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The Market Makes Its Own Time

Remember, folks, this is what a post-crash environment looks like.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

Thursday action does not indicate a healthy market.

What Will the Rally Before the Retest Look Like?

I believe the rally -- the one that comes before the retest -- should last long enough and be enough to change sentiment, but so far the indicators haven't changed.

Market Lesson of the Day: You Can't Avoid the Test

Just as in school -- and with solving the coronavirus crisis -- testing and retesting are necessary. It's also the answer to the market, because that's how stocks build bases.

The Great Shake Out

Every move in the market appears to be shaking out weak holders, long and short.

How I'd Be Playing This Market Right Now

When the VIX becomes 'expensive' that is a sign that things are calming down.

Uncertainty Reigns Supreme

The VIX indicator typically shows higher levels when fear, doubt and uncertainty rise to a level of panic. That often subsides quickly, but not this time around.

Let's Rewind to 2008 -- and Not October

Take a rest from the chart of 2010 to see some similarities from two peaks about 12 years ago.

We're Up for Three Days, but That's Not the Whole Story

The market is acting like it has resolved all the recent fears and worries, but that is far from the case.

We Must Go Up, to Go Down

If we go up at least two days in a row, we should finally be able to start some sort of bottoming process, starting with a rally.