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Corsair Gaming's Charts Aren't Much to Crow About

The stock of the maker of peripheral gaming equipment shows weakness from a technical standpoint.

The One Key Takeaway From GameStop's Report and How I'm (Yes) Trading the Stock

The fact is this is not the 'crappy' company that it has been made out to be.

I'm Looking at a Possible Play on iQIYI

I'm not interested in a buy and hold here but this one is showing potential for a momentum run.

Activision Blizzard's Charts Remain Bullish

Traders who are flat could purchase ATVI here.

Jim Cramer: Is Anecdotal Information Really Worthless?

I don't want to miss the next trends because I feared the anecdotal which would have been just plain wrong.

What the Charts Tell Us About Roblox Stock

Shares of the digital gaming company soared 21% on earnings news Tuesday.

Toymaker Mattel Needs Further Consolidation to Renew Strength

MAT is losing trend strength and need some sideways action to renew the trend. Hold longs and keep your sell stop in place.

I'm Out of Options, So I'm Playing Motorsports Games

I've got a trade idea, but let me warn you -- this stock is paper-thin.

Take the Lesson of GameStop to the Next Level

As GME rules the day, remember that trading like you only live once won't lead to riches.

Jim Cramer: Buy GameStop For What It's Worth

It's just a question of how high or low the stock can go.