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2 Market Questions, 2 Very Different Answers

Something's been nagging me about sentiment, so I went to Twitter to get to the bottom of it. Plus, what to expect from the Russell this week and a look at the S&P's head-and-shoulders top.

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Really Should Think About Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Biotech Got Whopped. But I've Got a Plan

Here's how I'd play the SPDR S&P Biotech exchange-traded fund.

You Don't Have to Trade All at Once

Trading in multiple time frames not only reduces risks, but also provides strategic flexibility. Let me show you what I mean and how to do it.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Market Response to Hawkish Fed Is an Overreaction

Here's why we believe 'higher for longer DUE to higher GDP' has a more dovish tone, and remain constructive for the rest of the year.

This Dividend Aristocrat Has All the Raw Materials to Make It a Top Pick

This name has been down, but now I think it's charged up to cruise into the year's end.

The Bears Just Moved Into Wall Street

Technically, the bears are in control of this market now.

3 Overlooked Mid-Cap Stocks With High Dividend Yields

There are strong dividend stocks in this 'middle' category worthy of consideration for income investors.

Don't Be a Sap and Step Into a Value Trap

There are plenty of stocks that look like value plays but aren't as the market continues to drag more share prices down.

My Stock Pick for the Rest of 2023? The Big 'B'

Here's why I'm going with a diversified value name.

IBM Knocks on the Door of Its 52-Week High, But Nobody Answers

Let's drill down to see the risk/reward conditions of the stock and why it may no longer be a 'Best Idea.'

Stocks May Bounce, but This Is Far From an 'All Clear' Signal

We suspect any bounce would likely be one within an ongoing correction.

The Probability of a Selloff Is Greater Now Than at Any Point This Year

Selling by skilled traders who are reading the technical signs and are trying to cut their losses could propel stocks even lower.

Amazon Prime Video Plans to Add Ads, but Don't Add Amazon to Your Portfolio

The charts of the online giant are casting a bearish hue.

Tom Lee: 3 Reasons the Post-Fed Market Decline Is an Overreaction

We view the magnitude of the equity drop and commensurate surge in yields disproportionate to the FOMC rate decision and press conference.

PVH's Charts Look Threadbare as the Apparel Maker Struggles to Gain Traction

The technical signals indicate traders and investors should avoid the long side of PVH as its shares could be in for a deeper decline.

A Difficult Market Is Complicated by Unusual Strength in Just 7 Stocks

Will this corrective action continue, or will the indexes be saved once again by the 'Magnificent Seven'?

My Stock Pick for the Rest of 2023 Is a Real Beauty

This name is an excellent trading vehicle. Let me show you how to play it.

A Step Closer to the Whoosh

Let's look at the selling, the volume problem, the bonds, and sentiment.

The Mask Gets Yanked Off of Goldilocks Narrative

The bulls' story always sounded like a stretch, and now they will have to develop a new narrative to help drive a recovery.

Doug Kass: Risk Happens Fast. This Is All About to Get Real

Caution and stock market congestion may lie ahead as interest rates stay higher for longer, while the stock market decline has now assumed a global character. Plus, more lessons from Howard Marks.

Holders of Discover Financial Are Discovering the Stock Is Heading Lower

Let me show you what I am seeing and the key price levels to watch.

After Splunk Grab, Cisco's a Slam Dunk

I didn't like the idea of a cash deal at the start, but after going through the fundamentals, I think it's a wise move -- and here's why I'm adding the stock.

The Day After the Fed Meeting, I'm Gambling on This Stock

Here's why I like this gaming-related play, and why stocks could eventually offer some good entry points -- but not yet.

Darden Posts an Earnings Beat, But You May Want to Get Up From the Table

Markets are a discounting mechanism.

Whoa, We're (Only) Half Way There: Why the Correction May Have a Long Way to Go

Four key indexes shifted their trends from neutral to bearish Wednesday.

Take Profits on Splunk: Sell to an Anxious Buyer Called Cisco

Take after legendary trader Jesse Livermore on this news.

Disney Sees Magic in Its Parks, Even If Investors Don't

The entertainment icon is down, but here's why its move makes sense.

Broadcom Takes a Hit on Potential Loss of Google as a Key AI Customer

Let's take a look at the charts.

Powell's Terrible Swift Sword, Fed Fallout, What Scared Investors, Key Takeaways

The Fed Chair did not sound as sure of himself or the committee as has in the past. He seemed as uncertain about the future of the economy as are the rest of us, which is a negative.