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When Trading Gets Ugly, Don't Get Vexed, Get VXX

Here's how to play the Barclays iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN.

There's Good and Bad in the Markets as Earnings Season Begins

Traders are looking for an edge, but there just isn't enough volatility to do much.

Earnings Kickoff, Trading GS and JPM, CPI, Lockheed Martin, Black Widow's Model

Perhaps a bigger deal Tuesday morning than second-quarter banking earnings will be the June data for consumer prices.

Buckle Up for a Ride on the VIX

As this move up feels like a spike and not a swell, this is why I'd buy VIX puts.

How Quickly Do We Change? Try 30 Days

Back then, who thought tech and growth would be hot, and who thought the dollar could rally?

A Strange Day in the Market

There's something unusual about these breadth readings.

Time for a Sentiment Check

Let's check the chatter, the put/call ratio, Investors Intelligence survey, the charts of the S&P 500 and VIX and more to see what's likely to develop.

Here's My Version of Diamond Hands

These calls cost about $5.00 were $10 in the money about 10 days ago.

Tech Is Back (For Now)

Folks sold industrials, financials, transports and even retailers on Thursday to buy their beloved tech stocks -- here's what means for the indicators.

We Just Can't Shake This Either/Or Market

Growth shined but banks and transports were red and volume was pathetic. But when will we get overbought again? Let's check under the hood.