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Buffett's Great Airline Escape, Tech Leadership, ECB Wiggle Room

Don't just follow the herd, time your exits and entrances well -- even if it is a big player like Warren Buffett that is leading the charge.

As Extreme Coronavirus Fears Subside, Focus on the Economic Damage

It is time to look at how quickly demand can return, despite the Fed's 'all guns blazing' approach to stimulus.

Small-Caps Roar, Bets Against the Market, Trading Nvidia

Money movers are not buying protection for individual names, but they are starting to bet against the market en masse, while the Russell 2000 ran up 4% on Monday.

Jim Cramer: How to Stay Safe, Until Quick Testing for Covid-19 Is Available

Welcome to the new era. Social distancing is not without risks, but it is as good as it gets.

Divining Earnings, Stunning Rebound, Trading Amazon

Are the markets ready for a pause in this dramatic rebound? We are several weeks behind Europe in battling this pandemic and U.S. numbers are far worse. Time will tell.

Jim Cramer: Debunking Myths About Wearing Masks

Wear a mask, save some lives. It doesn't matter if they are not perfect.

Wuhan Finally Free as Chinese Stocks Rebound

Mainland Chinese shares have halved their losses for the year, even as questions about China's body count swirl.

To 'V' or Not to 'V': Market Narrative Shifts as Coronavirus Fears Erode

If you are holding high levels of cash, here is what to do now.

Rising Optimism Drives a Hopeful Market, but Watch Volatility

There are signs that the shutdown of the economy is working to slow coronavirus cases, but it is unlikely to be a smooth rise.

Jim Cramer: Why a 30-Year Safe and Sound Bond Makes Sense

With a $1 trillion bond, we could be sure that we have national testing and everyone has to be tested, we could actually build the PPE factories and put people to work.