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As Biotechs Seem to Have Bottomed, Here Are 3 to Consider

I expect biotech M&A activity to pick up in the back half of 2022.

Market Trends in Question as Support Levels Breached

The near-term is getting tougher to call as each rally has been short-lived.

Bitcoin Tumbles Towards Washout as Crypto Enters 'Get Me Out' Phase

Keep your seat belts low and tight, here's where we may be headed.

AMD Soon Could Present a Tempting Trade Opportunity

However, long-term investors would do well not to try to pick a bottom in the chipmaker's stock.

Oracle Continues to Struggle to Make a Durable Low

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Texas Instruments Isn't Painting a Pretty Technical Picture at Present

The charts of the big chipmaker are sending largely bearish signals.

What Do Politicians and Sentiment Have in Common? (They Both Flip-flop)

The market is falling victim to shorter, smaller rallies -- and lots of chop. But here's why we're getting closer to overbought. Also, let's check on some gas and diesel.

This FAANG Stock's Technicals Are at a Summer Crossroads

Summer is a time when this name usually gains momentum. Will it this time?

Can Pinterest Poke Through the Charts and Rally?

With a CEO change in the mix, shares hit, and a social media under watch, let's see whether PINS could move the needle.

Let's Process Nvidia's New Low

NVDA moves down, so let's check the charts -- and see why we should take too much bearishness with a grain of salt.

AMD Is Still Searching for a Tradable Low

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Can Generac Generate Enough Technical Power to Rally?

Sometimes the fundamentals and technical indicators are on the same page and sometimes they are not.

Carnival Traders Are Voting With Their Feet

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Bed Bath & Beyond Goes From Bad to Really Bad: Here's How to Trade It

BBBY just released the firm's first quarter financial results. It reads like fiction.

Bearish Sentiment Is at Decade Highs -- And That's Very Bullish

Support levels have held and need to stay in that condition.

Upstart Looks Anything But Up on the Charts

The shares are in a sharp downdraft from their zenith in October.

Finding a Silver Lining or Two in Tuesday's Tech Wreck

It wasn't a pretty day for most tech stocks, but it wasn't a disaster, either.

Microsoft: Taking a Fresh Look at the Charts

A rally could soon unfold.

Paychex's Charts Indicate It May Not Pay to Hold Its Shares Right Now

The technical indicators of the provider of human resources and payroll services are not favorable at present.

Down Market, Negative Growth, Recession Talk, AMD, Trading AeroVironment

All of the talk around recession that had abated, at least for a day, returned with a vengeance, supported by a Cathie Wood interview.

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Market

The end of the quarter brings crazy moves, but can they be blamed for Tuesday's decline? Let's see and let's see why I think we can rally again before the quarter's over.

Bed Bath & Beyond's Weakness Is Likely to Persist

The shares have been in the single digits since early May.

Taking Another Look at ON Semiconductor's Charts

Here's what to watch for.

Penn National: Should Investors Put Their Chips Down?

Let's check out the charts and indicators on this operator of casinos and racetracks.

Old Dominion Freight Line Is Ready to Roll Again

Here's what traders could do now.

Fortinet Could Unlock Upside as Its Charts Improve

Here are the key price levels to watch for the cybersecurity name.

All Things Considered, Nike Had a Solid Quarter: Here's the Trade

I think the firm is being very conservative in their look forward, carefully and intentionally.

AeroVironment Could Resume Its Upward Flight Pattern

The drone maker's charts suggest a higher stock price ahead of its latest quarterly earnings report after Tuesday's market close.

What's the 'Pain Trade' Now?

Is it more rallying to suck more people in? Or is it a rollover that will spit out those 'Sentiment Tourists'? Let's take a look.