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The Silver Lining to This Market Might Just Be Ethereum

Here's a play in ETHE as we're rocked around by the swings in stocks.

Market Shows Off Its Double-Flip Gymnastics

Technically the market has made some positive progress with two intraday reversals in a row to the upside, but it's still a balancing act for investors.

2 Key Concepts for Investors Dealing with Nasty Selloffs

Here's how I deal with my personal accounts in times of turmoil.

If You Want to Time the Market Focus on Stock Picking

Here's my approach and how it fits into the current action.

Disney Should See Revenue Stream in, After Covid Leaves Town

The entertainment giant got rained on after Netflix's sour outlook, but parks and more should bring back the smiles for investors.

I'm Not Impressed With GE's Quarter: Here's What I'm Tempted to Do

Interesting that I've not seen a single sell-side analyst upgrade, downgrade or reiterate anything. No changes made to price targets either.

An Important Buying Opportunity May Be at Hand

Insiders gobble up stock as charts register key reversal day.

The Action Now Looks Like a Bull Trap

Breadth is the giveaway that this is computer-driven rather than stock-driven.

An Experienced Hand Launches 3 ETFs Under His Own Flag

ETF veteran Kevin Kelly is the force behind Kelly ETFs, which this month introduced three funds with distinctly different focuses.

Have You Bought Ford, Lately?

Here's why the American carmaker is at the top of the shopping list.

Rip-Roaring Reversal, Volume & Volatility, Smell of Fear, Fed, My Monday Trading

Picking a bottom is nearly impossible, but if one does not start layering in where the mud gets deep, then one ends up a bit light when the train leaves.

After a Sharp Reversal on Monday, Confirmation of a Bullish Turn Is Still Needed

It is now important that the lows that were hit on Monday not be breached.

Market Timing Is for Suckers, and So Is Going 'Risk-Free'

Here's why you have to look at the 'big picture' to maximize returns.

Watch Out for This Possible Bad Omen for the Market

Here's what could happen if everyone gets bullish real fast.

Capitulation Triggers a Massive Market Reversal

It's too early to call a bottom, but here's what we can say about this roller coaster ride of a market.

This Trade Should Be XLE-nt

Here's how I would play the Energy Select Sector SPDR fund amid the fear and volatility.

Disney Is Contributing to the Selloff of the Dow Industrials

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Get in a Name You Like Today, but Do It for Tomorrow

Have you thrown in the towel? Before you do, know we might be setting up for for a Turnaround Tuesday.

How the Market Adjusts for Rate Hikes

If you're keen enough to see when money flows are moving, you can take advantage.

The Netflix Charts Have Been Bruised

Here's the next logical price target.

Crypto, Tech, No Safe Havens for Investors

Here's why some segments of tech and bitcoin have become correlated -- and why it's important to investors.

The Nvidia Selloff Has Further to Go

Here's our strategy now.

How to Buy a Market Downtrend

You have to cultivate patience and not rush to deploy your capital into weakness.

Shares of Tesla Have Lost Their Positive Charge

Not even TSLA can drive through the potholes in this market. Let's check the charts.

No Glossing Over It: Our Recommendation on PPG Industries Is Being Stopped Out

The stock of the paint manufacturer is trading lower after a sell-side downgrade.

Charts: Kohl's Stock Gaps Higher as Activists Circle

Let's see what the charts can tell us.

Takeover Interest in Kohl's at a Fever Pitch: Here's My Plan

I always thought Kohl's was for sale, I just always thought it would be Amazon.

The Bear Is Growling

The only real issue that matters is whether we are moving to the point where we see some sort of rebound.

As Indexes Slide, Intensifying Data Suggest Rallies to Resistance

We are keeping our eyes open for the indexes having a notable recovery from intraday lows.

Here Are 2 Biotechs I'm Focused on This Week

I continue to very incrementally try to catch the 'falling knife' that the biotech sector has become.