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How Quickly Do We Change? Try 30 Days

Back then, who thought tech and growth would be hot, and who thought the dollar could rally?

A Strange Day in the Market

There's something unusual about these breadth readings.

Time for a Sentiment Check

Let's check the chatter, the put/call ratio, Investors Intelligence survey, the charts of the S&P 500 and VIX and more to see what's likely to develop.

Here's My Version of Diamond Hands

These calls cost about $5.00 were $10 in the money about 10 days ago.

Tech Is Back (For Now)

Folks sold industrials, financials, transports and even retailers on Thursday to buy their beloved tech stocks -- here's what means for the indicators.

We Just Can't Shake This Either/Or Market

Growth shined but banks and transports were red and volume was pathetic. But when will we get overbought again? Let's check under the hood.

With the VIX, I've Got a Nice Trick

I think the Volatility Index will move up and here's how I'd play it.

Buckle Up: This Market Is a Roller Coaster Ride

And it's direction is down. Here's how to make the most of it.

Traders Change Their Tune

The S&P is where it was in mid-April, but Tuesday's decline spurred folks into shifting views and says a lot about sentiment.

Peak Speculation

Boring big-caps are where it's at, and SPACs, electric vehicles and the like are not. Let's see what's going on.