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Let's 'Shift' Away From the Bumpy SPAC Action and Turn to INSU

I don't see volatility issues for Insurance Acquisition Corp., which is set to vote on its merger with Shift in mid-October.

Will the Indicators Line Up With the Holidays?

The old Wall Street adage is that we should sell before Rosh Hashanah and buy before Yom Kippur, but does that line have support? Let's see.

Continue to Tread Carefully

The danger of further downside looks high, despite the bounce.

The Emotional Highs, Lows and Jitters of the Market

We're not in full-fledged panic, but I think we might call it another giant step away from complacency and toward concern.

This Was the No. 1 Question in My Inbox About the Market

Did we see short covering or real buying? Here's my answer, and my take on how bad the indicators came in.

What's Next for the Gold, Copper and Soybean Markets?

During times of economic or political duress, commodity rallies are often all or nothing. Here's a trade idea.

The Down-and-Outers Have Their Day

It's hard to know whether we're finally witnessing a real shift from growth to value, but this is what we do know.

This Divergence Is Visible - And It Hasn't Been Stock Market Friendly

The risk of being long and wrong is growing substantially.

This Volatility Does Not (Necessarily) Signal a Falling Market

With the VIX likely to rise near the election, the market is looking for big moves. But be ready for action in either direction.

I've Found 4 SPACtacular Places to Invest Now

'Experts' can talk about how the current SPAC wave is unhealthy or broken, but the system has been broken for a long time.