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SPY-ing on an Election Week Opportunity

The expected move in the SPDR S&P 500 fund into Friday is playable here.

Sentiment Stays Sanguine

Will a lower S&P wash away the confidence? Let's look under the hood -- and check in on gold while we're at it.

The Earnings Floodgates Have Opened, Now Expect Violent Waters

Big tech reports are landing, and we are in for some rough trading over the next few days.

Nasty Mix, Lockdown Anxiety, Measuring the Fears, Super Bowl of Tech Earnings

In plain speak, they ran for the exits on Wednesday, This week has been a period of intense institutional distribution.

As With Politics, a Lot Can Happen by Election Day in the Market

So let's see what's likely if the indexes keep sliding all the way to Nov. 3. (Hint: It still doesn't mean we'll find a 2016 setup.)

Worrying Isn't an Investment Strategy. Waiting Is

We are about to come to a crossroads with mounting fear -- a moment when the fear will dissolve away, or a new level of worry will take hold causing panic.

Here's What I'm Looking for in the Next Few Days

We should see a short-term oversold rally -- but here's what has me concerned.

Investors Throw Caution to the Wind

It wasn't that long ago that seeing the indexes down like this would have given us a bit of the jitters. Let's see how the market reacted to Monday's dip.

Volatility Popping? Play It With VXX

We may get a short-term volatility pop into VIX expiration on Wednesday.

The Market Spreads Its Love

We're ever-so-slowly seeing a move away from a market that rewards mega-cap tech only. But after examining the key indicators, here's what gives me pause.