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You're Either in This Market Party, or You're Not

The either/or market continues -- but let's take a closer look at what's really just a giant trading range.

In the Market, as in Politics, We Just Can't Seem to Get Along

The mega-cap types just can't seem to get together with everyone else -- and, here's why we still look different now from the 2016 election period.

Get Over the Election, the Market Has

The market is looking ahead to the final couple of months to the year and what might be in store for 2021.

Sentiment Starts to Embrace the Rally

We saw better action underneath the surface on Wednesday, especially with breadth. But there were some catches.

For the Market, the Election Story Is Over

Wall Street likes what it sees so far -- now let's see if we like what's happening with the Invesco QQQ Trust.

We Got a Rally, but It Wasn't Pretty

Breadth was awful and the up/down volume on the New York Stock Exchange was negative.

Real Money Post Industrial Average Rises 21% Year to Date

The average declined in October, but it was less than that hit took by the major indexes.

The Market May Soon Also Tire of the Election Drama

The conditions for a pullback now look even stronger.

We Got the Rally, Now What?

Let's break down what happened on Tuesday -- and take a look at sentiment.

SPY-ing on an Election Week Opportunity

The expected move in the SPDR S&P 500 fund into Friday is playable here.