.

Ciena Corp. May Keep You on Hold a Bit Before Rising Up

Let's check in on the charts of this telecommunications networking equipment company.

Jim Cramer: There Are a Handful of Oils I'd Own

A big cap dividend producer, a company with the best assets, two larger growth companies, and my favorite, Parsley Energy.

The Best Indication of a Market Top Is Losing Money

There is no better indicator of a shift in price action than my account balances.

The Charts of PNC Financial Still Lack Aggressive Buying

Let's review the charts and indicators, and see what's happened since late April.

How to Play Virgin Galactic Amid SpaceX's Mission

The success of SpaceX creates hope that private companies can be successful with space travel, so the sentimental boost likely helped SPCE.

Chicken or the Egg: What's Causing This Dollar Weakness, Cyclical Rotation?

It's important to keep an eye on the dollar as it underlines the performance of all asset classes and sector rotation.

Cloudera Needs to Break Above This Key Level to Really Rally

The charts of CLDR are in the middle of changing from a downtrend to an uptrend.

The Bitcoin Trade Is Developing Well

It has the potential to gain strong momentum as it's mainly a technical trade.

Here's When I'd Adjust My Position Size in Microsoft

We've had quite a run, and I hate to violate net basis, which is a long, long way off.

Here's Why the Market Is Headed Higher

Despite Covid-19, civil unrest and a looming recession, stocks should stay bullish based on the action in the S&P 500's monthly chart.

Beauty of Ulta Beauty Charts Could Be in the Eye of the Beholder

The beauty retailer's charts have improved greatly from March but face overhead resistance ahead.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Could Continue to Surprise

I have consistently underestimated the power of the rally in CMG.

We Have Buy Setups in Alibaba and Twitter

There are several reasons why I like both names here.

Our Job Is to Navigate the Market, Not Argue With It

Here are five things to watch to indicate a possible change in stock market character.

Watching Price Action, Pfizer Selloff, Trading Thoughts

Taking a chunk of Pfizer during this selloff, while Amazon has raised $10 billion in mixed-maturity debt and all eyes are on the government's response to civil unrest in the U.S.

It's True, My Readers Are Very 'Prudent' Investors

Subscriber Rick Coniglio asked about Prudential Financial -- and this one looks like good insurance for your portfolio.

Not So Jolly on the Rally, Are We?

Let's look at why Monday's action seemed to inspire so little joy, despite good breadth, a small increase in new highs and the small caps playing along.

Campbell Soup: Is It Hot or Cold Ahead of Earnings?

Let's check out the charts and see if the hoarding phase is over.

The Market's in a World of Its Own

If you're asking how much longer the market can ignore all the negative events that are so glaringly obvious, then you're not alone.

Costco Is Overdue for a Breakout

COST is poised to break out from a large triangle formation

Dropbox Warrants a Flyer

With price pushing above resistance today, a small upside play could be considered here, especially if you remain under invested.

Jim Cramer: The Market Makes No Judgment Calls, Investors Do

And the reality is that the more money you make, the more likely you can contribute to the causes that you care about.

Barcode Maker Cognex Is Emerging From a Large Base Formation

Let's check the charts and indicators of this technology company.

Here's What I Think the Market Does From Here

There is a lot of pent-up selling in the markets.