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Market Beatdown, Charting the S&P, Nasdaq, VIX, Deeply Inverted, Defense Stocks

Agility and the ability to act quickly are the keys to tactical movement in uncertain environments.

The Dynamic Between Price and Volatility

Let's remember an elevated VIX simply means big ranges for the indexes.

Can We Keep the Volatility of 2008's Fourth Quarter in the Grave?

No one wants to relive that period. So cover one eye, and take a peek at the numbers....

Price Action Is Always Telling You Something

Why is the VIX not moving much with the markets these days?

Sellers Have a Firm Grip on This Market

Here's how hotter-than expected inflation reports are affecting the indexes.

Summer Beatdown, Run for the Hills? SOX Socked, Hedge Fund Bets, Monday's Buys

Sellers went into Friday with huge six-to eight-week profits, and came out of Monday with cash in hand.

Will the Bears Pass or Flunk a Retest?

Let's check all the boxes on market sentiment, breadth, positive divergences and index levels.

Poor Positioning Is Driving This Buying Frenzy, but Volatility Is About to Surge

In the last 15 years, we have never really had a strong market rally at the same time we have had a hawkish Fed.

Changing Sentiment, Bad Headlines, Reality Bites, Bright Side, Apple of My Eye

Enough portfolio managers are acting out of a fear that they missed the very tradeable mid-June bottom and may have been under-invested over the past month.

The Fed Has Only One Job Right Now

Will the central bank be true to its word?