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Warren Buffett, Book Value and How to Value Berkshire Hathaway

Does Berkshire Hathaway still offer value for investors?

Warren Buffett Is No Fool, Kraft Heinz Is a Buy

Buffett confirmed he is not selling KHC after the recent drop, and this stock could have significant upside from here.

A 'Buffett Stock' With Momentum? Yes, It Exists

Brazilian e-commerce firm StoneCo is expanding fast with a big boost from the country's inefficient payment market.

Warren Buffett's Plan for His Wife's Inheritance Is a Must Read for Investors

The Oracle of Omaha's instructions for his wife's eventual inheritance offer some valuable lessons.

Separate Your Portfolio Into These 3 Categories: You'll Be Glad You Did

No one wants a Kraft Heinz moment.

Jim Cramer: How to Win Now, With or Without China

If we can advance without China then who the heck knows where we can go with it.

5 Companies Warren Buffett Should Buy or Invest in Now

Cash is a lazy asset, but the genesis of Berkshire's underperformance has been choosing the wrong investments.

Chart of the Day: Kraft Heinz Credit Outlook Is Troubling

KHC has a big problem on its balance sheet.

More Random Gleanings: Kraft Heinz and Berkshire Hathaway

Someone at Berkshire needs to step up and produce a mea culpa on Kraft Heinz.

Kass: Will Kraft Heinz Be an Investment Call to Arms by Warren Buffett?

Buffett 'knows' Kraft Heinz well (he'd been on the Board for several years) and is capable of making a quick decision.