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Don't Get Stabbed by PINS

The downside price gap on Pinterest is ominous.

I'm Concerned About a Candlestick Top Reversal Pattern on PayPal

Let's review the charts and indicators.

During a Hot Summer, Here's When We'd Buy Carrier Global

It's often easier to make money with 'boring' stocks.

Let's Straighten Out a Strategy for Align Technology

Jim Cramer mentioned the name, so let's check what the charts say about the stock.

While the Market Takes Amazon to the Woodshed, I've Been Adding to It

The lower growth rate is understandable given that the firm is lapping what was an incredible year of growth where the public largely relied on them for everything.

Aggressive Traders Could Go Long Maxar Technologies

Here are our price targets for later in the year.

More Index Trends Turn Positive

Only one major equity index remains in a near-term downtrend.

The Technical Risks and Rewards of Trading DexCom Stock

DXCM is now trading above the rising 50-day moving average line and the rising 200-day line.

Agco Shares Could Go Either Way

Let's watch the price action closer.

So Many Excuses for the Mega Caps

Let's see how in July complacency has returned in full force when it comes to these super stocks.

Albemarle Continues to Make New Highs

Here's our latest look at the specialty chemical company's charts.

Here's Where We Are With Funko Right Now

For what a trader normally risks, size should be adjusted to the lower end or even the lowest end.

I See Coursera Only as a Small Consideration

There are a series of lower highs and a bearish setup yet again.

A10 Networks Gets a Quantitative Upgrade to Buy

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Fast Acquisition Should Trade Higher From Here

I would approach FST from the long side.

Play the Long Game With Marvell Technology

We're changing our strategy as Marvell makes a new high.

The Good, Weird and Ugly of Facebook

Their earnings were a blowout but it's too dangerous to short the name.

Probing the Long Side of Roblox Once Again

Aggressive traders could consider going long for this online entertainment platform.

Cassava Sciences Is Overbought But Still Points Higher

Here's where traders could go long SAVA.

How to Approach Rockwell Automation as It Continues to Grind Higher

Shares of the industrial automation company could go either way quickly, so here's what to watch.

Wingstop Ready to Take Flight Based on Its Charts

The technical signals of the seller of chicken wings are largely positive.

A Magic Number for the Russell 2000 ETF

Let's look at this either/or action, strange sentiment and why it would be big deal if IWM can get over $222.

Pfizer Price Targets? I've Got Them for You

A subscriber asks. We answer.

Coinbase Is Looking Good Here

I don't want to own the stock outright nor would I want to be long anything under $220.

Buy the Trade Desk and Pass on 'Interesting' Taboola.com

That was Jim Cramer's take, let's see what the charts say.

Advanced Micro Devices Is Making Its Upside Move

Hold longs from our prior recommendation and here are our new price targets.

Checking on Gogo Before Heading to the Airport

Let's review the charts and indicators of this inflight broadband connectivity and wireless entertainment services firm.

ChargePoint Could Bounce, but Is That Enough Juice for Investors?

Let's check on the charts of this company building out an EV charging network.

Here's the Trade After Advanced Micro Devices 'Outta Sight' Quarter

Just check out the gains made for some of these metrics.

Insiders Step Up to the Buy Window

We have changed our near-term market outlook.