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CNBC Misses 'Golden' Moment

Two big shockers on Monday: We saw little fuss over GLD's decline and the vexing VIX move.

Things Look Both Bad and Bullish

While there's every reason to be cautious, the technicals show a good opportunity to make money before the new year.

Since Getting a 'Shot' of News, the Indexes Have Been Looking Pale

The stock market has gone essentially nowhere since the news from Pfizer about a vaccine; expect more overbought and high complacency.

Numbers Game: 200 Days on the S&P 500

Let's look at an indicator I rarely discuss: The percentage of S&P 500 stocks that are trading over their 200-day moving average.

This Is How the Market Works Out

Yes, this exercise in pulling back is boring, but it's how we work off the overbought reading and complacency.

A Case of the Mondays on the Market

Let's break down how the past week played out, and see what's likely ahead.

Too Much Bull?

We just got a good start to an overbought pullback. Now let's check in on sentiment.

You're Either in This Market Party, or You're Not

The either/or market continues -- but let's take a closer look at what's really just a giant trading range.

In the Market, as in Politics, We Just Can't Seem to Get Along

The mega-cap types just can't seem to get together with everyone else -- and, here's why we still look different now from the 2016 election period.

Get Over the Election, the Market Has

The market is looking ahead to the final couple of months to the year and what might be in store for 2021.