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Updating My 2021 Double Net Value Portfolio

This tracking portfolio is comprised of companies that have three specific attributes.

A High Yield Healthcare REIT for Income Investors

With projected returns in excess of 10% annually and a 5.9% dividend yield, National Health Investors is one of our favorites.

I'm Looking at These 2 Stocks for Potential Value

Super Micro Computer and Seneca Foods are on my radar.

Feeding Investors a Blue-Chip Broth of Dividends and Growth

Income investors should find the yield attractive, which is double that of the average yield of the S&P 500 index.

Cruise Operator Carnival Still Isn't a Stock I Want to Climb Aboard

The window the company offered this week on its results and financial state continue to give this value investor pause.

It's Tempting to Quit This Portfolio While I'm Waaaay Ahead, but I Won't

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio is killing it, which makes it tempting to shut it down and harvest the profits, but we'll let the experiment roll on.

Bubbles May Be Forming in Some Places, but Probably Not in Value Stocks

The hot markets for housing and trading cards may not last, but it appears value stocks finally are enjoying their day in the sun.

I'm Gaining Exposure to Orange Groves and Physical Silver

Florida citrus name Alico Inc. and Sprott Physical Silver Trust are positions this value investor just initiated.

Goal Prices Are Always Moving Targets

When the facts change smart traders always adjust their price targets; Investors Bancorp provides an illustration as to why.

Jim Cramer: There's No Off Switch to Speculation or Greed

Once you recognize that growth versus value is a false dichotomy than we can figure out what's ailing so much of the market.