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This Market Is No Longer Cheap, Valuation Is Rising

Forward P/E ratios are approaching fair value -- which may slow the pace of progress.

3 Concerns Arise Amid the Market's Positivity

The VIX has reached an important support level.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

We now have a setup for the S&P 500 to creep higher over the next couple of days.

Something I'm Seeing in This Market Is Giving Even This Bull the Willies

This type of price behavior almost always results in at least a mild selloff over the next couple of days.

This 'Panic' Is Way Overdone: Fade It

Yes, the yield curve inverted, but it is NOT the same as in years past.

Speed Bumps Ahead? Indices Give Up Intraday Gains

The intraday action on Tuesday was troubling, as selling that appeared late in the day pushed most of the indices back to their intraday lows.

When the VIX Is Low, It's Time to Go

As the stock indices embark on a breakout move in price, the VIX is showing massive complacency.

The S&P Midcap Is Rising, but Watch for Overbought Indicators

The pros are anticipating some near-term weakness.

Novice Trade: VIX

Here's a nice options play on the VIX continuing its depression over the next week.

A December to Remember: The Lesson? Markets Do Go Down

The market will fall again at some point. Are you prepared for that moment?