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Target's Charts Are Getting Out of Range for the Bulls

I would stand aside through this earnings release.

Ark of a Diver? How to Trade Palantir in Cathie Wood's World

Can investors chasing Ark see the woods through the trees?

The Bond Market vs the Fed

Bond holders fear inflation with a passion.

Verizon: The Risk Is to the Upside

There is potential to turn VZ from a stable telecom into a 'growthy' type name.

There's an Oversupply of Positive Action Right Now

The longer this continues, the more anxiety there will be about being underinvested.

Rocket Companies Is Not Ready to Blast Off

The company went public seven months ago.

The Ongoing Hunt for Deep-Value Stocks Turns Up 3 Candidates

American Outdoor Brands, Fonar Corp. and Suralign Holdings present value investing opportunities.

Market Bounce Is at Hand - But Insider Selling Intensifies

Breadth remains negative.

Biotech Isn't Seeing Much Merger Activity, but Here's a Stock to Like

Dynavax Technologies has inked a supply deal related to a Covid-19 vaccine that could greatly increase its revenue stream.

Shares of Workday Seem Poised for a Deeper Correction

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I'm Looking at Setups in Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson

Let's see what happens with these buy zones for both MSFT and JNJ.

Arista Networks Correction Does Not Appear to Be Over

The technical signs are indicating weakness in the shares of the maker of cloud networking equipment.

What's Up at the Fed? Supply & Demand, 12 Trading Notes, Microsoft Conference

Should we care about Australia's central bank taking overtly aggressive action to reign in the long end of their yield curve? Yes, we should.

Better Bond Action Brings in Buyers, but Will They Stick Around?

Sentiment has improved, but the key to the price action will be whether there are higher highs following early profit-taking.

Hong Kong Charges 47 Politicians for Taking Part in Politics

In a Kafkaesque move, the Hong Kong authorities charged would-be members of Congress with subversion, for attempting to get elected to Congress.

A Lesson in Investing About the 'Tutor'

With TPC, good news plus a bad sell-off equals opportunity.

The Market's Roller Coaster Ride Ain't Over Yet

Here's why I still see volatility ahead -- and why we have a shot at an oversold rally.

I Got the 'SOS', So Here's My Take on the Stock's Saga

Let's try to sort out the details of the complicated story of SOS Ltd. -- and why the short reports might be ... selling you short.

Bearish Bets: 2 Nasdaq Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Jim Cramer: What History Tells Us About Bond-Rate Scares Like This

We could have some real pain ahead for some stocks. Five different kinds.

What's Next for Bonds, TLT and Interest Rates?

Thoughts and observations on Treasuries and the direction of interest rates.

Navigating a Market Correction

The most critical factor in long-term market success is the ability to effectively navigate market corrections.

Kass: Time to Introduce a Financial Transaction Tax and End Weekly Stock Options

I believe more sensible regulations should be considered and enforcement is needed to adapt to gains in technology.

Corrective Action Produces Fading Confidence and Technical Damage

It's dangerous to have too much exposure now, but the potential for a good recovery is there once interest rate issues are digested.

I'm Intrigued by the Recent Pullback in Aurora Mobile

While the Chinese company is still not profitable, it is cash flow positive.

Salesforce Gets a Quant Downgrade on Top of Weakening Charts

Here's what investors and traders need to think about.

My Preference Right Now Is to Buy Pre-Deals

I've added a few names that I see as a great risk-reward because of the limited downside.

I've Been a Buyer Friday, Making Partial Buys Like I Always Do

It's premature to predict that a low has been made, but plenty of stocks are quite washed-out already and are starting to find support.

Fisker Could Be a Buy If It Just Settled Down

The trading pattern is just too choppy for me to recommend purchase at this point in time. But check back.

What's Next for the Markets? What the Charts and Data Reveal

The Rydex Ratio has turned neutral but insider buying remains absent.