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Market Conditions Are Calling for More Upside

As we move into the meat of earnings season, technical conditions remain positive and there are indications of better stock picking in the small-caps. Stay focused on the price action.

China's Silence Makes It Clear There's No Trade Deal at All

Stock markets have rallied on the "Phase 1" agreement reached with China, but the optimism is misplaced, with no mention of any trade deal whatsoever from the Chinese side.

Jim Cramer: Trump's Endless Assault Is Taking Its Toll on China's Resolve

The president can win some sort of concessions from the Chinese simply by NOT raising tariffs any more than they are.

Trump Says Talks Are Going Well, and the Machines Buy It -- Again

Enough theatrics, back to fundamentals.

What's Going On With Dr. Copper?

Demand is the issue right now, but the outcome of trade talks and Fed easing will have a big impact going forward.

Jim Cramer: 7 Key Points of Contention in China Trade Talks

The Chinese want to buy more soybeans. The U.S. wants real change. Sounds like there's not a lot of common ground.

Are Trump and Xi Jinping Playing 3D Chess?

Both sides are meeting to make a deal, but do not yet meet eye to eye on the main issues.

Asian REITs Post Growth Returns Despite Their Value Dependability

Investors looking for Asian real estate exposure can get both equity gains and yield from Asia-focused REITs.

Ecuador Is Leaving OPEC, Is It a Sign of Things to Come?

Ecuador had asked OPEC for permission to produce above its quota, but it was never answered. It matters little to OPEC -- but for Ecuador, it no longer serves its interests to be part of this bigger organization.

Houston, We Have a Problem: We Are in a Recession

The structure of your portfolio can change dramatically when you are managing through a recession. How to view the current economic picture and how it will affect the markets.