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We've Got Room to Run

The indexes are producing some 'V'-shaped action and here's what happens when that occurs.

Let's 'Shift' Away From the Bumpy SPAC Action and Turn to INSU

I don't see volatility issues for Insurance Acquisition Corp., which is set to vote on its merger with Shift in mid-October.

Market Has to Deal With Earnings Before Any Election Drama

There a several names that I expect to see strong earnings results from.

Bailing on a Name Too Early Has Its Own Risks

We saw with Net Element the danger of leaving a position before it's ready to run; now let's scope out Perceptron.

Inflation Hedges: Here's Where I'm Looking to Put My Trades

If inflation doesn't translate to higher Treasury yields, here's where will it appear and what you do to benefit from it.

Knife Catching Is a Dangerous Game

Trying to grab a bargain while a stock is falling is fraught with risk; better to wait until a true bottom has formed before buying.

Monday's Close Could Answer a Key Question About This Market

Friday's positive action did little to change the general cautionary landscape.

Here's How I'm Positioning Myself Into the Surprise Gap Up

While I'm reducing some of my bigger positions into strength, I'm definitely not bearish.

I'm Wagering That Penn National Has a Hot Hand

PENN is a runner that I think will end the week above $75.

Primed for Prime Day and Most Everything Else Amazon

The e-commerce giant officially confirmed the dates of its online shopping event, which only adds to enthusiasm for its shares.

Outlet Shops Provide Surprising Outlet for Cooped-up Shoppers

An outlet mall in Western Pennsylvania may be a sample of one, but it showed some encouraging retail activity amid the pandemic.

Speaking Up for Small-Caps: Why This Group Should Have Its Day Soon

There are several reasons to believe the Russell 2000 will experience catch-up trading action in the near future.

4 Stocks and an ETF That Could Be Buys as They Test Key Support

Activision Blizzard, Roku, Twitter, Uber Technologies and VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF set up as potential longs.

Chipmakers in China and Japan Jolted by U.S. Security Restrictions

SMIC and Toshiba affiliate hurt by further export curbs on chipmakers dealing with China.

TikTok Reprieve, Muddled Market, Awaiting the Great Debate: Market Recon

Plus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin agree to talk stimulus turkey.

Costco: Why Pay More Than the MSRP?

Here's why shares of this stellar wholesale shopping retailer look like a bad deal.

V-Shaped Bounce Conditions Continue to Develop as Market Ignores Politics

The bounce that began on Friday gains momentum as idle cash looks for a place to go. Stock-picking and rotation are key themes.

Is the S&P Headed ... Up?

Let's check my Twitter poll -- in which the spread has never been this wide for the upside -- as well as some of the other sentiment indicators.

Bearish Bets: 2 Healthcare Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Pandemic Should Help This Cereal Maker Remain a Serial Dividend Payer

Food company General Mills is benefiting as more consumers work from home and dine out less.

Where's the Stock Market Headed Into Year-End? A Technical Look and Strategy

In late August/early September the major indices were making medium-term tops.

The Art of Navigating a Correction

Sizable, sudden losses will occur when the market turns. Find ways to use that to your advantage.

Stimulus and Cold Weather Could Light Fresh Fires Under Consumer Tech Spending

Depending on how a couple of factors play out, growth rates in areas such as gaming and e-commerce could accelerate further.

Market Bounce Takes Everyone By Surprise

Obstacles that lie ahead, but this market never seems to embrace a negative narrative for long.

Is Psilocybin the New CBD?

As psychedelic medicines begin to become decriminalized, psilocybin seems to be leading the way in this category.

This High-Risk, High-Reward Dividend Stock Has a 15% Yield

For investors willing to take the risk, this could be an undervalued income stock.

Here's the Strategy I'm Using for a Tesla Trade

I'm not looking to hold a trade until TSLA earnings in late October, I'm only looking out a week.

Investors' Appetite for McDonald's Shares Seems to Be Waning

Make your shares of MCD 'to go' for the next several weeks.

Stocks Are Holding Above Key Support Levels

One of the issues that occur after the poor action we've had this week is that there simply aren't many good charts.

Immatics Is a Bit Boy Who Cried Wolf

This is the type of chart that will grab the attention of momentum traders.