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Overall Market Conditions Look Poor But There Are Hot Pockets of Trading Action

Stocks are not moving in highly correlated action, which favors stock-pickers and technical buyers.

What's Most Glaring to Me Is the Performance of Value vs. Growth

The drubbing value is taking vs. growth is not just happening within small and microcap companies.

This Year's Tax-Loss-Selling Recovery Portfolio Is a Real Loser So Far

This experiment in trying to identify stocks that could come back after dismal year-ago performance isn't going well five months since its inception.

April 2020's Market: You Had to Be 'in It to Win It'

Fear of losing big drove many investors away, but here's how to make it when things look really bad.

This Stock Is Flying Low Now, but Set to Soar

Woodward, an industry leader, is now a bargain at almost 60% off.

This Value Portfolio Is Doing OK Relatively Speaking, but That's Not Saying Much

The 2020 Double Net Value Portfolio is outperforming a couple Russell value indices, but those aren't doing well.

You Can Buy This Name Now for Less Than You Could in 2008

Invesco, owner of the widely held the QQQ exchange-traded fund, was offered last week at below its absolute nadir on its worst day of the 2008-panic.

6 Financial Stock Picks for Value Investors

If you're looking for value, yield and have a three to five-year investment horizon, take note of these names.

Craft a Trade With This Retailer

Retailer Michaels offers high risk, but high reward.

Here's a Multi-National Bargain From a Name You've Never Heard Of

Ebix Inc. provides enterprise cloud e-commerce products for the insurance, finance and health care industries, and it's a great way to play the software-as-a-service theme for a low price.