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Buffett's Berkshire Reduces Its BYD Position: What Investors Should Know

The Oracle of Omaha has been a long-time investor in the Chinese auto company.

Doug Kass: What If David Tepper Is Wrong?

The hedge fund manager may have projected 'group stink' and too much 'first-level thinking.'

Happy Birthday to My HOAX Portfolio and Its Eye-Popping 51% Return

It's been quite a year and yes, I believe 2023 will be a lot like 2022.

Two Valuable Investing Lessons From Two Legendary Billionaires

Paul Tudor Jones and Charlie Munger offer insight into the mindset that produces tremendous wealth in the stock market.

Semiconductor Industry Set to Embark on Expensive Bifurcation

Chipmakers need to diversify their production bases, which for better or worse will impact Taiwan, current center of the chip fabrication sector.

Timberrr, Warren Buffett Has Bought Into Louisiana-Pacific

I wonder if The Oracle considered WFG before buying into LPX?

Warren Buffett Uses Stealth to Take a Big Stake in Taiwan Semiconductor

The Oracle of Omaha managed to execute a boatload of TSM stock purchases without attracting attention on the semiconductor giant's charts.

3 Bank Chiefs Pull Out of Hong Kong Conference as China Scrambles for Covid

A storm is brewing in Hong Kong, both literally and figuratively.

Doug Kass: Here's Why I Remain Optimistic on Bonds and Stocks

The historic drop in stock prices has provided an opportunity to buy great companies at good prices and not-yet-great companies at great prices.

Double Whammy as Chinese Chip and Consumer Plays Descend

The U.S. Commerce Department's tough new rules on semiconductor supply promise to set back China's ambitions to develop its own chip industry.