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Here's How to Play CBOE Right Now

With the moves in the Volatility Index and the S&P, I'm betting this one goes below $90 in the near future.

We're Headed to Oversold by Christmas

We appear to be on track to get a short-term oversold condition close to the holiday.

Those Small Caps Can Be Real Firecrackers, Can't They?

They are where the action is lately -- but check out what happens when we compare the moves in the Russell to breadth ...

Fade the VIX? Here's Your Opportunity

These puts are a buy, in my view.

Sentiment Zips by While Momentum Slumps

Let's look at what the Overbought/Oversold Oscillator tells us -- and how stocks that were hot in November are moving now.

We're Back Where We Started

The S&P 500 closed roughly where it opened -- and in between was a choppy day that favored gambling names.

Toss a Bitcoin Into the Mix, and Make a WISH

Despite a holiday drop off looming, we still have movement in bitcoin-related names, the Robinhood folks keep going, and check out ContextLogic's offering.

It Can Pay to Be Contrarian -- When the Time is Right

Here's why that old trading axiom of switching sides of the boat before it tips still holds truth.

Let's Take a Different Look at Market Breadth

If we match breadth against the Russell 2000, which gained 1% on Thursday, then it was quite a laggard. Here's why I'll be watching the indicator closely now.

Finally, the Nasdaq Slips

After 11 days of up for the QQQs, we saw some down. Let's check under the hood to see what happened, and what to expect next.