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A 'Simple' Way to Play for the Rally to Resume

I believe we are heading to new all-time highs, potentially this week.

Don't Even Ask: We're Still Oversold

Here's why we're stuck where we've been with an oversold market.

The Markets Also Rise Quickly

Fear of missing out permeated the day as the indexes bounced back.

The Market's Roller Coaster Ride Ain't Over Yet

Here's why I still see volatility ahead -- and why we have a shot at an oversold rally.

The Market's Fling With Mega-Cap Tech Is So On-Again, Off-Again

Has the shift from loving tech stocks to hating them come full circle?

Did You Get the Jitters Tuesday Morning?

We saw a little panic creep in, didn't we? But check out this extreme number for the Nasdaq McClellan Summation Index.

Nasdaq Slips and Everyone Shrugs

Nasdaq is now down close to 5% from the highs. So, where's the fear?

If You Paid Attention, You Saw a Small Shift on the Market

With the decline and recent big swings, it'll now be easier for new-found bulls to turn cautious quickly. That's something to watch closely.

A Little Selling Should Skim Off Some Froth

Trading lately has become quite unsustainable, so some pullbacks and resets are not bad.

Nasdaq Cranks Up the Volume

Nasdaq's volume is soaring, so let's see what that's telling us.