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U.S. Fundamentals and the Fed Rate Cut

Keep a close eye on bond yields and expect worse before it gets better.

Jim Cramer: Between $100 Million and a Rate Cut, I'd Choose the Money

Offering a prize for finding a medicine or vaccine to stop the coronavirus would be much more effective at halting this market derailment than cutting rates.

First, Bank of Japan, the U.S. and Russia: Who's Next on the Money Train?

As global markets breached their key 200-day moving averages and with uptrends being tested, there were rumours of globally coordinated central bank easing.

This Market Correction is Unlike Any We Have Seen Before

Navigating this market meltdown requires an appreciation of how momentum also works to the downside.

Market Outflows, Unknown Earnings Expectations and Trading Notes: Market Recon

Here are a number of things that I'm watching now.

Market Still Struggling to Price in the Impact of Covid-19

Poor timing by bounce buyers is creating more downside. There is no rush to build longer-term positions.

Global Markets Finally Follow Asia's Lead on Covid-19

It's clear that the market infection from the Wuhan pneumonia is only just beginning.

Markets Struggle to Price in the Unknown Impact of Covid-19

Bounce buyers want to believe there is an overreaction to the virus news, but if downside momentum builds, the selling can continue much longer than many expect.

Jim Cramer: 3 Market Storylines Are In Play, But Which Is Best for Investors?

Only one of these scenarios is going to get you in and out of this market with your assets intact and your portfolio stronger.

Why Blame It On Coronavirus? It's All About the Fed's Free Money

Only two things can save the market right now, the Fed cutting rates aggressively or the virus being contained.