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Tariffs, Jobs Report and How to Position Your Portfolio: Market Recon

Market indices are close enough to their apex where profits can be taken and cash be raised intelligently.

Small-Caps Surge as Earnings News and Central Banks Keep the Bulls Optimistic

Semiconductor strength and Mario Draghi's dovishness could be catalysts that help build on momentum.

Over 21? Here Are 8 Speculative Mining Stocks to Think About

These mining names look attractive at this juncture. But do your homework.

Deutsche Bank's Drag on Peers Could Unlock Investor Opportunities

Deutsche Bank's blunders and restructuring, and a new chief at the European Central Bank, could be perfect combination for a bull case.

Good News - For Once - As Curtain Comes Down on G-20

Save for a refusing to budge on climate change, U.S. President Donald Trump left the G-20 in Osaka with something a bit unusual for him: some good news.

What to Expect from Trump vs. the G-20

The G-20 summit is not all about President Trump; climate change may be the key issue, although trade and troops will be on Trump's mind.

Canopy Growth Slips as Production, Margins Disappoint

While the cannabis company's stock is sliding on its year-end report, at least one analyst sees a long-term buying opportunity.

Chewy Aims to Take a Bite Out of the Pet Market on IPO Day

Chewy's initial public offering document has a lot of information for investors to gnaw on, such as its large ongoing losses and its ownership structure.

Jim Cramer: Trump Makes Mexico Situation Fluid, and Nothing Is Worse Than Fluid

Everything in Trump's presidency is fluid, which creates not just uncertainty, but ugliness.

Mexican Tariffs Are a Nasty Surprise, but the Charts Were Already Turning Ugly

This could present great trading opportunities down the road, but expect short-term pain as the market tries to quantify the impact.