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Enter the Market's Washing Machine as Big Rotation Returns

The action took an interesting turn on Friday as some sharp rotation spun big-cap winners like Apple and Amazon backwards.

With TikTok on the Clock, I'm Eyeing These Charts

I'm on the sidelines, but SNAP and DD are intriguing.

Would You Take a Look at Apple!

I have never seen this stock get quite this crazy in terms of its volatility.

Jobs Report Looks Solid, but Tough Questions Remain

Here's my take on the details of the jobs report -- and what the next few months might bring.

Why I'm Building Positions in This One Group of REITs

Want to invest in a sector that's getting bailed out? You've found it here.

These 2 Stocks Can Double From Their Current Prices

Both Net Element and Spartan Energy are related to the EV market.

Reactive Bulls Are Still Topping Anticipatory Bears

There are some concerns in the price action but dip buyers keep stepping up very quickly.

Different Name, Same Great Dividend Opportunity

Sutter Rock Capital Corp. is now called SuRo Capital Corp., but still offers investors a way to play the pre-IPO market and collect a yield of 4.2%.

Universal Stainless & Alloy Products Is a Stock Worth Following

USAP is new to the net/net list.

Market Tug of War: More New Highs Vs. Negative Breadth

More money chasing fewer stocks has been known to be a precursor to short-term market tops.

Impacts, Surprising and Not, From the Coronavirus and Civil Strife

There are business sectors that are doing better than anticipated and others that are benefiting as thought from events of the day.

Trump's Forced Sale of TikTok Is Mafia-Style Overreach

The executive orders against TikTok and WeChat amount to an illegal seizure of property.

Underlying Support Remains Strong, but Beware of Failed Bounces and Lower Lows

If the price action starts to shift and selling gains momentum, then it will be time to take quick defensive action.

Deal or No Deal, the Rally Narrows, Trump's Pen, Debating Datadog: Market Recon

It would be better if Jobs Day became Deal Day, and can Congress get its act together before the president acts instead?

This Insurer Looks Just Ducky

Well-regarded supplemental health care insurance firm Aflac sports an 'A' for financial strength -- here's how to play it at this great valuation.

Charting the QQQs

Let's look at the Invesco QQQ's channel and where it's likely headed.

Uber Slides After Mixed Results and Commentary: 5 Key Takeaways

Uber's ride-sharing business continues seeing demand gradually improve from its March/April lows. But it's still far below pre-COVID levels.

The Market Continues to Defy Logic

The indexes ramped higher yet again and were primarily driven by Apple and Facebook.

The Cost of Money

Covid-19 has not eliminated the power of compounding, it has just made certain people forget about it.

Traders Have Stacked Their Chips Ahead of 2 Risky Events

There is risk of fireworks and price squeezes as the stock market prices in the best of our current scenario, and the Treasury market prices in the worst.

Kass: Now Everybody's Doing It

Here we go, look who's asking about stocks.

The Chips Are Down for Wynn Resorts

Chart indicates the casino operator is a bearish bet right now.

Here's How I'm Playing Funko Into Thursday's Earnings

This stock has been experiencing strong volatility post-earnings.

Does the Surge in Retail Traders Signal an Inevitable Market Collapse?

With the elimination of commissions, you can 'play' for free as long as you have capital.

This Is Narrower Action and That's a Warning Sign

The action does feel a little tired and more forced but there still isn't any real shift in the price action.

Back to Back Wins for Bristol-Myers, and Here's How I'd Trade It

BMY sees reason for optimism over the final half of the year.

Airlines Could Take Off With Help From This Tailwind

It's not just American Airlines stock that has stabilized and is pointing higher.

The Trend Is Your Friend but Be Ready to React to Changes in Market Character

Focus on price action but increase vigilance. Be ready to react if fundamental issues start to hit the market in a more systematic way.

Does INGR Still Have the Right Ingredients for a Trade?

Let's reevaluate Ingredion after its Q2 earnings disappointment.

Charting the Dow, Job Creation, Washington Deal or No Deal? Roku's Problem

Check out the Dow Transports and the Dow Industrials.