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Berkshire Hathaway Breaks Out on the Upside From a Consolidation Pattern

Let's check out the latest charts of BRK.B.

Kass: Apple Is the Most Consequential Investment That Warren Buffett Ever Made

Consider that The Oracle is currently 89 years old - and that he made his single best portfolio investment in over a half century at 87 years old!

The Bottom Pattern on Kraft Heinz Needs More Development

The level of trading volume has not significantly picked up since the nadir in August.

RH Could Reach the $230 Area Into Year End

Let's check out the charts of RH and maybe even the hardware.

Novice Trade: Bank of America

Warren Buffett may be buying more BAC shares. Here's how to play a move higher.

Buy Bank of America? Not Just Yet

Most importantly, at least to me as an investor, is tangible book value.

Avoid the 'Herd' With This Trio of Benjamin Graham-Style Value Stocks

Quintessential investor Graham described the stock market in the short term as an imperfect voting machine.

The Apple Safe Haven

Apple is now more of a 'safe' stock than a 'momentum' play.

There's a Lot to Love at Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire is so large and diversified that its prospects are tied to the economy as a whole, with the added benefit of being a defensive play in case of a market downturn.

Sorry Warren, Berkshire Hathaway Still Looks Bearish

Let's check the charts and indicators because I am pretty sure Warren Buffett is not a chart reader.