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Do You Hope a Trade Works, or Embrace the Relationship Between Risk and Reward?

There are three basic ways to manage luck. The best traders use all three in varying amounts.

Corrective Action Returns ... and That's a Good Thing

While struggles are likely ahead, this is exactly what we need.

To Taper or Not to Taper? All Eyes Are on the FOMC

When growth starts to slow and inflation moves higher - that's the most unfavorable set of conditions. And that's exactly the market's nervousness right now.

It May Be a Good Time to Probe the Long Side of NiSource

Here are the price targets.

Olo Looks Like an Appetizing Trade

Here's how OLO could be played after its wild ride.

Can Bitcoin Be Freed of Its Energy Addiction?

Even bitcoin's biggest bulls realize environmental concerns could curtail adoption. But is there an answer?

Jim Cramer: Here's Why Oil Just Keeps Barreling Along

Let's see why the rally can keep going for oil and natural gas and look at that striking Diamondback Energy buyback.

Now Is a Good Time to Buy Natural Gas Stocks

Spiking natural gas prices are an inevitable and inexorable result of government policies that demonize fossil fuels.

Jim Cramer Puts His Foot Down Again on NIO

Let's review the charts and indices.

I Don't Think This Corrective Action Is Over Yet

Despite the obvious negative action in the indices, the underlying action isn't that bad right now.

Are All Cisco Systems Go?

Let's check the charts and indicators of CSCO, which just completed its annual investors day.

We Have Trust in These Three REITs

Here we'll take a look at CTO Realty Growth, Americold, and Alpine Income Property.

Let's Go Grilling With Weber's Charts and Indicators

Here's how aggressive and conservative traders can look at WEBR.

Charts & Data Continue Neutral/Negative Signals

As poor market breadth remains a concern.

Small-Caps Rumble and a Quiet Farm Name Makes Noise

Smaller stocks have been edging lower as a group of late, while shares of agriculture concern JG Boswell steadily gain ground.

An Overdue Technical Update on Dynatrace

Here's what to do if you have a long DT position or no position as yet.

Macau's Casino Stocks, Near Record Lows, Face Specter of Tough License Reviews

Macau's gambling empires will undergo government reviews that likely will end with different degrees of bad for U.S. operators.

COVID Hasn't Disappeared as a Threat to the Economy

Despite vaccinations the number of Americans contracting the virus is far greater than a year ago, which stands to impact businesses of all sorts.

Chevron Is Finding Support and Getting Ready to Rally

Let's check the charts and indicators.

The S&P 500 Holds Key Support but the Risk of More Corrective Action Is High

The danger of failed bounces within the context of a corrective cycle cannot be ignored.

Stop Worrying About Market Timing

Many fine companies are now available at huge discounts to both their true values and where they sat just a few months ago. Let's take a look.

It's Game Day for Food, Drink and Snack Stocks

With the NFL season under way, investment experts pick their favorite stock ideas from soda, snacks, donuts, wings and other game day treats.

Buyers Regain Some Confidence

The market is still vulnerable to more corrective action, but this has been playing out in a very healthy way.

Let's Check on CME as It Goes on a Slide South

CME Group goes too low, too quickly -- and I see an opportunity.

I'm Not Exactly Backing Up the Truck, but I Do See a Trade in Nikola

Is there a more badgered, er, hated name? I don't think so, which makes NKLA the perfect candidate for a run into the teens.

Gas Is Moving Like ... Ether

Let's look at these wild, crypto-like moves in gas prices, what they mean, and why gas is not oil.

As We Shift to Electric Vehicles, Investors Must Stay 'Current'

The real economic value will be created by the true innovators. So, look past the dancing robots ...

What Is a Gamma Squeeze, and Why Is It Moving Some SPAC-Related Names?

Here's why aggressive traders have been targeting these situations.

I'd Like to 'Affirm' My Views on Affirm Holdings

The fundamental story here is strong on AFRM.

Here's Why I'm Buying Metromile Thursday

The market is under pressure again.