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The One Geopolitical Event That Could Surprise Markets the Most

There's a lot going on right now and the markets (and media) have difficulty latching on to more than three or four stories at a time.

Is OPEC Now Running Scared?

Be patient on oil names, as June brings a trifecta of macro events -- the Fed FOMC meeting, OPEC meeting and the all-important G-20 meeting.

Convenience Stores Want to Radically Change the Cannabis Industry

If cannabis is descheduled, it is likely it will become federally regulated -- and convenience stores are preparing their case for selling it like tobacco products.

Can a Poor Jobs Report Keep the V-Shaped Bounce Going?

We could see some "sell the news" action after nonfarm payroll headlines hit.

Jim Cramer: Don't Buy the 'You Can Take Them Off' Rhetoric on Tariffs

Trade tariffs have a cost for everyone, despite what the administration might say.

The Market Is in Wait-and-See Mode on Trade and Interest Rates

It is tough to build a position in this murky market.

Why Tiananmen Square Censorship Matters to International Investors

Reuters found itself in the strange position of writing a news story to explain why its news stories about the Tiananmen Square massacre weren't appearing on an investment-data platform it created.

What Can We Expect From Jerome Powell at the Next FOMC Meeting?

Powell may have his hands tied behind his back, as consumer spending, inflation and labour market indicators are still resilient.

Buckle Up, We May Already Be in a Recession

Growth will keep falling off a cliff unless Fed Powell comes to the rescue. But it is unclear whether he can, or will.

Mexican Tariffs Are a Nasty Surprise, but the Charts Were Already Turning Ugly

This could present great trading opportunities down the road, but expect short-term pain as the market tries to quantify the impact.