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The Wine World Is on Fire And Here's How It's Helping the U.S. Economy

America's love of wine has created a little underground economy: jobs.

Great Thanksgiving Wines From California's Kenny Likitprakong

Richard Hanano is going very long on Kenny Likitprakong's wines.

Port Growing in Popularity as Millennials Take Shine to Dessert Wine

Port has seen steady growth in U.S. restaurants and bars due to the increasing popularity of craft cocktails.

Here's Why 'Natural Wine' is The Next Big Thing in The Wine World

Natural wine is continuing to gain in popularity among wine connoisseurs and it may soon be coming to a wine shop near you.

Midday Report: Constellation Brands Buys Modelo Brewery; U.S. Stocks Fluctuate

U.S. stocks fluctuate as GE headlines a busy morning for deals news and crude oil tumbles below $48 a barrel.

Here's Why Cocktails Are Hot Once Again

Whether its because of the Mad Men phenomena or the belief that the economy is slowly improving, spirits sales are on the rise.

Hennessy Launching New Blend as Cognac Attracts Younger Crowd

More and more millennials are converting into cognac drinkers sending Hennessy sales skyrocketing.

Yellow Tail Wine to Make New Commercial Debut on Super Bowl 51

Not only is Yellow Tail wine in just about every wine shop across the country, including the Costco and Sam's Club, it's now going to be in the 51st SuperBowl!

Italy's Finest Foods Come to Heart of New York's Financial District

Walk through the brand new Italian culinary wonderland started by superstar chefs Mario Batali along Lidia and Joe Bastianich.

Forget Frosé! We Took the Recipe One Step Further

After receiving several bottles of a new soda flavored to taste like Cheerwine mixed with Krispy Kreme donuts, we decided to try the ultimate mashup.