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Texas Instruments: This Stock's Upside Breakout Likely Isn't Over

TXN's earnings numbers set to be released this week and the charts look favorable.

Uber: This Horse Is Far From Dead

I would look to continue riding UBER on the long side with no interest in a short position.

Will IBM Stock Move Higher Following Its Earnings Report?

IBM reports its Q4 results after today's market close and is my 2020 pick for the year.

How to Play Netflix Going Into Tonight's Q4 Earnings Release

I think we'll see that the choice between Netflix, Disney +, and Apple TV + isn't a zero-sum game.

Still No Sell Signals, but 2 Concerns Linger for This Market

Throughout the recent rally, OB/OS levels have yet to enter overbought territory.

Back From the Dead: Uber Stock, and It's Breaking Out From a Base Pattern

Let's take a fresh look at the stock's activity.

Waiting Out Entry Points in a Gold Mining ETF and an Entertainment Giant

We're divining the technical signs to find places to jump into VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF and Walt Disney Co.

GlaxoSmithKline: The Charts Are Pointing Higher

Our latest analysis and trading strategy for the the big pharma stock.

Stitch Fix Shares Are Likely to Put Together a Move Higher

The charts and indicators of the online personalized apparel retailer look constructive enough to approach the stock from the long side.

Balance Sheet Concern, Davos Forum, Trading Netflix: Market Recon

I think we know, just based on the behavior of this Federal Reserve, that all things being equal a more normalized balance sheet is preferable.

Happy About the Market? We're Reaching a State of 'Euphoria'

Perhaps the market will keep on going, but all the excess out there should be corrected -- at some point.

When Is It Time to Sell? Ask Your Stock Charts

Charts are far more valuable as a tool for trade and portfolio management.

5 Promising Stocks to Study Over the Long Weekend

Last year wasn't particularly kind to every stock, but some are turning around for the better in 2020.

Something Big Is in Store for AeroVironment in 2020

It offers exposure to unmanned aircraft systems, drones, tactical missile systems, first-responders, telecom connectivity, and is exploring commercial A.I. & agricultural applications.

Let Me Count the Ways I Love Microsoft

MSFT is not one of my names that has just kept on hitting target prices, thus forcing decisions. The stock is getting close though.

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fight This Market

Psychology data and valuation remain real concerns.

GAP Cancels Old Navy Spinoff and It's Greeted Favorably

This is retail, where down is up and up is down, and the dynamic of the sector continues to change.

Why I Like Using Buy-Writes in the Biotech Sector

Putting buy-writes in your investing 'toolbox' seems one route to becoming a better investor in 2020.

Folks Say Apple's Gone Parabolic. I Say That's Hyperbole

Let's look at this stock's rise compared with Qualcomm in 1999 and even Tesla now.

McDonald's Stock Has Been a Big Hit on the Value Menu

Investors and traders are Lovin' it with McDonald's' recent rise.

The Market Has Rewarded Morgan Stanley With Gains Not Seen for Nearly a Decade

MS has set the bar for financial names reporting Q4 results.

Don't Sleep on the Grains Following Trade Deal

Here's why grain prices are softening on the news of the China trade pact that promises huge buys of U.S. corn and soy.

2 Options Trades to Consider as CSX Reports Earnings Tonight

CSX is one of the few names to give us an idea of how the economy is doing as a whole.

Morgan Stanley Really Is That Good

It quickly becomes apparent that across the board, this firm is executing at a high level.

Interpreting the U.S./China Trade Deal, Tax Cuts 2.0, Aerospace Stocks

Does such a large increase in Chinese spending on U.S. 'stuff' give reason to doubt that future action lives up to words on a page (or 86 pages for that matter)?

'Don't Confuse Brains With a Bull Market'

Those words relate well to the kind of market we're in now.

My Long Wait for a Pullback in Target Is Over, and Here's My Trade Idea

Digging into the data, the numbers do appear to be quite the mess.

Green Light or Yellow Light? Depends Where You're Looking

The top-five stocks in the S&P 500 now make up 18% of its market cap, higher than similar peaks in 1999 and 2008.

U.S./China Phase One, Yield Curve, Jobs Survey, Trading Disney: Market Recon

One concern for traders and investors would be that the good cheer created by the development of this Phase One deal, as well as actions taken by the FOMC, are nearing or at the point where the headline risk points in the other direction.

Looking Deeper Into International Game Technology

After a mid-November pop, IGT shares have been consolidating over the past two months.