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Do You Really Trust a Measly 13 Days of 'Support'?

This is a question investors and traders really need to ask themselves.

Activision's Microsoft Deal Discount Offers a 'Call of Duty' to Investors

Berkshire Hathaway's involvement and MoffettNathan's case are enough to consider buying in.

Buffett's Berkshire Is Becoming a Bargain

Once overpriced, Berkshire Hathaway is turning into a value stock.

Is Tesla Spinning Its Wheels?

In addition to company-specific issues, Tesla is also fighting a tough macro environment.

Occidental Petroleum Could See Its Charts Improve as Buffett Ups His Stake

The stock of the oil giant has been sliding of late but should receive a boost as the Oracle of Omaha buys more Oxy shares.

Berkshire and Buffett Rightly Put Their Value Stamp of Approval on Citigroup

The nod from the Oracle of Omaha's company could signal that it's finally the right time to buy the banking giant.

Buffett and Munger on Bitcoin: Just Say No

Here's what you should be prepared for.

Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett and Munger: Here's the Play

My strategy relies upon two fellows aged 91 and 98 not only not retiring, but also staying sharp.

Charting the Twitter-Elon Musk Saga

Years ago I learned how to tell if an M&A offer was serious and had backing.