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What Would Warren Buffett Buy? Here Are 11 Ideas

In the search for high-quality dividend stocks, investors might take their cues from legendary value investor Warren Buffett.

Why I've Never Owned Berkshire Hathaway Stock

The key to portfolio management is reallocating assets and instead of doing that Berkshire seems to have done nothing.

Why Would a Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Rush to Buy a Bubble?

George Soros is doing the direct opposite of what many market timers are advising right now.

The Market Evolution in 2020 Has Been Remarkable but It's Far From Over

What I do know is that the market's next step is likely going to surprise a great number of people.

If I Had to Own One Airline It Would Be Southwest

I have always felt right or wrong that LUV was better managed than maybe were some other airlines.

Jim Cramer: Fast Traders Are Gunning the Airlines and Cruise Ships Pre-Market

Something's very wrong here. I don't know how this can be. But it is happening and it seemingly can't be stopped.

Is This High-Yield Dividend Stock Finally Out of the Woods?

For investors willing to take a higher level of relative risk, the potential rewards could be significant here.

Hey Investors, Listen to Bill Murray, Not the 'Confederacy of Dunces'

This bizarre, up, up, up movement makes absolutely no sense.

I Hope You Were Smarter Than Warren Buffett

Buffett and many other people missed getting in when things were at panic-selling levels, but that doesn't mean there are no bargains left.

Pounding the Table for Buffett and Beaten-Down Berkshire

I want to stress how much I like this trade idea.