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A 4.5% Dividend Stock Trading at a Healthy Discount

The stock is simply too cheap, given its strong results to begin 2020, and a highly profitable business model that generates huge amounts of cash flow.

Drumroll, Please: The First 4 Names in My Triple-Net Active Portfolio

This disparate cluster of value plays includes an entertainment giant and an owner of ethanol plants.

Get Yourself Out of a Dividend Pickle With This High-Yield Food Stock

With a 6.5% dividend yield, this is an attractive stock for income investors.

BP's Dividend Cut Was Painful, But Better Days Are on the Horizon

BP has become an appealing stock for income investors.

Big Bank Bounce? Let's Check the Charts

I shouldn't be surprised that I'm getting questions about the banking sector.

Diamonds in the Rough: This DIA Trade Is a Steal

Amid Wednesday's broader market decline, look for a nice rally in the Diamonds as we close out the week.

Jim Cramer: Let the Market's Patterns Guide You

Some patterns reveal themselves easily, and you can spot them ahead of the computer programs. Here are examples of them, and how to act.

Heady Rebound on 'TAP' for Molson Coors

This beer company is now at a great price, so here's how to play it.

Big-Cap Technology Regains Its Leadership as Banks Kick Off Earnings Season

There was some significant rotational action Monday and we'll see if that continues as we move into earnings reports.

Late Surge Turns This Portfolio of Ugly Stocks Into Very Lovable Losers

Thanks to big gains by Tupperware Brands and GameStop these dozen stocks that languished in 2019 collectively are now up nicely since the portfolio's inception.