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Fears of Coronavirus Could Make Market Selloff a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

All stocks related to global economic growth, especially China, will get hit as expected demand is perceived to be hit.

Jim Cramer: Panic Over a Geopolitical Event?

Yes, Iran vows to retaliate. But have you looked at the oil curve this morning?

Chinese Stocks and Currency Rally, so the Trade Truce Is For Real

After many a false start, the Phase 1 deal long trumpeted by the U.S. president appears to be coming together. It's still not down on paper, but investors should look East if Sunday's tariffs do avoid implementation.

3 Major Events Will Provide Clarity to the Markets

Here are the mostly likely scenarios and impact on stocks and bonds.

Jim Cramer: Five Below Is a Winner in Tariff Mitigation

How companies talk about tariffs is becoming a defining characteristic going forward.

Thank You, Trump, For Siding With Hong Kong at Thanksgiving

New laws in support of Hong Kong and the democracy movement were deliberately snuck in hours before the Detroit Lions kicked off and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Jim Cramer: Playing Hostage/Non-Hostage on China-Exposed Stocks

A trade deal still seems far away, so check your China exposure, again, as earnings season approaches.

Huawei's Work on Alternatives to U.S. Tech -- And the Challenges They Face

In areas ranging from operating systems to mobile processors to CPU core designs, the Chinese tech giant is looking for replacements to U.S.-developed tech.

As Video Games Get Scapegoated, Could Their Stocks Suffer?

President bashes violent games while addressing mass shootings, but the correlation isn't so clear.

China Retaliates Against Tariffs and World Markets Slump

This action is macro-driven and is not favorable to stock pickers right now.