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For Those Keeping Score of Failed Bounces in May, We're Up to 4

The essence of a bear market is failed bounces, and we have an epic one here on Tuesday.

Should You Buy a Retest of Trade Desk's Low?

Here's what the charts tell us.

AT&T Should Dial It Up

Here's my target for AT&T, as the charts line up.

Let's Pop the Hood on AutoZone to See How Its Engine Is Running

The auto parts retailer's third-quarter results trounced expectations, but its large debt and inventory positions offer reasons to pause before buying its shares.

Charts Say eBay's Decline Is in the Ninth Inning

Let's check out the technical condition of the stock.

Crafting a Technical Strategy for Insurer MetLife

Let's go MET? Here's how traders can play the stock now.

Snap's Bad News Will Put Expectations for a Bear Market Bounce to the Test

This trader will be eyeing The Trade Desk and QQQ to figure out what to do next.

Recession Worries Spike Again as Snap's Warning Rattles Stocks

A regulatory filing by the social media concern confirms some of the economic concerns voiced by retailers last week.

Overnight Blood, Didn't It Matter? Snap's Whammy, Trading Bank Stocks and Zoom

There was the 'momentum play' on Monday and not much else as portfolio managers resisted temptation to increase risk exposure.

It's Easy to Overlook This Basic Rule of Investing

You can make big money via buying low. You just can't prove it until later.

Trading Places: Energy Takes Its 'QQQ' From Tech

Let's look at the charts of QQQ and QQQJ and line them up against energy and see what we get.

Stay Guarded Amid Rally's Rotation

Stocks spin, and that makes the market picture rather murky.

Dare I Recommend a Retail Name Like American Eagle Outfitters?

Let's check out the charts.

Gravity Is Pulling on Apple

Here's where I see AAPL going and how to play it.

Look for General Motors Shares to Restart Their Uptrend

Why aggressive traders could get behind the GM wheel again.

Alibaba Is Sold out on the Downside

China at a bearish extreme is an opportunity.

It 'Bears' Repeating: Tune Out the Noise!

The noise around the markets is loud, distracting and sometimes obnoxious, but if you listen to it, you'll end up making poor decisions.

I've Got Smith & Wesson in the Holster, but the Safety Switch Stays On

I wouldn't jump the gun on this name, but here's why I find it compelling.

Bottom Fishing for Biotech Bargains

Here are three names I have added to in May.

Dow Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

Here are our price targets.

It's Hard to Gauge Sentiment Right Now, and That Makes It Tough to Trade

Bears and bulls are trying to discern which way the market is flowing, though neither is secure in their position.

Can Costco Buck the Retail Train Wreck Trend? We're About to Find Out

There is risk associated with buying any retailer ahead of earnings at this point, but this guy dipped his toes in the warehouse club's shares anyway.

Nike Is Ready to Spring Higher

Here's where the shares could rebound to.

I'm Mostly Neutral Toward the Markets, But I've Got to Tell You, I Like Munis!

Municipal bonds are cheap by almost any measure and they are an asset class that seems oversold at this point.

A Tide-Turning Rally Is Becoming More Probable

The crowd is essentially entirely on the bear side of the boat.

How Zoom Is Positioned Ahead of Earnings

Bullish divergences may finally generate a bounce, Here's how to trade it.

To Position Yourself for a Potential Rally, Keep an Eye on These Stocks

While conditions appear favorable for a bear market bounce, let's not ignore the obvious.

Biden Promises U.S. Military Will Defend Taiwan if Attacked

Surprising even his own staff, the U.S. president overshadowed the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.

The Week Ahead, Indo-Pacific Deal, S&P 500 Valuation, What I've Been Trading

Markets now have a new reversal to think about, but I think I have to be convinced before I can believe.

Anxiety Builds Among Traders Trying to Catch a Market Turning Point

They are eager to make up for recent difficulties and are often more aggressive than normal.