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Here's How I'd Play the VIX Now

Buying out-of-the-money puts is what has been holding the VIX higher.

Why This Fed Meeting Is So Different and What May Happen Wednesday

There is a lot that will be determined at this pivotal meeting. Here's my base case.

Watch Out: Volatility ETFs Are Back

After over a year of commenting, the SEC appears to have cleared hurdles to allow a new XIV, along with a new TVIX, to list in the near future. Will they be less 'explosive'?

I'm Put-ting on the VIX

With movement low, the VIX really high, and September expiration next week, take a flier on some VIX puts.

We're Due for a Bout of Volatility

After a week of a whole lot of nothing, we could be due for a bout of volatility.

Enter the Four-Step VIX Cycle

Here's how to play the Volatility Index as it hits 18.5.

This Could Be the Beginning of a Volatility Swell

I have been bearish on the VIX all year -- until last week.

When Trading Gets Ugly, Don't Get Vexed, Get VXX

Here's how to play the Barclays iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN.

There's Good and Bad in the Markets as Earnings Season Begins

Traders are looking for an edge, but there just isn't enough volatility to do much.

Earnings Kickoff, Trading GS and JPM, CPI, Lockheed Martin, Black Widow's Model

Perhaps a bigger deal Tuesday morning than second-quarter banking earnings will be the June data for consumer prices.