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Macy's Remains in a Longer-Term Downtrend, Earnings Beat Notwithstanding

The department store retailer needs to see more bullish price action before concluding that a rally can be sustained.

China Stumbles Into a Trade War

The Chinese seem to have badly miscalculated President Trump's resolve to achieve a trade deal that looks out for American interests.

China's Stocks Return to Their Senses on Monday

With trenches being dug in the trade war, there's a good chance Asian equities will drop 5% to 10% according to one observer.

The Tariff Tarantella

The bulls have their work cut out for them to get this market back on track, but at least the China trade talks did not turn into the disaster that many were anticipating.

Tariffs Hit China and Chinese Shares Soar: Here's Why

China's stock markets dipped briefly into the red, then closed up almost 4% as trade taxes on $200 billion in goods rose to 25%. What's going on?

Calm Before the Storm as Trade Tariffs Kick In

China has a lot more ammunition than Trump or his advisors are telling him.

AmerisourceBergen Stock Is Poised to Retest Key Support Levels

Shares of ABC found buying interest in the $72-$70 area in late December and again in April.

Etsy Tumbles Post-Earnings as Investors Expected More

The e-commerce company's guidance might be the main culprit for its share price erosion after reporting first-quarter earnings that came in above estimates.

Market Conditions Deteriorate as China Trade Worries Rise

Cut lagging stocks and have a good reserve of cash on hand as the market prepares for further trade tariffs.

Chinese Stocks Have Yet to Reflect Seriousness of Trump's Tariff Threat

Because the news they access is filtered, Chinese investors have yet to factor in just how dangerously the trade talks now dangle.