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Sorting Through the Strange Sentiment Statistics

Let's pop the hood and check the market's mood -- and that low VIX reading.

Tom Lee: Market Tailwinds Should Prevail Later This Month

September is proving to be challenging, but here's why we see probabilities of a better finish to the month. Plus, our top three sector picks.

Quiet Streak, Scary Inflation Monster, SentinelOne Watch, Fed SVB Fallout, China

If the market rallies, and no one is around to participate, does it count?

This Is Not a Drill: Get Ready for Another Big Down Leg in the Stock Market

Traders and investors should take appropriation action.

This Contrarian Is Close to Fighting the Trend, But One Thing Is Holding Me Back

The positives seem too simplistic, while the list of worries grows.

Expensive and Calm: The Market's Surprising Growth-Led Rally

A richly valued S&P continues to move higher on low volatility, with growth and value still miles apart.

Cboe Global Markets Looks Like a Good Option

CBOE is making higher-highs -- here's my next price target, according to the charts.

3 Reasons Why Risk Outweighs Reward in This Market

Investor sentiment finds the 'crowd' heavily on the bullish side of the boat and flashing a yellow light.

Multiple Charts Turn Bearish as Risk Outweighs Reward

Insiders have been steadily increasing their selling activity over the past several sessions.

How to Profit by Trading Into News Events

This latest edition of the 'Shark School of Trading' discusses how news-related volatility can be very rewarding if it is correctly handled.