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Here's Why Ashton Kutcher Wants to Invest in Start-Ups Like Uber

Technology companies are help to shape and drive pop culture now.

Jump Into These Three Super Japanese Stocks

The Hennessy Japan Fund is up eight percent so far in 2016, even though the appreciating yen has caused the Nikkei 225 Index to drop over eight percent.

Four Stocks Worth More Than the Sum of Their Parts

Shares of BP have dropped over 6% this year and 25% on the past 12 months, but as oil recovers the oil major could see a tremendous bounce.

Climate Change, Poverty Better Solved Through Social Entrepreneurship

Tackling social ills like climate change and poverty takes more than throwing money at the problem.

‘Unicorn’ Tech Bubble Poised to Pop Says Avalon Ventures Founder

Startup technology companies blessed with billion dollar valuations better buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in the coming months for the so-called 'unicorn' set.

Venture Capitalists Less Confident in Creating Another Tech Hit

Venture capitalists' in the Bay area aren't as confident as they once were when it comes to cranking out another tech hit like Apple (AAPL) or Facebook (FB).

Venture Capital Bubble on Enterprise, Not Consumer Side Says FanDuel Backer

There is indeed a bubble in pre-IPO technology companies says Paul Martino, managing director of venture capital firm Bullpen Capital.

Digital Healthcare Players Set to Profit From Epic's Open Platform

Epic Systems decision to create an open source third-party platform for diversified healthcare applications is the biggest development in the healthcare industry in years.

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Will Report 3Q Earnings on Friday

Warren Buffett's conglomerate will release its third-quarter earnings report on Friday afternoon.

StubHub Co-Founder Has New Startup, Spreecast, Rolling

After founding, leading and selling StubHub to eBay for millions, Jeff Fluhr talks to Rocco Pendola about that experience and his new company, San Francisco-based social video platform, Spreecast.