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GameStop Reports Sharp Decline in Holiday Sales

GameStop shares plummeted Friday after the company reported a 16.4% decline in year over year sales during the holiday shopping season.

'Call of Duty' Could Weigh on Activision Results

As a result of the bad press the 'Call of Duty' has received, it's led investors to question the franchise's future.

90's Toys You'll Want to Get As Gifts This Holiday Season

Here's a look back at five toys from the 90s that you can buy your loved ones this Christmas.

Closing Bell: Active Oil Rigs Climb Again; Dow Clinches Weekly Gain in Down Day

The Dow Jones Industrial Average held slight weekly gains even in a down day for Wall Street.

U.S. Stocks Edge Higher After Fed's Interest Rate Hike, Consumer Prices Increase 1.7%

U.S. stocks edge higher at the open Thursday on the heels of the Fed's decision to raise interest rates and positive consumer price data.

Closing Bell: Fed Ups 2017 Forecast For Pace of Hikes; U.S. Stocks Fall From Records

Wall Street sank Wednesday after the Fed upped its forecasts for the pace of interest rate hikes next year.

Jim Cramer: Gamers Giving Up on GameStop

GameStop is suffering from poor mall traffic and a new breed of game buyers, says Jim Cramer.

Here's Why Walt Disney is Cutting 250 Jobs

Shares of Disney were lower Thursday as the company announced job cuts.

Here's Why Shares of GameStop Are Losing Ground Friday

GameStop shares were lower Friday after reporting a quarterly revenue miss and weaker-than-expected comparable-store sales.

Activision Blizzard Top 2 Execs Sell Shares

Shares of Activision Blizzard were down more than 4% after the company's CEO and chairman sold a combined 17.5 million shares of the company's stock.