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The Market Has No Memory From Day to Day

I am watching for a few things to develop as the day progresses and will put cash to work if I can.

Apple's Key to Future Success: Hardware-Services Synergies

While consumers may be fickle when it comes to gadgetry, they change credit cards and banks infrequently.

Altria or Philip Morris International: Which Is the Better Dividend Stock?

While the two tobacco giants have similar yields, both also have very different businesses, with different growth potential in the years ahead.

Analysts Are Finally Applauding Apple's Services Story

Apple investors have a lot to digest on Tuesday morning, but the vibe is veering positively for once.

Use Caution on Small-Caps, Plus Apple, Tesla and McDonald's: Market Recon

Equity markets marked time on Monday, mostly on light volume.

Acuity Brands: Under-Followed and Under-Valued

This lighting and building management solutions company is a potentially good deal for investors.

Market Changes Mind About Growth Concerns and Yield Curve Worries

Growth fears have eased, the inverted yield curve issue is set aside, China trade will be an issue again soon and market players are looking to put cash to work.

Sentiment Hasn't Shifted Yet

Friday's big decline hasn't sparked much of a change in investor sentiment so far.

Bears Unable to Build Momentum Off Yield Curve Issue

At this juncture the action is looking like nothing more than a routine pullback of an extended market.

Jim Cramer: Blockbuster Ideas That I Know Would Move Apple's Needle

What would the people who help determine AAPL's stock price really want?

I'm Not Seeing Much Excitement in the Apple Event

This market needed something to distract it from the inverted yield issue and deteriorating technical conditions, and AAPL is not going to provide it.

Will Analysts Now Jump Behind Apple?

AAPL may have to do a little reinventing here.

Stay Away Until May After Thai Vote Keeps Military in Power

Thailand's elections has done little to clear away any of that fog obscuring investors' vision.

Pinterest's IPO Filing Features More Positives Than Negatives - Tech Check

The company is still seeing strong revenue growth, and its cost structure gives it a clear path to profitability.

Stitch Fix Is Putting Doubters to Rest

SFIX is a company that has been fundamentally performing well.

Cronos Group Certainly Qualifies for Mainstream Consideration

Revenue is where it's at for cannabis in 2019.

The Next Few Apple Pullbacks Should Be Bought

For now, the upside is in favor, even if the stock pulls in a bit.

Novice Trade: TLT Treasury Bond ETF

Here's a way to fade the bond move, which I believe is an overreaction.

When 3-Month and 10-Year Yields Invert, How Should Investors React?

This yield curve inversion has been a useful leading indicator of a recession, but what really matters is whether it is a signal we can profit from.

Apple Is Going to Drive Overall Market Direction Today

We have to wait for APPL's 1:00 pm ET event before we have a better feel where things are headed.

Hibbett Sports Scores Big Amid Friday's Carnage

Shares of the sporting goods retailer climbed more than 20% on a big fourth-quarter beat and favorable guidance.

Technical Clouds Linger After Stocks Take a Hit

All index charts show some weakening.

2 Recently Dinged Stocks Insiders Are Buying

A health and wellness provider and an amusement park operator have seen insider purchases amid declines in their shares.

The Stock Market Is NOT the Economy

The economy, simply put, is the wealth of a country in terms of production and consumption of goods and services.

Cheniere Energy's Party May Not Be Over Based on Its Charts

Traders might be late to the party, but a pullback from recent highs could offer a secondary entry point in the LNG name.

Market Evolution, China Trade, Copper Pricing, Apple Event: Market Recon

With the Mueller cloud removed from the most pro-business administration in recent U.S. history, the focus should simply be found in these two words...what now?

Yield Curves, Russian Collusion and China Trade Battle to Drive the Market

My game plan is a more-defensive posture and tighter stops.

Jim Cramer: What Darden Restaurants' Tasty Comp Growth Really Means

The U.S. economy is as good as Olive Garden's Chicken Alfredo.

Investment Lessons Learned at The Home Depot

The stock's nice rise from its Dec. 24, 2018 bottom was as predictable as its underperformance from the peaks.

Listen to the Wise Traders of the Bond Markets

They are more seasoned than traders of any other asset class.