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Market Revs Up Speculation Amid Mixed Headlines

Electric vehicle sector sees lots of action, while jobs news provides a boost to the indexes, despite surge in Covid-19 cases.

Pay Attention to This Nasdaq Number

As we move toward complacency, the Daily Sentiment Index is up to 93 -- and you know what readings over 90 mean.

Are Bears Being Squeezed Again?

Here's how I'm trading the first day of the third quarter.

An Industrial Strength Options Trade

These XLI calls are cheap right now.

Why CBOE Is Down and a Good Way to Play It

With the end of TVIX, ownership in volatility trading ETPs needs another place to go.

This Rise and Fall in Banks and Transports Looks Familiar

Let's compare charts of April to what's happening now.

I'm Taking a Fresh Look at the Market -- Here's What I Found

This key indicator has made a change, and here's what it means.

Apple, the Market and the VIX

How to play a likely rise in the VIX.

Let's Take a 'Pause' to Examine the Health of the Market

Reading too much into minor weakness amid a strong uptrend can lead to misinterpreting what is actually potentially positive and bullish action.

It's Anyone's Guess When the Speculating Ends

We have jobs news on the way and Covid-19 cases are on the rise, but so far those sorts of macro issues are having no impact on the market.