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Deflation to Reflation to Deflation: What's Next?

With central banks cutting rates aggressively and China and the U.S. pumping even more liquidity, be careful of being too bearish.

Despite Fear, Don't Fight This Market

There are plenty of factual reasons for concern right now, but shorting this market is like standing in front of a freight train. Do so at your own peril.

Jim Cramer: How to Value Apple and Walmart? Think Like the Sellers

You have to be fluid and dynamic, and get in the head of the sellers of these stocks. And then you have to see what they give you.

Amazon vs. Microsoft, Assessing the Virus, Sticking Up for Judy Shelton

Fed repo policy changes confirm that external issues are having only a small impact on U.S. economic performance.

Where Are Hotel Stocks Headed?

Investors shouldn't automatically assume that all travel and leisure stocks will be hard hit by the Coronavirus.

Is the Latest Coronavirus News Just Another Dip Buying Opportunity?

Updates on the virus are causing another pullback. The question is whether this will lead to a deeper pullback or just another chance to buy the dip.

Why Doesn't Negative News Matter Anymore?

This market's reaction to bad news has been totally undermined by computer algorithms, passive investing, a high level of liquidity and fear of missing out.

The Market Is Still Complacent on Coronavirus News

The market's resilience in the face of such an ugly threat has many market players trying to find ways to reconcile the movement with the news flow.

Wuhan Virus Doctor's Death Demonstrates Leadership Downfall

Investors should continue to be suspicious of any rally in Asian shares, and beware false dawns from official Chinese figures that the WARS epidemic is under control.

Market Is Taking a Slight Rest -- and Is Still Indifferent To Coronavirus Woe

Market players have been forced to reconcile extreme market strength with the very negative news flow.