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Double, Double, Toil And Trouble, Tech Breakout?, Trading McDonald's, Stitch Fix

The bottom half of the sector performance tables Monday was littered with the debris of everything that works well if our economic recovery proceeds smoothly, which it no longer is.

We've Almost Made It Out of 2020, but Not Yet ...

So, will folks spend the remaining weeks of the year winding down? Perhaps they don't want to press their bets?

When Volatility Starts to Rise, It's Time to Sell (Some)

There is a sense of complacency out there that smacks of too much confidence

The Market Has Zipped Past Enthusiasm -- to 'Speculation'

Let's examine sentiment and how the Trading Index has moved in recent days.

Breadth Gets in Gear, but Stocks Stall Out

Sure, stocks need to rest, but here's why I'm watching this ETF for the industrials. Also, let's look at the dollar and construction.

Choppy Waters Now, Rocky Waters Might Follow

Little changed on Wednesday as the chop-fest continued, but here's what I see happening with volatility.

I'm Watching This Indicator Very Closely

Sentiment has gotten the spotlight lately, but breadth is getting into tricky territory.

It's More Than a Feeling; It's Sentiment

I am now hard-pressed to find a sentiment indicator that's not extreme.

Move Over Dow 30,000

We've got other business to take stock of: Breadth, sentiment, new highs, and, don't tell the talking heads on TV, gold.

November to Remember, Energy Roars, Janet Yellen, Transition, 8 Breakout Stocks

Equity markets have run wild since Oct. 30, and it is the more economically sensitive indices that have really taken flight.