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Medtronic Set to Trade Higher Unless Earnings Derail the Rally

Let's see what the charts have to say.

Put Protection Is Always Needed

Puts tend to work very nicely when the market is in a panic, but getting in early can be tricky.

Market Volatility Has Been Muted… and Then There Are These 2 Stocks I Own

Watch maker Fossil Group and Argentine farming giant Cresud have seen their shares plunge amid a market that steadily marches to all-time highs.

Overconfident Bears Have Missed Out on Great Opportunities

I am carrying a large cash balance -- but not because I'm bearish.

HP Has My Attention, but I'm Not Getting In Now

If tempted, don't forget HPQ will report the firm's fourth quarter performance next Tuesday.

2 Small-Cap Biotech Stocks I Continue to Like

Both these names reported third-quarter results last week.

This One Thing Worries Us Most About the Market Right Now

Shock absorbers are weak right now.

Salesforce.com May Finally Be Ready to Move Higher After Months of Weakness

Let's check out the charts of CRM.

China's Army Takes to Hong Kong Streets but Market Rallies

The Hang Seng was Asia's biggest gainer among major indexes on Monday even as police cornered hundreds of student protestors.

Covetrus Needs to Build a Base After Surge in Share Price

Shares of the provider of animal health technology could afford to see more development and sideways price action after their big post-earnings jump.

AMD Inks New Server CPU Deals; Data Center Chief Discusses Them and More

During a talk with TheStreet, AMD exec Forrest Norrod highlighted new supercomputer deals and an expanded partnership with AWS. He also suggested AMD's next-gen server CPUs will deliver healthy performance gains.

HP Plays Hard to Get, but Charts Provide a Clearer Picture

HP's board of directors has rejected Xerox's takeover bid, but the door has not been closed on a potential combination.

Can Twilio Pass This Test?

As the company makes brutal pullback, let's see how it could turn up higher.

Don't Dismiss Friday's Breakout, Retailers Report, Trading Macy's: Market Recon

Third quarter earnings season is down to the really nitty gritty. That said, there are still quite a few well known (to the public) retailers set to bring up the rear.

LivePerson Charts Send Mixed Message

The chart of the provider of business messaging technology did break down this month, but it also rebounded nicely.

4 Most-Dangerous Words on Wall Street: A Correction Is Due

Calling for a correction at this point is easy, but it comes with a sizable opportunity cost. Ignore the anticipatory bears and stay focused on the individual stocks.

You'll Find Bargains in This Retailer's Aisles, Not in Its Stock

Walmart shares are just too pricey right now.

Market's Rising Tide Fails to Lift All Indicators

After choppy week, the big wave upward arrived Friday, but it wasn't enough to float the cumulative advance/decline line to make a higher high or keep the McClellan Summation Index from sinking.

2 Stocks You Really Should Consider Shorting This Week

These 'bearish bets' are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Kass: The Market's L-I-B-I-D-O Is in Overdrive

But is this market's insatiable drive to be trusted?

Why Stock Charts Are a More Valuable Tool Than Ever

What I have found is that the real value of charts is as a trade management tool.

Spice Up Your Holiday Investing With These Dividend Stocks

Holiday shopping is big, but so is holiday eating, and here are several names with healthy dividend yields to chomp into.

'Ridiculous' Market Hits 28,000: Fight the Trade Deal at Your Own Risk

What is most notable about sentiment is that there isn't much cheering.

Market Silliness Creates Walmart Trade Opportunity

These options are dirt cheap.

Nvidia's Desktop Gaming and Cloud Sales Rebounds Should Not Be Overlooked

Though Nvidia's sales guidance was below expectations, management indicates that sales to desktop gamers and cloud giants will be strong this quarter.

Simply Good Foods Has Caught My Attention

We're seeing the combination of insiders buying with a technical breakout on the daily chart.

This Energy Name Is One Dividend Aristocrat That Won't Burn You

Chevron is a safe name in the oil and gas industry -- and offers a 4% yield.

Procter & Gamble Set to Scrub and Shine Its Way Higher

Here's how to play shares of the Cincinnati-based consumer staples giant.

Jim Cramer: Retail Stocks Are Turning Everything Upside Down

What's really going on here? Does the move make any sense? Let's take them case by case.

Cannabis Investors Facing a Winter of Discontent

Prices are dropping faster than Myles Garrett from fantasy football rosters just as costs are about to rise.