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Jim Cramer: Make Up Your Own Mind, Don't Listen to Market 'Gurus'

Even Ray Dalio gets it wrong. Treat as suspect anyone who has a broad and sweeping rap against stocks, it could save you money.

After Fall, E*Trade Financial Ready to Rumble

After nearly going belly up a decade ago, ETFC's combination of higher profits and a much lower stock price makes it look very attractive.

Equities Are In Their Own Merry World, Right Now

The FX and bond markets are trading logically, and any major news or headwind could change trend in the equity markets, and quickly.

Not a Pretty Day

The S&P 500 was up 8, and breadth was negative; meanwhile, Nasdaq saw new lows expand to 115, while essentially up all day -- there's no good way to spin that.

A Slow Tape Means Investors Need to Find Other Things to Do

When the tape slows down it's a dangerous time to be trading.

Apple, Microsoft Help Prop Up the Markets

Will earnings spice up trading as Monday's action turned dull?

Microsoft's $1 Billion Investment in AI Startup Is Good News for Nvidia

Much of the money that Microsoft is investing in startup OpenAI will likely go towards AI computing systems featuring Nvidia GPUs.

Coca-Cola Looks to Pop Higher

Beverage company could bubble over to the $61 area.

Stand on Sidelines as United Technologies Reports

UTX's indicators look mixed and Tuesday's earnings could tip the scales.

Why Should Disney Mickey Mouse Around With Its Flicks?

Remaking 'Star Wars' and other 'originals' keeps paying off, and here's how you can benefit from the strategy through company earnings next month.

The Mouse That Roared: How I'm Playing Disney and Netflix

Remember, Disney still has headline titles Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Episode IX coming.

Village Farms Plays Chess While Traders Play Checkers

The shelf offering isn't a risk. Not having access to it was.

Henchmen Enlisted Against Hong Kong Democracy Protesters

China shows its hand with apparent triad gangster attack at subway, throwing rule of law into uncertainty.

Whirlpool Is in a Bullish Spin Cycle Into Earnings

Prices are about about 50% from their late December nadir.

One Prescription for Uncertain Market? Gilead Sciences

Use buy-write orders as a conservative way to invest in GILD in these uneasy times.

How to Trade Roper Technologies Stock Now

Here is my technical strategy approach on ROP.

Believing Content Is King, Disney Aims for Lion's Share of Streaming Market

While lagging in technology, DIS could position itself as a direct-to-consumer provider of hit films and programming in battle with Netflix and Amazon.

A Cheap GLD Trade That Could Really Fly

The logical short-term rally endpoint for gold and the miners is the Fed rate announcement.

How I'm Playing Monday's Sedate Stock Market

I'm waiting to see where we are late in the session before making any major buys.

Kratos Could Fly Higher Even After Doubling in Value

The drone maker already has had a great run this year and its technical signs indicate the move upward could continue.

This One Key Index No Longer Has a Positive Trend

Only two indices remain in near-term uptrends.

Corning Puts the Pedal Down on Returning Capital to Shareholders

During this decade the maker of specialty glass has shown an affinity for boosting its dividend and buying back its shares in a big way.

3 Reasons to Buy Oil Field Servicers on This Energy Market Tension

Servicers can benefit from scenarios at either extreme, unlike energy companies.

Disney Charts Still Aren't Roaring Even If 'The Lion King' Is

Traders should be aware that the marketplace is a discounting mechanism and approach Disney shares accordingly.

Hungry for a GrubHub Long Position? Look Elsewhere on the Market Menu

Let's call in a delivery of some charts and indicators.

Disney's Box Office Momentum Moves Its Shares Higher

"The Lion King" is off to a roaring start for the company but is just the latest hit this year for the House of Mouse.

Should We Buy the Dip or Prepare for More Downside?

Here are some tools to determine whether we can expect big market shifts.

Reading Tea Leaves, Earnings Kick In, and Sizing Up the Military: Market Recon

Here are defense companies to watch as the U.S. responds to offensive threats posed by China and Russia.

The Reaction to Earnings Will Tell the Story While We Await the Fed

We have some minor strength to start the day but earnings reports this week will be critical.

Jim Cramer: 4 Reasons Why Oil Has Not Recovered

Oil is perceived as being an unavoidable loser as long as trade tensions rage.