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Mr. Market Will Consolidate Gains as Earnings Roll In

Small-caps have outperformed, which helped to produce improved breadth and better stock picking, and the action is no longer being driven by trade headlines.

This Falling Knife Looks Like a Sharp Investment

Sabre made heavy investments this year that crimped net profit margins, but that should pay off handsomely starting in 2020.

Shorting the Dow at 27,000 May Not Be So Crazy

After seeing the idea raised -- and derided -- I found that the Dow has been over 27,000 twice this year and each time it did this....

TSMC's Outlook Once More Looks Good for Apple, Chip Equipment Firms and Others

The chip manufacturing giant issued strong Q4 sales guidance, offered upbeat remarks about 2020 5G phone demand and hiked its capital spending budget.

Stocks Back in Focus, as China Trade News Shoved Aside

Without danger of major macro news and with earnings landing, investors focus on merits of individual stocks once again.

Jim Cramer: Here's How You Get a Not as Bad as Feared Quarter

I have the answer behind the conundrum that forces stocks up that should be going lower.

Ride This CSX Trade North

The railroad stock is primed to break out above its 200-day moving average.

Procter & Gamble Is Likely to Trade Sideways Before Renewed Gains

Let's review the charts of PG to see if there are any risk levels or targets to be aware of.

If Intuitive Surgical Is Going to Move, It Will Be Immediately Post-Earnings

As the robotics sector of medicine begins to mature, ISRG finds itself as one of the old guard.

The S&P 500 Will Soon Face Fierce Resistance - Technical AND Political

Biden's proposed doubling of the capital gains tax rate and the seemingly anti-business stance of his opponents are likely to drag the market down.

The Long Decline in AbbVie Is Over

In addition to the yield let's check out the charts of ABBV.

9 Stocks on My Radar Into Earnings

Don't be too quick to turn negative if there are some pullbacks.

Jim Cramer: Here Are Larry Kudlow's Two Key Points

I believe the weakness in this economy and the stock market stems from a lack of trade deals worldwide.

Workday Stock Has Its Work Cut Out for Itself

Checking the charts and indicators of the once-hot cloud stock.

3 Ways to Trade the Brexit Vote Ahead of the Weekend

Caution when reacting to Brexit's 'News of the Day'.

A New Bullish Technical Strategy on Morgan Stanley

The charts and indicators are finally suggesting that a move higher is possible.

Add Yourself to the Payroll of This Attractive Dividend Stock

This name is a prime candidate for dividend growth investors.

Here's Why I'm Short Netflix

For those long this name there is hope.

Netflix Needs to Catch Its Breadth Before Further Strength

Prices reached the $307 price target from the Point and Figure chart so now what?

The Bulls Have the Momentum and Are Running With It

It's a good time to focus on stock picking.

Here Are the Problems I See With Netflix

Overall, I wasn't blown away by these numbers.

Get Your Checkbook, JPMorgan Chase Has Launched a New Uptrend

JPM is making me into a born again bull.

All Aboard: CSX Is Giving Us Signals to Go Long

Let's check out the charts and indicators of this railroad freight transporter.

Netflix Pops, but Will It Drop?

Despite the stock's sharp move higher after reporting earnings, the technical trend remains lower for the streaming behemoth.

The Big Consolidation Pattern on WEX Can Support a Rally - Go Long Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators of WEX this morning.

Jim Cramer: Netflix and CSX Lead the 'NABAF' Earnings Story

These stocks's earnings were 'not as bad as feared,' and here are some more names that pushed the NABAF narrative.

Market Rotation, the Fed, Consumer Weakness and a Play on CSX: Market Recon

Money fled high-growth, high-multiple stocks on Wednesday and chased a mix of both defense and value.

This Stock Is Your Portfolio's Missing 'Ingredion'

One of the world's largest corn refiners is now available at a bargain valuation, while also sporting a solid, and well-covered yield.

Market Conditions Are Calling for More Upside

As we move into the meat of earnings season, technical conditions remain positive and there are indications of better stock picking in the small-caps. Stay focused on the price action.

Here's How the Bulls Could Pull Over the Bears

The bulls worry the market will rally without them, while the bears fret about last year's fourth quarter and the S&P 500 tagging 3000 -- but what if we have some up days?