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Doug Kass: It Is Time to Take Aim Against the Growing Bullish Sentiment

Just as it was in rejecting the overwhelming negativity in late 2022...

Predicting Market Moves Is a Losing Bet. Here's What Works

Let's look at what separates great trading from bad.

3 High Dividend Bank Stocks With Safe Payouts

These regional banks offer above-average yields and reliable dividends for income investors.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap

Stocks Officially Enter New Bull Market

Bulls Might Be Smiling, but They Should Also Be Guarded

This week was good for the bulls, but we have no promises the action will continue, and narrow market still haven't left us.

This Active vs. Passive Portfolio Experiment Is Getting Very Interesting

Let's look in again at the 'triple nets' as smaller-cap names show some life.

LD Micro Offers Lots of Big Opportunities

Fresh off my trip to Los Angeles, I'm psyched about what's happening in the microcap names.

3 High-Yield Dividend Aristocrats Yielding Over 5%

These 'outliers' are suitable for income investors that value reliability, but also want to benefit from high income yields at the same time.

Is Something 'Fishy' Going on in the Soybean Market?

Let's check the charts -- and look back to the anchovy collapse of the 1970s.

Keep Piping in Natural Gas Producer EQT Corp.

Here's an updated look at the charts of EQT.

Tesla Paves Path to Become 'OPEC' of Electric Vehicle Era

Let's look at the automaker's sudden shift forward and a roadmap for investors.

This Cybersecurity Stock Is Ready to Unlock Its Upside Potential

Here's how to play the stock.

I Am Adding Cheap Insurance to My Portfolio Using These Options Setups

The market landscape going forward looks fraught with peril, which is why I'm using this options strategy to minimize my risk.

The Potential for a Market Correction Is Increasing

Here's why we think a more defensive approach is appropriate now.

Novocure Breaks a Major Support Zone: What Now?

Here's what smashing what was a zone of support means for the stock.

Don't Sleep on Inspire Medical Systems as Its Stock Looks Headed Higher

Looking at these charts, I was surprised by their strength.

Japan's Stocks Weather Bumpy Week to Star in Asia Again

Japanese equities appear to be moving "for no discernible reason" but have rebounded after two sharp days of losses and look set to sustain their gains.

Bully for the Bulls as the Index Trends Favor Them

The S&P 500 in particular is now 20% off its lows, so we're again officially in bull market territory, but what really matters is the overall price action.

Copa Holdings Continues to Gain Altitude: Here's My Flight Plan

The shares have been in an upward path the past 12 months.

Bull Market Baloney, Eurozone in Recession, Squeeze Plays, Arming Ukraine

Plus, a report says the Chinese will pay Cuba billions to set up an eavesdropping station on the island.

Don't Be Misled by Headlines of a New Bull Market

Media stories about a new bull market based on an arbitrary definition should be a warning rather than a celebration.

3 Tech Plays for a Thriving, Tech-Driven Market

Three Tech Plays for a Thriving, Tech-Driven Market

Tesla's Rally Gets More Juice Thanks to General Motors

The electric vehicle maker's stock already was trending higher and is receiving a boost from a deal with GM to use Tesla charging stations.

The Bull Is Out of the Gate

Look how quickly we got bulled up. Let's check sentiment, the surveys and the International Securities Exchange call/put ratio.

A Roundabout on Wall Street

The big caps turn out big again, with Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia at the wheel.

I Don't See Greener Pastures Ahead for Cattle Futures

As cattle futures have stampeded to a new all-time high, I'm getting flashbacks -- here's why and how to position your portfolio.

Here's a Key Price Area to Watch for Micron

Let's check the charts are MU pulls back to its breakout point.

Ignore Carvana's Backseat Drivers

I'll take a ride with CVNA, but I will wear my safety belt -- and know when to get out.

Adobe Firms Up AI Play, Stock Breaks Out

Let's check the charts again as ADBE rises higher.

GameStop Needs to Unlock a Secret Door to a New Business

After another GME earnings blunder and change of players, I see the stock as this: pure speculation with a strong balance sheet. But I believe the company can find a way to the next level -- though it could get zapped before getting there.