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What's in Your Wallet Warren Buffett? Capital One Financial

Let's check out COF shares as they rise on Berkshire's 13F filing.

Debt Ceiling Countdown, Buffett's 13F Filing, Household Debt, Catch This Train?

For the first time in 20 years, U.S. consumers did not pay down some credit card debt during the first quarter.

Stanley Druckenmiller Really Likes This Company, But Should You? Let's Find Out

This food delivery service isn't a household name in the United States but its charts do look interesting.

Two Banking Crisis Plays: One for the Optimists, One for the Pessimists

These recommendations from investment experts should satisfy investors' tastes no matter what your take on the issue.

Mirroring Warren Buffett's Top Holdings Isn't a Bad Way to Assemble a Portfolio

The stocks owned by Berkshire Hathaway provide a decent amount of diversity, but keep in mind they are for the investment-minded.

A Wild Week, Job Creation, Fed Funds Rate, Earnings, Markets, Berkshire Reports

The macro this week will be focused upon the release of April data for consumer level inflation (CPI) and for producer level inflation (PPI).

Finding the Next Super Stock

It's a deceptively simple approach. It's easy to explain the theory, but the actual execution is extremely difficult to do.

Japan's Trading Houses Get Buffett-Backed Trading Boost

Warren Buffett sees something in Japan's sogo shosha conglomerates, and says he'll throw out the idea of co-investment deals while visiting his holdings in Japan.

Why Occidental Can Be a Winner in the Volatile, 'Manipulated' Oil Market

This Buffett-supported name is stands out in the space.

Where to Trade Now? Consider Berkshire and the Warren Buffett Way

It's a place where one can maintain some exposure to the financials while letting Buffett and his team diversify the investment for you.