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Nasdaq Slips and Everyone Shrugs

Nasdaq is now down close to 5% from the highs. So, where's the fear?

If You Paid Attention, You Saw a Small Shift on the Market

With the decline and recent big swings, it'll now be easier for new-found bulls to turn cautious quickly. That's something to watch closely.

A Little Selling Should Skim Off Some Froth

Trading lately has become quite unsustainable, so some pullbacks and resets are not bad.

Nasdaq Cranks Up the Volume

Nasdaq's volume is soaring, so let's see what that's telling us.

Heading to Overbought

Let's look to last October as a template for the current market and see where we'll likely go this week.

How Does This Market Stack Up to Last Fall's?

Let's take a deep dive comparing the two periods -- and see where the indicators show we're heading.

Let's Take the Temperature of the Market

Feeling a bit more bullish? I spotted a sudden shift in sentiment. Also, let's see what's happening with the McClellan Summation Index.

Time to Inspect the Indicators

Let's check out some interesting trading tidbits -- and see what could unfold in the coming days.

Time to Get Technical: What's Volatility, VIX, Telling Us About the Market Now?

When some asset classes stop moving to the mainstream mantra in place since last year, it pays to take notice.

Breadth Is Better, but Ups and Downs Remain

Expect more volatility -- also, check out the 'camel' chart of the Transports and where silver might slide.