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Bearish Bed Bath & Beyond Gets a Quantitative Downgrade

Don't expect an oversold bounce here.

Zynerba Pharma Looks Like Bad Medicine for Investors

The charts make ZYNE look bearish and not particularly attractive, so avoid.

Stay on Guardant: GH May Hit All-Time High

GH investors could risk a trade under $83 while probing the long side with price targets of $105 and $112.

Intel Strategy: Take Profits on Strength

INTC might surprise on the upside, but charts show prices likely to rally toward $54, then stall.

Seattle Genetics Has a Rally in Its DNA

Here's how to play this biotech stock.

Snap's Mixed Indicators Signal Cautious Approach to Its Resurgent Shares

The social media company's stock already has tripled in value since late last year, and a modest correction could be at hand before its shares renew gains.

Apple Is Turning Green as Earnings Approach

Owners of Apple could be treated to a positive earnings report next week.

Sorry Warren, Berkshire Hathaway Still Looks Bearish

Let's check the charts and indicators because I am pretty sure Warren Buffett is not a chart reader.

Home Depot Is Still Pointed Up but With Some Bearish Divergences

Let's check out the latest HD charts.

After Fall, E*Trade Financial Ready to Rumble

After nearly going belly up a decade ago, ETFC's combination of higher profits and a much lower stock price makes it look very attractive.

Not a Pretty Day

The S&P 500 was up 8, and breadth was negative; meanwhile, Nasdaq saw new lows expand to 115, while essentially up all day -- there's no good way to spin that.

Coca-Cola Looks to Pop Higher

Beverage company could bubble over to the $61 area.

Stand on Sidelines as United Technologies Reports

UTX's indicators look mixed and Tuesday's earnings could tip the scales.

Whirlpool Is in a Bullish Spin Cycle Into Earnings

Prices are about about 50% from their late December nadir.

How to Trade Roper Technologies Stock Now

Here is my technical strategy approach on ROP.

Kratos Could Fly Higher Even After Doubling in Value

The drone maker already has had a great run this year and its technical signs indicate the move upward could continue.

This One Key Index No Longer Has a Positive Trend

Only two indices remain in near-term uptrends.

Disney Charts Still Aren't Roaring Even If 'The Lion King' Is

Traders should be aware that the marketplace is a discounting mechanism and approach Disney shares accordingly.

Hungry for a GrubHub Long Position? Look Elsewhere on the Market Menu

Let's call in a delivery of some charts and indicators.

Should We Buy the Dip or Prepare for More Downside?

Here are some tools to determine whether we can expect big market shifts.

Chuck Some Cash into Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab appears headed into another record year, yet the stock had fallen to just over $40 -- that pullback smells like opportunity.

Buckle Up

We're in for more volatility, but complacency is getting wrung out -- plus, what about those banks?

The Billionaire Chart Reader

For small investors and traders without the resources of major funds, the price action is a cheap road map.

Schlumberger Had a Long Decline but That Does Not Make It a Buying Opportunity

We cannot rule out new lows for a move down in the weeks ahead.

J.B. Hunt Could Rally Sharply but I'm Waiting for a Pullback to Go Long

Let's review the charts and indicators to round out the analysis.

These 2 Precious Metals Stocks Could Hit the Motherlode

Both names receive quant upgrades and have strong charts.

Should You Go for the 'Easy Money' in Novartis?

NVS been in an uptrend the past twelve months.

Have a Shot of JD.com This Summer

The action in JD is setting up very well going into the fall.

Nucor Stock: Time to Put Your Iron in the Fire?

Let's check the latest charts and indicators on NUE.

Following These 2 Small-Caps Into Earnings

I'm looking forward to hearing from Progenics Pharmaceuticals and Builders FirstSource.