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Jim Cramer: Let's Unmask This Rally

We must figure out what really happened on the move up, because it had as much to do with real-world prices of assets as it did with the end of COVID doom.

Good Day for the Indexes, but a Bad Day for Aggressive Traders

The stocks that hungry traders favor the most performed poorly and speculative liquidity dried up.

Zoom Has Corrected Enough

I would buy the current weakness in ZM.

The Hits Keep on Coming for Speculative Stocks and Crypto

This market is either going to test your patience or your fortitude.

I'm Not Buying This Rally

Buy I am buying SPDR S&P 500 exchange-traded fund puts -- here's how.

ARK's Fall Marks the Genesis of a Buying Opportunity

While it is easy to expect the selling and bad news to continue, I see the bad news as largely behind us.

My Focus Now Is on a Company's Business Rather Than Its Charts

I like them for the long-term as they've been beaten senseless.

Dow's Up, but It's Little Comfort

The ARK Innovation fund is down and so is the Russell 2000 fund, and many traders are frustrated.

FuboTV Looks Ready for a Recovery Rally

While we favor the upside in ROKU, FUBO looks okay for a trade too.

Is BABA at a Bottom?

The decline in Alibaba Group appears to be over, and the long-term uptrend should get going again.

How to Play Bitcoin and Tesla After Musk's Missive

If bitcoin really is the currency of the future, then why is it that one man's opinion can cause it to crash?

NortonLifeLock Shares Rally as It Scans the Dark Web

Traders could use an anticipated period of sideways price action to probe the long side.

Perhaps Buy Tesla Here, But I'm Not Buying the Dip in Bitcoin

Elon Musk does a number on bitcoin and he's not backing off.

How I'm Playing the Bounce and Bottom Fishing

The most oversold stocks are seeing the best bounces.

AMD's Risk/Reward Looks Better Than It Has in a While

AMD still looks poised to gain more CPU share in 2021 and 2022. And its gaming GPU business might be competitively stronger in 2022 than markets currently expect.

Jim Cramer: Unless You're Willing to Take a Beating, It's Time to Reposition

The reprieve is here. Do not miss it.

In the Midst of This Pandemic, Arcturus Therapeutics Has Its Lightbulb Moment

ARCT's IP is incredibly valuable, and may in fact be invaluable.

3 Key Things to Look for When Buying Dividend Stocks

For income investors looking for their next dividend stock, these considerations should be a part of the selection process.

I Would 'Bet' on Wynn Resorts Continuing Its Rally

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The Short and Long of Wendy's

Here's the area that I'd consider a buying opportunity.

'White Hot' Inflation, Foolish Forecasts, Flapping Fed, Trading the Semis, Apple

I usually buy the dip on big 'down' days. On Wednesday I did buy the dip -- but only in gold.

Analysts Are Missing a Beautiful Opportunity

Advice on Sally Beauty Holdings has been pretty ugly -- here's how to 'make up' for it.

Corrective Action Finally Spreads to the Major Indices

Much of the market has been correcting for months, and now the big-cap names are finally catching up to the downside.

We Got the Pullback -- Are You Opening Your Wallet Now?

Ah, we don't get declines on no news, do we? And now sentiment is not panicky, but is turning sour. Here's what that means.

No Pain, No Gain

This corrective action is causing hurt for many traders and investors, but I'm relieved to see more correlated selling. Here's why.

Buckle Up: This Market Is a Roller Coaster Ride

And it's direction is down. Here's how to make the most of it.

Ally Financial's Trend Is Your Ally

Welcome aboard to new longs.

Lumber Was the First to Crack, Will Other Commodities Follow?

The inflation narrative might be flawed and the reaction to it was likely overdone.

Jim Cramer: Let Me Explain How Good Companies Can Have Bad Stocks

Here's a lesson I learned decades ago at Goldman Sachs about how stocks can move in times like this.

Broadcom Reached Our Price Target - Now What?

Don't jump the gun, wait for this to play out.