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The Emotional Makeup of World-Class Traders

It is not productive to have emotional reactions to every loss and every gain, as both are part of the business of trading and should be taken in stride.

Trump's Trade Tweets Thump the Market

The Chinese purposely timed their response to occur in front of Powell's speech to create as much market disruption as possible.

The Biggest Takeaway From Powell's Speech and What It Means for the Fed

Literally at the same time Powell was speaking, trade tensions were ramping up.

Stop and Give Some Thought to Your Actions Before Taking Them

If you see something you love, then take a nibble, but big bites aren't on the menu for me today.

Broader Market Drags Affecting Salesforce Could Drive Buying Opportunity

CRM shouldn't be sagging with the broader tech sector.

What's Not to Love About Salesforce?

But this wasn't the blow out quarter the headlines would have you believe.

It Might Be Worth Waiting to See If Foot Locker Is Still a Solid Business

For FL, the story is very much a question of whether the second half of the year can be better than the first.

Jim Cramer: A Cold War With China Is Worth Avoiding

I wish I could say buy this dip. But the dip is one that's not necessarily going to have an ending today.

Trump, Not Powell, Creates Market Volatility and Uncertainty

The market is said to hate uncertainty and we have much more of it now.

Hong Kong's Richest Man Follows the Pound and Political Chaos to Britain

Is Li Ka-shing being unpatriotic by selling down assets in China and redeploying the capital in Britain?

VMware Stock: Screaming Buy or Screaming 'Death Cross'?

I see VMW trading in the high $130s and my engine gets running.

Doctor Copper Confirms the Global Economic Slowdown

Freeport-McMoRan is always going to be my first call on the health of copper.

Fed's Powell Provides Little Clarity

What we are hearing is that the Fed is data-dependent and is aware of the potential problems caused by the trade dispute and other issues.

A Pair of Rare Disease Biotech Concerns Worth a Good Look

Alexion Pharmaceuticals is a solid company that is the subject of acquisition rumors and Amicus Therapeutics has a key drug off to a strong start.

Will China's Tariff Retaliation Bust Market Support Levels?

Resistance levels were tested again but failed to breach to the upside.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone of Retail, Where Stocks Gain a Reprieve

Shares of several retailers rode the coattails of Nordstrom and Dick's Sporting Goods on their favorable earnings releases Thursday, but Friday offers a mixed bag.

Salesforce Stock Surges as Cloud King Status Is Cemented

Salesforce is characteristically sustaining strength despite a heap of headwinds.

Dillard's Flashy Dividend Increase Is Just Fool's Gold

Investors can find far better yield by simply buying the S&P 500.

Powell's Chance at Redemption, Stunned by Salesforce's Strong Beat: Market Recon

The Fed Chair's address this day will move markets. This we know.

The Stage Is Set for a Dramatic Reaction to Jerome Powell at Jackson Hole

Powell has not produced the positive market reactions that his predecessors tended to produce. Expect several swings to occur while market players try to sort out all the ramifications.

Here's a 'Sale' Stock You Can Have Fun With

Children's Place was down on earnings earlier this week, but is poised to bounce big.

Don't Try to Rationalize the Extremes

We've got some far out readings and we could brush them off as outliers ... but here's what happened when I did that once in late 2007....

Bird Watching at Jackson Hole? Doves Might Prove Elusive

With uncertainty around what Fed Chair Jerome Powell might say Friday, it's unclear how much dovishness will take the market higher.

Keep Calm to Carry on in Global Slowdown

It's easy to get fired up over fear, rumors and headlines, but don't make bad decisions without good data and research.

Jim Cramer: The Economic Worldview of a Recession Deserves a Hearing

The Fed has more than enough reason to be preemptive in a way it's never been, preemptively positive.

Checking Up on 5 Favorite Healthcare REITs

This group benefits from two trends -- declining interest rates and an aging of the population.

Novice Trade: Apple

I think it eventually will get to $220 per share.

A Stitch Fix Setup for All Shapes and Sizes

Stitch Fix has surpassed earnings expectations every quarter since coming public.