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The Worst May Be Over, But Be Prepared for Volatility

The S&P's forward P/E is near its lowest levels since April 2020.

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

Let's take a trip to the sentiment indicators I use and the parameters I look for to assess the market.

What Is War Good For? A Market Reversal

News of the Russian invasion of Ukraine turned into a 'buy the bad news' opportunity Thursday.

Russia-Ukraine, January PPI, Index Action, Rate Hike Handicapping, Trading Cisco

There is a good reason, if estimates are close, to believe that consumer-level inflation has peaked or is peaking.

Market Fun House, Bond Yields, Nord Stream 2, Raytheon, Steel, No Dice Nvidia

I had actually worried a bit that Arm was going to take Jensen Huang's eye off of the ball. That worry can now be put to bed.

Buckle Up as We Take a Close Look at Small-Cap Volatility

I've applied my same methodology to one of my favorite small-cap indexes, the Russell 2000.

Prep for Another Round of Equity Weakness

Here's why I suggest steering your portfolio to value, to dividends, to low-multiple and easily understood companies.

My 6 Rules for Investing in Volatile Markets

How can investors deal with increased volatility? Follow these guidelines.

An Important Buying Opportunity May Be at Hand

Insiders gobble up stock as charts register key reversal day.

Rip-Roaring Reversal, Volume & Volatility, Smell of Fear, Fed, My Monday Trading

Picking a bottom is nearly impossible, but if one does not start layering in where the mud gets deep, then one ends up a bit light when the train leaves.