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Warren Buffett and European Style vs. American Style Equity Puts

One question I found particularly interesting revolved around the structure of the equity puts Berkshire Hathaway sold years ago during the financial crisis.

Jim Cramer: Buffett Calls It Like It Is

It's not his job to reassure us, but to set us straight about how uncharted the waters really are -- while assuring that we will get to the other side.

This Apple Doesn't Taste Right

Consider this options trade as AAPL's strength seems overdone in this environment.

Kass: Warren Buffett's Investment Actions Speak Even Louder Than His Words

Make no mistake about it: Buffett is bearish on U.S. stocks, on airline stocks, on the global economy, and on Berkshire Hathaway's stock (over the near term).

Buffett's Doubts May Have Killed the V-Shaped Recovery

Not only did Buffett completely dump his position in airlines but he noted that he was unable to find attractive ways to put his huge cash holdings to work.

Here's How I Would Consider Shaping and Pricing an RH Trade

The luxury home furniture gallery reports financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended February 1, 2020, after Monday's market close.

How Would Warren Buffett Play This Market? I Have an Idea

I would be a seller of these puts, a la Warren.

Looking Again at RH, and Here's How I'd Trade It

The options market has been active on this one favoring bullish behavior.

Sick Bond Market, What's Really Bad, Airlines in a Tailspin, Trading Thoughts

Would love to know if Warren Buffett is adding here, or keeping his powder dry. Would simply love to know.

Jim Cramer: I'm With Warren Buffett on This One

To give up hope for a cure is to make a bet against the smartest people in the world.