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Investing in India: Here's an Easy Way With Potential 20%+ Upside Potential

With Prime Minister Modi's visit to the U.S., the focus is back on investments in India.

Covid's Lingering Side Effect: Economic Amnesia

We seem to have forgotten what the world was like before 2020, and how debt was burdening the globe as systems were already starting to crack. Here's why that all matters so much now.

With China's Economy Showing Signs of Softening, Here's How I'd Play the FXI

I believe in the old saying that 'news follows the tape.'

Micron Caught in U.S.-China Crossfire on Chips

With Japan joining the United States and the Netherlands in restricting exports of chip technology, battle lines are forming in a key tech sector.

3 International Stocks With Strong Dividends and Long-Term Growth Potential

There is considerable value to be found among international names at the moment.

Have We Moved Past the Peak of the Petrodollar?

The wheels of change are in motion as global alliances are shifting.

China's Two Sessions to Set Growth Target, Strengthen Xi's Hand

The annual meeting of the Chinese legislature coincides with a once-in-five-years reshuffle of the cabinet, as President Xi Jinping seeks to bring the bureaucracy under his direct control.

Emerging Markets Set to Outperform in 2023: Here's Where to Look

These are the emerging markets to target next year, with EM growth set to easily outrun that of the recession-bound developed world.

Indian Equities Act as Top Emerging-Market Allocation

India is the fastest-growing G20 economy, and despite issues with inflation and jobs, Indian equities have been a top defensive play during this year's global stock selloff.

14 Contrarian Stock and ETF Picks for Global Exposure

Risk-oriented investors should consider stepping into emerging and international positions.