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Wild Pockets of Speculation Amid a 7-Day Winning Streak

The problem with trading a name like DWAC is that it sucks up a lot of energy.

CSX Corp Makes an Upside Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators of this railroad giant.

Trump Is Coming Public and This One Doesn't Surprise Me

It's all about social media and technology.

Generac Is Back Generating Returns for Patient Traders

Here's our strategy.

I'm Shifting My Trading Tactics as Market Conditions Improve

The key issue in a better market is to put more money to work and have more exposure.

For Burned Out Cannabis Investors, Here's Hit of Optimism and a Trade Idea

If you have a trader's mentality, there's a setup here worth watching.

Now That We Have the Bitcoin ETF, Do You Know What Contango Is?

Outside of the ETF launch which could generate flow into the crypto space, it is important to ask what the real theme is for Bitcoin.

Tesla Stock Is Knocking on a Large, Round Number

Let's see if this is the time to step on the accelerator.

This Energy Dividend Name Continues to Come Out of Its Shell

Despite its rally, Royal Dutch Shell remains attractive thanks to its generous dividend and its expected 5-year total return.

HP's Stronger Guidance Is Helping the Stock

The shares have rallied above the rising 200-day moving average line.

Small-Caps Are Now Leading the Market

The most fascinating trading is in Digital World Acquisition which is a SPAC that announced a deal with Trump Media.

To Divine the Direction of the Markets, Let's Go to California

For some reason, the fortunes of the Nasdaq 100 and interest rates have become intertwined.

To Invest or Not to Invest in AT&T? Traders Can Move On

AT&T is definitely a different company than it was, and will continue to evolve into mid-2022.

Ride in the Fast Lane With These 6 Auto Stocks

The article covers 6 stocks involved in auto manufacturing and sales.

Penske Automotive Group Could Race to New Highs

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

PayPal Still Looks Bullish if Support Continues to Hold

The shares of the payments technology company wavered a bit on news of its interest in Pinterest but its technical signs still are good.

With Blackstone's Earnings Beat, the Stock Is Set to Make New Highs

Here's how traders can play BX.

Don't Rake These Energy Names Over the Coals

As China looks to crack down on energy costs, look for buying opportunities.

Nasdaq Streaks, Bitcoin Beast Mode, Fed Thoughts, Sloppy Auction, Tesla Earnings

I have had some real success playing volatile names ahead of news events from the short-side, but this is not something I would recommend for newer traders.

Option Selling Can Pay a Lot of Bills

Here's how I made tens of thousands of dollars in income from option expirations for an otherwise subdued month.

An Extended Market Needs a Rest, But This Uptrend Is Building Strength

Good earnings combined with positive seasonality bode well for more upside.

How High Can We Go?

The S&P has closed higher for six straight days and the transports for five. Let's see what's going on under the hood.

Fear, Worry and Earnings Drive the Market's Moves

Here's what's keeping the rally running, even if trading is becoming volatile and inconsistent.

This Inseego Breakout Is Enticing

Simply put, this one checks all my technical boxes, including price.

For Facebook, the Metaverse Move Is the Right Move

I'm not going to make a move in front of earnings, but if the company executes well on this, it's going to be huge for them.

'Achieve' High Returns With These 3 Dividend Growth Stocks

These names are among our favorite Dividend Achievers, those companies with at least a decade of dividend growth.

Reasons to Invest in Waste Management Are Piling Up

At least according to the charts, which show continuing strong performance from WM.

Interest Rates Are Just Another Brick in the Wall of Worry

The market cooled following a weak bond auction, but don't read too much into the action.

The Charts Say, Give Mastercard Some Credit

MA appears ready to resume its uptrend.

To Know How the Fed Will Act, We Must Interpret Its Words

Let's check out the Fed's two big goals for action -- higher inflation and maximum employment -- to see what we can realistically expect.