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What's a Whoosh? You'll Know It When You See It

Let's talk about this ... ahem ... highly technical investing term, volume and more.

Will Reaction to Fed Give Market a Needed Washout?

As Fed 'proceeds carefully,' the market could use a good flush to set it up for a bounce.

Powell Tries Hard to Hide His Dovish Side

Expect no Fed rate cuts, but for rates to hold higher for longer.

The Housing Market Is Turning in an Ugly Direction

2024 could be a brutal for the real estate sector.

Investors Should Brace for a UAW Win

Here's what to look out for as the auto strike continues.

I Just Can't Give Boeing the All-Clear Yet

This defense and aerospace stock looks brighter than its competitors, but it's still a tough jet to fly.

Market's on Hold, Waiting for Jerome Powell to Speak

The problem with trading in front of the Fed decision is that the reaction will be index-driven, and individual stock picking of little advantage.

I've Lost My Enthusiasm for Spirit Airlines

Here's why investors should not book a 'flight' right now.

Charts: Here's Where the Market Stands Heading Into the Fed

Let's take a close look at the major stock indexes and indicators

Tom Lee: Here's Why We See a Favorable Setup Into Wednesday's Fed Decision

Markets are apprehensive into the September FOMC. But we think the risk/reward is actually somewhat positive into this meeting. Stay with Technology, Energy and Industrials.

Disney Could Use Some Magic Pixie Dust to Help Develop a Base

The charts of the entertainment giant have not bottomed, though the shares could make an oversold bounce at any time.

Don't Go Into the Fed's Latest Decision Without a Game Plan

We know there are quick and often violent reactions to the Fed's pronouncements, so be prepared, even that means sitting on your hands.

Doing a Walk-Through of KB Home Ahead of Earnings

In advance of the homebuilder reporting its third-quarter results, the charts are suggesting its shares could see more weakness ahead.

Judgment (Fed) Day, What to Expect, Hawking Their Message, S&P 'Loses Contact'

The FOMC likely wants everyone to see this meeting as more of a 'skip' and less of a 'pause.'

The Fed Won't Hike, But Will Jerome Powell Hint at a Dovish or Hawkish Bias?

The Fed chairman will state that the central bank is still data-dependent, but the market will look for clues about the potential for another rate increase.

How Nvidia Became Boring, and What It Can Teach Us About the Market

Let's look back at this semiconductor giant over the past month, and see what lessons we can learn.

Brace for Powell and the Gang to Shake Up Wall Street

While we can't predict what the Fed will say on Wednesday, we can be pretty sure of a choppy reaction.

The Most Important Fed Meeting Ever (Not. But Still, Pay Attention)

Let's see what we should be watching for this week and Jerome Powell and Co. speak.

Palantir: Dan Ives Is Impressed, and So Am I

This has been a big time for this big-data stock. Here's my take and how I'd handle it.

As the Market Misery Continues, I'm Bottom Fishing This Stock

Oil is up, housing starts are down, bonds are rising and many indexes are trading below their moving averages. Here's how I'm sorting through the mess.

Cannabis Stocks Are Too High

The U.S. Department of Health has announced that it favors reclassifying marijuana, but traders would do well not to be sucked in by the recent surge in cannabis names.

Here's My 'Bet' for the Rest of the Year

I'm game for this fantasy sports stock, as it's the leader of the pack when it comes to online team betting.

Moderna's Chart Messages Are Frustrating the Bulls

The technical indicators suggest that traders should wait until a bottom pattern plays out in the shares of the vaccine maker.

Don't Be Shocked if Shockwave Medical Keeps Heading South

The charts of the medical device company indicate its shares may have topped out.

Waiting on the Fed, Homebuilder Confidence Sags, Instacart IPO, Shutdown Risk

If you think we have no idea concerning economic growth, just get a load of these professional economists -- all working at regional district branches of our nation's central bank.

Small-Caps Could Be the Canary in the Equity Coal Mine, Which Spells Trouble

Traders would do well to take a wait-and-see approach to the market ahead of the Fed's next meeting.

Market Wallows in Uncertainty as Oil Hits New Highs and Small-Caps Lag

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the senior indexes have done a poor job of reflecting what is going on with the average stock for a long time.

Here's the Number I'm Watching for the Dollar

Also, let's look at the slop underneath the hood

Apple's on One Side of the Scale and Tesla, Moderna Are on the Other

Here's the market's biggest problem right now as the bears have the edge.

Raise Your Hand If You Really Believe in a 'Soft Landing'

Let's take a hard look at this story about how the economy is supposed to come back to reality.