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Bubbly Action, Bad Breadth, Credit Suisse Stumbles, SDR Charade, Eye on Big Tech

I find this action most likely to be less than sustainable, without provoking an algorithmic counter. In other words, don't just be nimble, but tread softly.

Indexes Are Up, but Speculation's Down

Boosts in a few big-cap names can offset mediocre action in hundreds of smaller names. So what's happening now with the small-time investors?

Nasdaq Finally Catches Up

I still think we'll see a rally soon ... and don't think it will be like it was in the prior two lows this year.

Wasn't the S&P Supposed to Start Blowing Past 4000?

Before the decline some folks had S&P targets well over 4,000 -- where are they now? How quickly we change...

After That April Rally Blooms, Showers on the Market Loom

Here's why I still think we get a rally in next month -- and what likely comes next.

Is Your Portfolio Making You Feel a Bit Nauseated?

Let's look at the waves in the Russell ETF chart, to see why you might be getting a little sick to your stomach lately -- and ask whether this is a top building, or something else.

Small-Caps Are Oversold: Here's How to Play It

Recent action in the IWM is way overdone.

The FANG Rally Proves One Thing

It's more evidence that we reside in an either/or market -- but here's what else we see in the indicators.

Boo-Hoo Market

We saw churning, frustration and disappointment last week. Here's what I see ahead, according to the charts and indicators.

Nasdaq Rallies Three for Three, but This Indicator's Blah

Here's where I see a pullback coming in.