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Market Volatility Is the Ideal Gauge of Sentiment

Keep an eye on the VIX -- and remember the old saying about when it's low.

The Market Throws Us a Curve Ball

Let's check under the hood for the interesting twist that occurred late last week, the short-term overbought/oversold readings, sentiment and more on the indicators.

Question of the Day: Where's the Melt-up?

Yes, the emotions are hard at work in this market -- so let's look under the hood and see what's making that ... chopping noise.

We Ramped Up, but What's Next?

We've seen a lot of leakage of late, and here's why I haven't changed my mind about late April.

A 'Light' Bulb Moment

I've been saying that the market tends to rally on light volume and decline on heavy volume, and on Monday, everyone else was saying that, too. Also, Volmageddon, anyone?

Don't Let Stocks Hit You on the Way Down

It's time to consider some protection -- so you can sleep better at night if things turn.

Time for a Sentiment Check

Also, here's why I see some chop and then a pullback as the month goes on.

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Small-Caps

Is that a head-and-shoulders top in the IWM you ask? Well, haven't you been reading my column....

The Market Hangover

Where did the rocket emojis go? With a lack of follow-through, folks got a little disappointed on Tuesday. Now, here's what I see coming later this month.

Bubbly Action, Bad Breadth, Credit Suisse Stumbles, SDR Charade, Eye on Big Tech

I find this action most likely to be less than sustainable, without provoking an algorithmic counter. In other words, don't just be nimble, but tread softly.