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Does the Market Have the Right Type of Oil?

It appears it may not, as supplies of heavy oil are becoming short even as there is an excess of light sweet oil.

Monday's Positive Momentum May Be More Fragile Than It Seemed

No one wants to be caught being too negative if a trade deal is made, but there will be plenty of market players looking for an exit into strength.

U.S. Remains Best House in an Increasing Beleaguered Neighborhood

Economic reports out of Europe and China have not been encouraging, which appears to leave the U.S. to power the global economic engine.

Heed the Warnings, Plus a Costco Win: Market Recon

China data is ugly, evaluate your portfolio with that in mind -- and watch nonfarm payrolls on Friday.

Fighting the Good Fight vs. a System That Values Speed Over Price: Market Recon

If we didn't know where the algorithms that now control the point of sale were lined up before Monday, we sure know now.

To Hedge, or Not to Hedge?

Hedging a stock can be expensive for investors and not always worth it.

Battle Lines Grow Clearer as a Final Trade Deal Approaches

Bulls believe the positive impact of a U.S.-China trade agreement has yet to be fully priced into the market; bears disagree.

Reversion to the Mean: Bet on It

Investors who realize individual stocks will eventually revert to their mean can save themselves money and frustration.

Jim Cramer: 5 Reasons to Buy Any 'Sell the News' Reaction on China

Here are a host of stocks that will benefit from a deal, and why you should pick them up on a selloff.

Market Refuses to Give in to the Negative Pressure

The market keeps barreling ahead in anticipation of a China trade deal, leaving bears on the losing side.