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Dominion Energy Now Has Two Good Things Going For It

It is great to see two or more investment strategies with similar conclusions.

To Roku or Not to Roku: Where Does the Selling End?

Roku could be the scariest name in trading for Halloween.

Micron Stock May Trade in a Range for Several Weeks Due to Mixed Indicators

Trading volume has been shrinking from late June, and this is not the picture technical analysts like to see.

Clearway Energy: A Big Breakout Doesn't Look Imminent

Let's check out CWEN's charts and indicators.

Merck Is Hot. Red Hot. Here's Why

Merck has had a very busy week -- and investment dollars have followed.

How to Trade Apple Stock Now Amid the Overflowing 'Analysis'

Beware of broad internet search trends for the iPhone 11.

Wendy's Stock Looks as if Investors Will Be Placing Orders to Go Long

Here's a rare chance to buy into a restaurant chain that's investing heavily for the future.

Etsy Could Craft New Highs in the Months Ahead

Charts see upside potential for Brooklyn, N.Y., marketplace for craft supplies and vintage goods.

Apple: Should You Pick Up Some Stock and the iPhone 11?

It doesn't pay to fight the trend in AAPL shares.

Expedia Group Looks Packed to Make a Trip North on the Charts

There appears to be more aggressive buying of the online travel giant's shares in recent months.

Trade Desk Is Oversold but the Trend Is Still Pointed Down

Stocks can go down too fast but that does not necessarily make them a buy.

My Two Cents on Tencent Music: Take a 'Long' Shot

This trade idea leaves plenty of time to see if the breakout takes hold without getting eaten alive by time decay.

Costco's Climbing and Still Has Room to Grow

Cramer and Bernstein's Fletcher differ on the retailing club. What say the charts?

It's Hard Not to Like Microsoft

With Microsoft, I'm most interested in the advancement of Microsoft Teams, a dominant force in the workplace communication space.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Is Set to Emerge From a Basing Pattern

TheStreet's quants like the stock. What do the charts say?

Why I Covet Twilio and How I'm Playing This Cloud Stock Now

I now have an ally in Morgan Stanley.

Cronos Group Is Still Coming Down From Its High

Shares of the cannabis company are likely to drift lower in the weeks ahead.

Tech Data Has Formed a Bullish Technical Pattern

Here's how to play shares of this technology supplier.

AGCO's Charts Look Positive: Here's How to Harvest Potential Upside

Our latest technical analysis and strategy on the stock.

3 Big Names That Show Relative Weakness

Amazon.com, Facebook and American Express could begin to break down in the near future based on their charts.

Microsoft Could Climb to New Highs Soon

The software giant's shares do not look extended and the price action appears balanced.

Korn Ferry Could Make a Trading Bounce but Investors Shouldn't Be Moved to Buy

Prices have worked lower the past 12 months.

How This Long-Time Adobe Fan Is Playing the Stock After Earnings

Even at these levels, those long the shares for more than a few months still have profits to protect.

Ulta Beauty Is Still Not Ready to Regain Its Strength; More Repair Is Needed

Ulta stock may have stopped dropping but it needs more than cosmetic repair.

I Have a Solution to Adobe's Growth Problem: DocuSign

The cloud stock's results weren't great, but were nothing close to the FedEx disaster.

Cracker Barrel's Longer-Term Uptrend Should Continue

The view from the porch: A rising OBV line is a bullish clue for this restaurant chain's stock.

FedEx Rival UPS Could Continue to Forge Its Own Way to the Upside

The charts of UPS and rival FedEx are quite different, with the former's technical signals indicating it could head higher.

Centene Shows Improvement After a Long Decline

Downside momentum has been slowing in the healthcare company's shares, which could foreshadow a low or a reversal.

For Adobe Systems, the Close Is More Important Than the Open

The company's fiscal third-quarter earnings and revenue beat analysts' forecasts, but guidance for the fourth quarter was below expectations.

I Think We Need to Talk ... About Sentiment

It's starting to shift, so let's look at the Investors Intelligence bulls and some other key indicators.