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I'm Playing for a Flush -- Of the VIX

This is a pretty cheap play, and pays out nicely if the VIX breaks back below 17.

Surprise: Sentiment Gets Extreme

Here's why I see volatility ahead -- but don't get bearish just yet.

Here's How I'd Play the VIX Now

Buying out-of-the-money puts is what has been holding the VIX higher.

Why This Fed Meeting Is So Different and What May Happen Wednesday

There is a lot that will be determined at this pivotal meeting. Here's my base case.

Watch Out: Volatility ETFs Are Back

After over a year of commenting, the SEC appears to have cleared hurdles to allow a new XIV, along with a new TVIX, to list in the near future. Will they be less 'explosive'?

I'm Put-ting on the VIX

With movement low, the VIX really high, and September expiration next week, take a flier on some VIX puts.

We're Due for a Bout of Volatility

After a week of a whole lot of nothing, we could be due for a bout of volatility.

Enter the Four-Step VIX Cycle

Here's how to play the Volatility Index as it hits 18.5.

This Could Be the Beginning of a Volatility Swell

I have been bearish on the VIX all year -- until last week.

When Trading Gets Ugly, Don't Get Vexed, Get VXX

Here's how to play the Barclays iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN.