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The S&P Is 'This Close'

The S&P 500 sees a narrow close as it's stuck in its channel -- and the Russell sees a strange move against the Summation Index. Let's break down the action.

This Will End Badly. But It Hasn't Ended Yet, So Dig In

Rallies always conclude the same way, but for now, we certainly can rack up a pretty hefty cushion of profits on individual trades while we wait for that to happen.

How to Spot a Market Top

These four tips will help you recognize when a top might be forming.

Calling a Correction

Let's take a long look at breadth, the overbought reading, and see why a corrective move is likely soon.

I Don't Want to Burst Your Bubble, but I See No Sign of 1999

I do, however, see a correction coming, aand it could be soon.

Different Year, Same Old Indicators

Yes, the indexes finally sold off, but they were just catching up to the dripping that has been going on underneath. Here's what I mean.

If You're Seeing Red, Then Look Under the Surface for Solace

While the indexes slipped, much of the action was caused by simply switching calendars.

Want to Read About the Future of the Market?

Then go see a fortune teller. I can tell you, however, quite a bit about what's going on under the hood right now, what it means, and where we might be headed soon.

Many Reasons for Trades as 2020 Closes

With just a few days left in the year, there is quite a bit of trading that has little to do with fundamentals.

Here's How to Play CBOE Right Now

With the moves in the Volatility Index and the S&P, I'm betting this one goes below $90 in the near future.