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Small-Caps Are Oversold: Here's How to Play It

Recent action in the IWM is way overdone.

The FANG Rally Proves One Thing

It's more evidence that we reside in an either/or market -- but here's what else we see in the indicators.

Boo-Hoo Market

We saw churning, frustration and disappointment last week. Here's what I see ahead, according to the charts and indicators.

Nasdaq Rallies Three for Three, but This Indicator's Blah

Here's where I see a pullback coming in.

VXX Marks the Spot

Here's a play in the VXX as the Volatility Index is a bit sleepy.

Eyeing a Potential Pullback

As we head into the upcoming Overbought reading, let's take a look at some indicators that imply we should pull back in the coming week.

Spring Ahead or Fall Back? No Fear, Nasdaq Uptrend, Trading AbbVie and AMD

COVID numbers stopped improving a while ago, even with ever-improving rates of vaccination. Just what is going on here?

The Market Looks Like an Emotional Mess

Let's talk about sentiment and see why it's all over the map.

SPACs Snap and Speculation's Zapped

Here's what happens when speculation unwinds.

Yesterday's Losers Are Today's Winners

Stocks that slipped on Monday came roaring back, but can the bulls build on the bounces?