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5 Places to Find Deals as the Tech Sector Sees a Reckoning

The tech sector's tumble might have more in common with the events of 1987 than those of 2000/2001. If this proves the case, some buying opportunities are forming.

5 Steps That Will Help You Recover From a Market Setback

What happened in the past doesn't matter. What matters now will determine the future.

What Lies Beneath

What makes this market particularly frustrating is how the profound weakness is not reflected in the indexes.

We Have New Price Targets for Marvell Technology

Let's see where MRVL could be going next.

Dividend Legacies: These 3 Big Tech Stocks Offer High Yields

IBM, Intel, and Cisco have bright growth outlooks and should offer many years of dividend increases ahead.

As DocuSign Plunges, Let's Check the Dotted Lines on the Charts

The shares gapped sharply lower Friday after earnings.

Still Staying on the Sidelines With Alibaba

Let's assess the damage to the charts.

The Market Pulls Out Its Red Marker Again as the Correction Continues

Following a one-day respite, software, growth stocks and small caps are getting hit. Here's my take on the midday action.

Making Sense of a Confusing November Jobs Report

Was this a good report or a bad one?

Here's My Risk and Reward Parameters for Vir Biotechnology

Let's look over the charts and indicators.

I'm Willing to Take a Small Gamble on Stitch Fix

It's possible we might be in for a bit of a run or short covering into Tuesday's earnings.

We're Oversold and Insiders Continue to Accelerate Buying Activity

The data are continuing to send some positive signals.

I'm Not Buying Signet Jewelers' Glitter Story

Here's what to avoid for now.

Sarcos Robotics Takes on Labor Market's Elephant in the Room

Sarcos Technology and Robotics has an impressive list of blue chip partners from the U.S. Department of Defense to Silicon Valley.

Is Peloton Worthy of Speculation? I'd Rather Day Trade It

These fundamentals did not convince me to go out and get long the stock.

Mastercard Remains on the Defensive, But That Could Change

While MA shares have been under selling pressure for several months, downside momentum is slowing.

Welcome to Biotech Survival Camp: I'll Be Your Counselor

The sector is deep in a stealth bear market, but there are reasons for optimism heading into 2022.

Finding Losers That Make for Rebound Candidates in '22 Is Tough, But I'm Trying

Putting together the 2022 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio is proving to be a challenge, so it may be necessary to alter the criteria a bit.

A Bounce in CrowdStrike Hasn't Improved the Charts and Indicators

It may be better to wait and see how things develop.

Macro Issues to the Forefront as Market Participants Deal with Technical Damage

The market is dealing with some of the most severe corrective action since the Covid selloff in February 2020.

Sigh of Relief, Recaptured Lines, DocuSign's Big Downer, Marvelous Marvell

Plus, OPEC plans to open its oil spigot a bit in January and Jerome Powell receives taper support from a few Fed cohorts.

Is Now a Better Time to Buy Than During the Covid Panic Low?

Here I review the advantages of being a bold investor in the face of plummeting stocks.

Didi Global to Ditch U.S. Listing and Try Again in Hong Kong

China's ride-hailing market leader is bowing to Chinese government pressure and will exit the New York Stock Exchange.

The 'Perfect' Seasonality Trade of 2021

I'm not one for seasonality, but check out this breadth pattern for the year. Also, let's look at shifting sentiment, breadth and more.

A Rainbow After the Market Storm

Some beaten-up small caps, biotechnology, cannabis, and growth stocks shined, but other areas were still caught in the drizzle.

This Close Would Make Me Move on Micron

Let's check the not-so-pretty chart on this technology name.

MGM Resorts Rallies Sharply as Travel Stocks Rebound

Here's where aggressive traders could go long.

Let's Unroll Two Cannabis-Related ETFs

Let's review Advisor Shares Pure Cannabis and Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETFs -- and what do swaps have to do with the 'sticky icky.'

In the Wreckage of ARKK, I've Found a Name Worthy of 'Redemption'

Some of these names held by the ETF have gotten so cheap its hard not to want to own them.

You Don't Have to Buy Every Dip Despite How Loud Some May Yell

This is what makes bearish markets or choppy markets so difficult.