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Revisiting a Previous Pick -- Now at an Even Lower Price

This is the beauty of ugly bear markets. They often make even terrific company shares go inexplicably below fair value.

3 High-Yielding Dividend Stocks From the Utility Sector

These names offer attractive dividend yields of greater than 4% and are likely to outperform in an ongoing bear market.

A Quandary for Those Who Went to Cash

The complete lack of enthusiasm from both equity buyers and option traders bodes very well for a continued market rally rather than yet another retest of the lows.

Carnival Is Still a Long Way From Home

This is not yet your pre-pandemic cruise line. The trip for CCL stockholders won't be an easy one.

The Market's Q4 Start Should Not Be Surprising

When everybody is thinking negative... who is left to sell?

A Trade on a Stock You Might Not Even Know Exists

Despite fine metrics, this year's crazy selloff has pushed the shares down to one of its lowest valuations ever.

I've Dug Up This Coal Miner in My Search for Value Stocks

It's a metallurgical coal company that operates two mines in Alabama, and its shares are up for the year in a market that's way down.

3 Dividend Stocks That Deliver High-Quality 'Returns'

ROIC is a valuable financial metric that can help identify the highest-quality stocks in the investing universe.

The Door to the Market Seems Closed, but I Might 'OPEN' One

This should be a bargain hunter's paradise, but not so much in reality. Here's a stock, however, that stands out.

Invest in Investor Services With These 7 Trading Plays

This could be an attractive opportunity for long-term investors seeking exposure to a currently out-of-favor sector.