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We Got a Rally, but That's Little Comfort

Now, here's what I see for volatility, sentiment and complacency.

Keep Your Eyes on the Speculation Sideshow

I can't say when the market's B-movie will matter, but here's what I can tell you based on the indicators.

How's the Market? (Well, My Mother Hasn't Called About It Yet)

Let's pick apart the wild ride on Monday -- how the selling dried up as soon as the move down -- and see what it all means.

The Indexes Hide the Rumbling Underneath

As the market appeared ho-hum on the surface, much was shaking underneath and traders got a jolt.

It's Realization Day in the Market

All of a sudden on Thursday, it was like folks suddenly noticed the either/or market.

The Great VIX Collapse Is Upon Us

Here's how to play it and what I see as crucial for the Volatility Index in the next few days.

Will This Be 2020 All Over Again?

Some similarities within markets that are tugging at me, and that means a deeper dive into what has me worried.

Putting the Market to the Test

We have a big test this week: Does Nasdaq hold the line or does it break it? Here's what the result could mean.

Why All Those New Highs Aren't What They Appear

Have you noticed an inordinate number of new highs lately? Here I'll explain what's going on, as well as the big about-face on the market, and the VIX.

This Indicator Is Giving Out a Curious Reading

The McClellan Summation Index remains as flat as a pancake -- and it has not budged in weeks.