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This May Be the Most Important Stock Market Metric Right Now

The S&P 500 is closing in on fair value.

The Charts of Johnson & Johnson Do Not Yet Convince Me of the Bull Case

Let's look at the charts and indicators to round out the picture.

Watching Coca-Cola and Waiting to Take a Swig

The recent decline in the soft drink giant's shares post-earnings is similar to pullbacks in the past that have been followed by nice rallies.

Walmart Could See a Markup to the $120 Area in the Weeks Ahead

The technical signals for the retail giant indicate aggressive buying of its shares.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): Love it or Hate It, Here's How to Play It

I envision $25 as the biggest hurdle.

I Would Pick Up PepsiCo Stock on a Down Day, Not on a Day Like This

There is honestly nothing in the fundamental data that would provoke me as a trader to take on an entry position at this time.

Looking for Signals to Sell? They Are Hard to Find

All the major equity indices remain in short-term uptrends.

Nvidia Steps Up to the Plate: My Pre-Earnings and Post-Earnings Trade Ideas

If you want to take a swing, here are two nuggets that might work for you.

Wix.com Is Ready to Charge to a New High, So Buy a Shallow Dip

Charts can always "go bump in the night" but right now it looks like Wix.com can break out to new highs.

International Paper Doesn't Look Like an Attractive Investment

With considerable chart resistance in the $50 to $56 area International Paper is not attractive at this time.

Moderna's Small Base Could Surprise on the Upside

Prices have moved above the early January high giving us the simple definition of an uptrend.

Cummins Looks Poised for an Upside Breakout, but Don't Jump the Gun

CMI looks poised to break above the October and December highs, but it may be held back by news or rumors on the U.S.-China trade front.

Tableau Software Could Be Headed For a Downward Correction at Some Point

The problem with leading indicators is that they lead.

Beware of Climaxing Optimism in the S&P 500 - But From Much Higher Levels

Look for unsustainably exuberant levels for the S&P 500 in the coming weeks before optimism, and prices, peak.

If My Taste Buds Are Right, International Flavors & Fragrances Could Rally

Let's check those charts and technical indicators in light of the negative reaction to their latest numbers.

Nvidia Is Poised to Try the Upside at Some Point - Only Buy Strength

Let's see how the charts and indicators are positioned ahead of this fundamental release.

Institutional Selling, Europe's Economy, Nvidia Earnings Preview: Market Recon

What trader has never both fallen in love with Nvidia, only to eventually feel the scorn of an angry lover's tortured vengeance?

Under Armour Is Edging Closer to an Important Upside Breakout

Under Armour rallied sharply recently and it is now only about $2 or so away from what looks like a major upside breakout.

DXC Technology Is Poised to Change Direction

Why we believe this IT firm has formed a significant pattern.

How to Play DaVita Post-Earnings

The options market is currently pricing an expected move in DaVita stock just below 6% by Friday of this week.

Game Plan for Electronic Arts: The Charts Are Not Helping

One day I would have given it up for dead and the next instance it jumps $25. You cannot make this up.

Lumentum Holdings Could Fall Further in the Months Ahead

Let's first check out the charts.

Schlumberger Could Improve Modestly From Here

Let check the charts.

Consolidation Period May Be Over as Several Index Charts Break Resistance

The majority of the major equity indices remain in uptrends.

I'm Attracted to Cisco Stock but Not So Much as to Make This a No-Brainer

Cisco reports Q2 earnings after tonight's market close.

What's Next for Cisco Systems Stock?

Let's look at the charts and indicators ahead of Wednesday's earnings release.

A Large Broadening Pattern on Snyopsys Bears Watching - Limit Your Risk

Let's check out the charts of this advanced silicon chip maker.

Ventas Is Showing Some Softness Now, Raise Sell Stop Protection

The company is relying on several building blocks to return to growth.

Shopify Could Move Higher but Charts Aren't Convincing, So Be Cautious

The charts for the provider of cloud-based e-commerce platforms do not show a pattern of stock accumulation.

Illumina Could Rally to Break Its Downtrend

Here's how we would play ILMN stock right now.