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When It Comes to Berkshire Hathaway, You Can't Buy Past Performance

Berkshire Hathaway shares have been on a tear recently, but I'm going to argue they are overpriced.

Jim Cramer: What History Tells Us About Bond-Rate Scares Like This

We could have some real pain ahead for some stocks. Five different kinds.

Verizon Pops on Buffett Buying but Is the Strength Sustainable?

I am open to a purchase of VZ but the charts have to show me a lot of improvement.

Does Warren Buffett's Verizon Buy Make Sense?

Upon hearing of Buffett's latest moves, I pulled up the charts. What I found was a little surprising.

Bitcoin Stampede, Buying Gold and Silver, Buffett's Stock Moves, Palantir

The acceptance by corporate America and the rest of corporate earth certainly makes knocking bitcoin off of its pedestal more difficult.

I Dislike Picking a Top Pick for the Year, but Here Is Mine for 2021

It's a stock that underperformed the last two years but would likely excel in a year of renewed growth in economic activity.

This Was the Year of Buffett's Biggest Blunder

With a ton of cash on hand, Warren Buffett missed some solid opportunities earlier this year.

The Top 10 Ways Traders Deceive Themselves and Others

Untruths run rampant in the world of trading.

Even Berkshire Hathaway's Charts Are Showing Signs of Weakness

Let's take a fresh look.

Betting on a Bump in Buffett's Berkshire

With the S&P 500 moving, this is a name I think has potential to run hot next week.