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Bearish Bets: 2 Nasdaq Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Is It Luck or Is It Skill?

Luck impacts our trading much more than we realize. Acknowledging that fact can help improve results.

3 Bear Market Stocks for Steady Dividends

Risk-averse investors can reduce portfolio volatility by buying quality dividend growth stocks.

The Feast or Famine Market

While indices are hitting all-time highs, 60% of stocks are struggling or in outright bear markets.

Snap's Pop Results in Our New Strategy

The shares gapped higher after strong second-quarter earnings.

These 2 Names Are on My Watchlist Right Now

Here's what to look for with Playboy and Urban-gro.

Intel Slumps to a New Low From Their Move Down Started in April

Let's check on the charts and indicators.

Energy Companies Are Reaping the Benefits From Investing During the COVID Crunch

Prices for oil and natural gas are at levels that are incredibly profitable for any company that is pumping them.

Indexes Are Up, but Divergences and Disparities Linger Underneath

While names like Facebook and Roku run higher, the action isn't so great for aggressive traders.

What's the Right Sticker Price for Asbury Automotive Group?

Let's check out the ABG charts and see what we find there.

I'm Adding On to This Dip in Honeywell: Here's the Plan

HON's outstanding quarter shows they're hitting on all cylinders while increasing margin in the process.

Make an 'Olympic-Sized' Bet on DraftKings

Swimming, who doesn't want to bet on that?

Three High-Growth Dividend Kings to Build Up Your Portfolio

Let's look at PPG Industries, Lowe's Companies, and Parker Hannifin.

The Uptrend in RadNet Should Continue

Let's review the charts and indicators.

What's Next for This Market as the Nasdaq 100 Makes a New High?

Monday's selloff Is gone but not forgotten.

Up and Down VOXX Is Back on My Radar

I may have to break my 'don't look back' rule once again, but I'd need a greater margin of safety.

Staying Fit and Healthy With Planet Fitness

Here's where aggressive traders could go long.

2 'Off the Radar' Names to Consider

Insiders have been adding to their stakes in Greenbrier Cos and Ring Energy.

2 of My Small-Cap 'Billion Dollar Bets' Are About to Hit the Big Time

Cybin Inc. and Draganfly Inc. soon will move up from the OTC markets to a major exchange; here are their prospects going forward.

American Electric Power Should Soon 'Renew' Its Uptrend

AEP just delivered another strong quarter. Here's how we'd play the stock.

Domino's Pizza Is Piping Hot

Domino's has been able to flourish during the pandemic and its charts look good too.

Why We Won't Remember the Human or Financial Cost After the Olympics Begin

The Olympics... they're a year late, and finally here.

Not-So-Hot Thursday, Why Growth Will Stall, Unrelenting Virus, Snap Snapshot

Plus, what could be next out of the central banks and Congress and how it could affect Treasuries.

Positive Earnings Keep the Indices Running Higher

While big-caps are doing well and driving the indices, breadth is weak and small-caps are struggling.

Think FDIC-Insured Bank CDs Are Free of Risk? Think Again

The risk, of course, is a huge missed opportunity. Let me show you why option income handily beats bonds or CDs.

Jim Cramer: Operating 'At Scale' Puts 3 Restaurant Names Far Above the Crowd

Chipotle, Domino's and Starbucks are the only food and drink purveyors to come through the pandemic stronger than before; here's why.

We Have a National Divide ... on the Market

We're in an either/or market and I see an opportunity for a rally next week. But there's a catch.

Is This Healthy Profit-Taking in Small Caps ... Or Something Else?

The action may simply be ringing the register after a good run, but there is a risk that the rotation back into indexes and big caps is picking up again.

Flight Plans for Southwest Airlines Are Up in the Air

The shares have been on a downward path since early April.

The Lights Are Flashing Green for Exxon

Those of us in the numerate community will continue to own XOM because it's just too darn cheap.