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Searching for Joy (and Value) in SPACville

Three baseball-related SPACs have attractive potential, but when will they reward investors?

The Indices Continue to Distort What Is Really Happening in the Market

The primary issue for traders now is whether the stocks that have been hit hardest can bounce back.

9 Utility Plays to Power Up Your Portfolio

Utilities appeal to investors as a source of diversification and a steady stream of dividend payments. Here are nine favorites.

Why I'm Hitching My Wagon to Wells Fargo

Here's how I'd trade the stock after the bank's latest earnings.

I Just Can't Get on Board Carnival Even After the Recent Drop in Its Stock

The cruise line operator still appears overvalued based on its huge share dilution and its iffy business prospects near term.

Jim Cramer: The Hypocrisy of 'Buy and Scold' Has to Stop

How these money managers get away with this duplicity is incredible. They skate by criticism as if having your cake and eating it too is second nature.

This Profitable Portfolio of 2020 Losers Is Losing Steam

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio gave ground over the last month but continues to perform far better than the S&P 500.

NL Industries Shines on a Bad Day for Value While Krispy Kreme Bounces Around

However, it's a mystery as to why the holding company enjoyed a 10% bump on Tuesday.

3 Dividend Growth Stocks for an Infrastructure Deal

Let's examine three companies that should directly benefit from the potential infrastructure bill.

6 Beautiful Lessons to Learn From Ulta Beauty Amid 2020's Market Plunge

General market weakness can provide great opportunities to cash in on proven names that suffer along with the crowd.