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Biogen Surges on Alzheimer's Drug News: How to Play the Stock

Let's see how traders could react to the latest news.

As Much as It May Kill Most Traders, It Isn't a Bad Time to Sit on Your Hands

Whenever you need to search high and low to find a few tradable stocks, it usually is best to reduce your activity dramatically.

Jiang Zemin's Death Overshadows Jack Ma's Tokyo Residency

The day's initial focus was on the Alibaba entrepreneur's extended stay in Japan before word broke that China's former president has died at 96.

Has the Market Already Fully Discounted a Hawkish Powell?

The market has sold off significantly the last three times that Powell has spoken. Are expectations lower this time?

I've Got a Conservative Way to Play Tech

Here's a plan for trading Semtech Corp.

NATO Meetings, Defense Stocks, Up Market, Fed's Powell Speaks, S&P in December

This FOMC may be slow to recognize that a pivot, not a pause, will be required within six months in order to best preserve the economy.

A Market That's Always Waiting for a Sign

Whether it's the Fed, inflation numbers or jobs numbers, with this market, it's always something.

Investors Get Into Position for Wednesday's Big News

Tuesday's action is simply a setup for a reaction to the economic and Fed news that will occur Wednesday.

Shares of Intuit Are Weak Ahead of Earnings

I don't see a bullish alignment on the charts.

It Might Be a Long Day for Workday as It Reports Tuesday

Let's see what the indicators say.

Sagging European-Focused ETFs Are Rallying, Though It's Hard to Say Why

The fourth quarter has seen eurozone-related funds go on the upswing, but whether the improvement will last is another matter.

All I Want for Christmas Is for the Fed Not to Break Anything

We've got three big events that could together move the markets. Here's the one I'm watching the most closely.

The Stock Behind Vans and The North Face Looks Ill-Fitting

Let's check the charts of VF Corporation to see why the company might not look right in your portfolio.

High on Amazon or Not, Here's What to Expect

After selling off a month ago, the stocks has hung in there. Then again, it's easier to hang in there when the rest of the market catches a bid.

Don't Get Caught in NetApp

Let's check the charts and indicators before earnings for NTAP land later on Tuesday.

The 5 Pillars of My Current Market Strategy

The track record of what Jerome Powell has done to this market each time he speaks is often forgotten.

I'm Losing My Appetite for Darden Restaurants Shares

Let's check the charts, not the menu.

Home Depot vs. Lowe's

Let's compare the home improvement giants head to head, and see if one stock has an advantage over the other.

CrowdStrike Ahead of Earnings: Strike Now or Avoid the Crowd?

Let's check the charts on this prominent cybersecurity company.

Amazon Shares Break a Long-Term Uptrend on the Charts

Let's see what the charts are suggesting now.

Trading These 3 Major Index ETFs Looks Unappealing at This Juncture

The charts indicate that even the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF, which has been a bright spot since early October, appears to be losing steam.

Overdone Selloff? Fed Talking Heads, Trading Gilead, Iger's Magic Disney Words

What happened on Monday, was largely profit-taking, pin action related to a couple of large names, and defensive selling.

Don't Fight the Fed Just Because You Are Tired of Poor Market Action

The Fed remains very hawkish, and the market's inclination to fight it has been a consistent mistake this year.

Analysts Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong as This Stock Took Flight

Failure after failure shows analysts got it all wrong on SkyWest Inc. Here's how to play the stock.

We Can't Blame China for Everything, Can We?

Let's look at the problem with saying China caused the pullback. Also, let's check some uptrend lines, the overbought condition and the Russell 2000.

First the Turkey, Then the Bear

The Monday after Thanksgiving is usually a down day, and that tradition played out today.

Doug Kass: 10 Reasons Why I Am Shorting Apple

Here is my investment rationale.

Do Pinduoduo's Technical Moves Make Sense?

Don't be in a rush to buy the shares.

Shopify Gets a Black Friday Lift, But Is It Temporary?

Markets are forward looking, not backward looking.

Let the Market Tell You How to Proceed

Don't put too much faith and trust in anyone's point of view.