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VIX Goes Red

Let's check on the Volatility Index's latest move amid the S&P's, and what to watch going forward.

These 2 ETFs Boast Shelter From Volatility, but at What Cost?

Here we compare the Fidelity Low Volatility Factor ETF and Deltashares S&P 500 Managed Risk ETF to the SPY fund -- and remind that volatility goes two ways, down and up.

The Worst May Be Over, But Be Prepared for Volatility

The S&P's forward P/E is near its lowest levels since April 2020.

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

Let's take a trip to the sentiment indicators I use and the parameters I look for to assess the market.

What Is War Good For? A Market Reversal

News of the Russian invasion of Ukraine turned into a 'buy the bad news' opportunity Thursday.

Russia-Ukraine, January PPI, Index Action, Rate Hike Handicapping, Trading Cisco

There is a good reason, if estimates are close, to believe that consumer-level inflation has peaked or is peaking.

Market Fun House, Bond Yields, Nord Stream 2, Raytheon, Steel, No Dice Nvidia

I had actually worried a bit that Arm was going to take Jensen Huang's eye off of the ball. That worry can now be put to bed.

Buckle Up as We Take a Close Look at Small-Cap Volatility

I've applied my same methodology to one of my favorite small-cap indexes, the Russell 2000.

Prep for Another Round of Equity Weakness

Here's why I suggest steering your portfolio to value, to dividends, to low-multiple and easily understood companies.

My 6 Rules for Investing in Volatile Markets

How can investors deal with increased volatility? Follow these guidelines.