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The S&P Is Up, but Are Your Stocks?

Here's why my inbox was filled with complaints on Thursday.

Mark This Day in Market History ... for What Didn't Happen

You could sum up Tuesday -- before the close -- as flat. Let's look at what could stir up more volatility.

April Plots Out With a Curious Twist

Check out what happened with breadth, volume and new lows this week -- and, will we see some hedging into the weekend?

Don't Let the Rally Fool You

We saw a bounce in speculative stocks, but we need more than that to get the indicators to change.

The Pullback Is on Schedule

Now, let's look at 2000, and see if we can spot any similarities....

Is This 'the Top'? I'll Tell You ... After It Happens

The Market Gods aren't going to give you advance notice of a top, and neither will anyone else. That's why we have the indicators.

Market Volatility Is the Ideal Gauge of Sentiment

Keep an eye on the VIX -- and remember the old saying about when it's low.

The Market Throws Us a Curve Ball

Let's check under the hood for the interesting twist that occurred late last week, the short-term overbought/oversold readings, sentiment and more on the indicators.

Question of the Day: Where's the Melt-up?

Yes, the emotions are hard at work in this market -- so let's look under the hood and see what's making that ... chopping noise.

We Ramped Up, but What's Next?

We've seen a lot of leakage of late, and here's why I haven't changed my mind about late April.