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A Cheap Bet on the VIX Falling

These are low-risk high-reward puts.

I've Spotted a Change in the Indicators, and It's a Good One

Let's look at this small positive divergence -- the first one we've seen for Nasdaq -- and why it won't wash away the volatility any time soon.

Look at the New Lows Grow

We didn't get the oversold rally, but Nasdaq is still oversold, new lows are loading up, sentiment is shifting ... and what about those bonds. ...

Traders: Keep Your Fingers on the Trigger and Targets on a Bottom

As the correction goes on, here's what to do now.

With This Market, It's One Way, or the Other

Let's look at this either/or market and why investors are complacent and ... getting angry.

Complacency Is High ... and So Are New Lows

I have something to fuss over, so let's look at these new lows on Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

A 'Simple' Way to Play for the Rally to Resume

I believe we are heading to new all-time highs, potentially this week.

Don't Even Ask: We're Still Oversold

Here's why we're stuck where we've been with an oversold market.

The Markets Also Rise Quickly

Fear of missing out permeated the day as the indexes bounced back.

The Market's Roller Coaster Ride Ain't Over Yet

Here's why I still see volatility ahead -- and why we have a shot at an oversold rally.