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Gladstone CEO: Steady Dividend, Equity Kicker is Making Investors Happy

Shares of Gladstone Investment Corporation are up 24% thus far in 2016, almost five times the return of the S&P 500. Not bad for a business development company.

What Does a Slower Rate Hike Path Mean for Your Bond Portfolio?

The Federal Reserve desire to move interest rates away from crisis-era levels is a double-edged sword for bond investors.

Here's Why Mastercard is Banking on Growth in Africa and Why its New Remittance Agreement Matters

Mastercard has its eye on more expansion in Africa, recently announcing a partnership for remittance services.

Barings CEO Discusses the Merger That Created a Firm Managing $275 Billion in Assets

The CEO of the rebranded Barings asset management firm sees even more growth ahead.

Small To Mid-Size Businesses Optimistic About Economy, Says CBIZ

Professional business services firm CBIZ finds business optimism among its clients.

Inflation Not High Enough for Fed Rate Hike Says Schwab Fixed Income CIO

Don't expect the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates next week. They are way too cautious to rock the boat with inflation still so low.

What to Watch Tuesday: Small Business Optimism Index

On Tuesday, September 13, investors await fresh data on the state of small businesses.

Rising Dividend, Better Credit Rating Propelling Store Capital

Shares of Store Capital are up 23 percent so far in 2016 and the company's ceo expects the good times to keep rolling.

BDCs Gaining Ground as Regulations Bedevil Banks

The slow growth environment is making this a good time to be a lender. And business development companies are in a sweet spot because banks are held back by regulations.

New Financial Company May Prove That Trading Bonds is Women's Work

Longtime bond trader Susan Estes is getting ready to introduce a new platform for fixed income trading, designed to make it easier to trade bonds.