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Dave & Buster's May Trade Sideways or Lower in the Next Few Months

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Nvidia Charts Warn Market Players to Look Out Below

The chipmaker's shares are plunging on a third-quarter sales miss and gloomy outlook, but the drop in the stock only may be beginning.

Market Madness: The Market Isn't the Only Disappointment

Let's go over the market on Wednesday.

Will the Market Stay Green?

The market is holding green, so far.

Tuesday Turnaround: Oil Lawsuits, Spotify and Hertz

Let's go over some of the news from Tuesday.

E3 Wrap-up: Here's How to Make Money Off Your Kid's Video Games

If you didn't make it to the 24th Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 a.k.a. E3 out in Los Angeles, fear not! Just watch our video. We've everything you need to know to make money off your kid's video game obsession.

Listen: Where Does Nvidia's Stock Go From Here?

The red-hot chipmaker just reported another extremely strong quarter of earnings, but also warned about a significant drop in sales to cryptocurrency miners next quarter, causing its stock to decline.

Video Games: 5 Things You Should Know

E3 is a month away. And everyone you know is playing Fortnite. That means it's time to talk video games. Here's everything you need to know. Watch!

International Women's Day: Meet Ayah Bdeir and Watch Her Take on Legos

On this International Women's Day, meet Ayah Bdeir. Born in Beirut, she is the founder & CEO of littleBits. Her company's electronic building blocks are quickly going to replace your kids' Legos and make them love learning. And that's exactly she epitomizes #AlphaRising.