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Vaccine News Continues to 'Turn' Stocks Around

The rotation from 'growth' to 'value' continued, with several themes at work in smaller stocks.

ResMed Could Rally to New Heights After a Shallow Correction

Here's our analysis trading strategy.

Jim Cramer: If the End of the Covid Era Is in Sight, Here Are the Stocks to Buy

I will come back to these names over and over again as we are now in the sweet spot for many.

Ketamine Beating Psilocybin in Race for Patients

With the state of Oregon's move to decriminalize drugs, the stigma around compounds like ketamine is lessening.

Electrameccanica Is Giving Me the 'Butterflies'

Here's a butterfly approach to playing SOLO, as dilution is likely on the way following the $200 million offering.

Hormel Foods Could Fail to Find Buying Support

Protect your long positions.

Preparing to Whittle Down My Annual Portfolio of Rebound Candidates

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio still has plenty of potential members, but it will be cut to 12 soon enough.

This Market Is Being Led by Aggressive Momentum in Small-Caps

Many 'traditional' Wall Street players are blinded by the indices and the action in S&P 500 names.

Big News Is Followed by Little Moves

A lot has happened over the past couple weeks, but little has changed. Let's dig in.

Williams-Sonoma Is Pointed Up, so What's Giving Us Pause?

Let's check out the charts of WSM.

Are Electric Vehicle Trades Shorting Out?

Say watt? You want to chase EV stocks? How about shorting them? Let's see which is the crazier move.

Zebra Technologies Could Correct in the Weeks Ahead

The shares have more than doubled from their March nadir.

Charts See Further Weakening

Market psychology and valuation metrics remain cautionary.

The Hot Money Is Flowing Into Individual Stocks

The stock picking is exceptionally strong and has little correlation with the indices.

Playing Catch Up With Roku

Even if it's risky, want to know what gets me a little fired up?

Things Look Both Bad and Bullish

While there's every reason to be cautious, the technicals show a good opportunity to make money before the new year.

Why Investors Will Get Spooked as Economic Activity Declines Further

I can easily see a 5%-10% pullback over the next few months with a larger drop possible.

Medical Device Maker Medtronic Could Weaken in the Weeks Ahead

MDT is set to report earnings on Tuesday.

Key Members in OPEC+ May Be Unhappy but We're Far From Breaking the Bonds!

The alliance is too scared to do what really needs to be done to get this market sorted, once and for all, the great reset.

Best Buy Needs a Bullish Spark to Resume Its Rally

Momentum in the stock of the electronics and appliance retailer has been weakening of late.

This Trio of Diverse Stocks Makes for Interesting Stalking

The technical patterns of Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb and DraftKings are worth tracking for potential buys.

Jim Cramer: Just How Will the Covid-19 Vaccines Be Distributed?

None of these questions have been answered which is why I see chaos ahead as we can't even imagine this process working.

Thanksgiving Week Serves Up Good Conditions for Strong Speculative Trading

The consistent pattern of market strength over the years during the holiday week should be a plus for traders.

Broadening Market Performance, the Vaccine 'Put', Trading McKesson

Basically, I think we laid out enough reasons for financial markets to revolt, yet they did not.

Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble Bursts Before It Begins

Expensive mutual travel was set to start Sunday, and will be a deal watched by the travel industry worldwide if it does indeed begin.

UGI Corp.: It's a Gas, Gas, Gas

Here we'll look at how to play UGI Corp., which handles all forms of natural gas, and was founded in 1882 and paid dividends continuously since 1885.

Since Getting a 'Shot' of News, the Indexes Have Been Looking Pale

The stock market has gone essentially nowhere since the news from Pfizer about a vaccine; expect more overbought and high complacency.

Bearish Bets: 2 Biotech Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Costco's 2020 Special Dividend Should Really Catch the Eye of Dividend Hunters

There's good reason why COST will continue to increase its quarterly dividend.

The 2 Basic Concepts at the Heart of My Trading Success

It's primarily a function of effective reaction, a clear trading strategy, and recognition that we don't know what the future may hold.