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U.S. Investors May Be Offered TikTok Stock Within a Year

An IPO on U.S. markets is in the cards if a proposal to form TikTok Global wins approval in Washington and Beijing.

Saw Your Investments Go to Pot? Consider Cannabis Tech

Here are two tech-infused names to watch this year.

Different Name, Same Great Dividend Opportunity

Sutter Rock Capital Corp. is now called SuRo Capital Corp., but still offers investors a way to play the pre-IPO market and collect a yield of 4.2%.

AirAsia Maverick Turns Venture Capitalist to Seed Southeast Asia

Flashy AirAsia co-founder Tony Fernandes is taking on Silicon Valley at its own game. Don't bet against a man who loves proving his detractors wrong.

Carl Icahn: A Brief History of Trump's Former Adviser

In case you weren't familiar with corporate-raider turned activist, Carl Icahn.

Here's How General Mills Is Using Its VC Fund to Find the Next Big Food Idea

The food aisles are brutally competitive right now. From the rise of organics to the ability to shop online, big food needs to have cool ideas if they want to get the consumer's dollars. Here's what General Mills is up to on the big idea front.

Paris Hilton Is the Latest Celebrity to Promote Cryptocurrency

Floyd Mayweather, The Game and Dennis Rodman are also all about the crypto craze.

What Anthony Scaramucci Said About Trump While Gunning for a White House Job

Watch as he makes very positive remarks about Trump in our two exclusive prior interviews.

Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Is Perceived as a Pro-Business President

Anthony Scaramucci compares the perceptions of Trump and Obama as pro-business presidents.

Why Robert Kiyosaki Likes Real Estate

It's hard for real estate to become obsolete.