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When It Comes to Hotels, Make Some Room Available in Your Portfolio

Let's chart out the best stocks in the industry.

These Airlines Are Best Positioned to Lift Investors' Portfolios

Let's go to the charts to see which U.S. carriers are gliding toward a soft landing.

Marriott: Loyalty Travels Only So Far

The charts of the lodging stock have been weak since May,

I'm Booking a 'Return Trip' on American Airlines

It's time to take the other side of the run the airlines have had. Here's one way to do that.

Macau Casino Stocks Are Big Gainers With Promise of Mainland Tours

The leader of the Macau government says the city will welcome tour groups from mainland China for the first time in almost three years. It's part of the pattern of easing travel in East Asia.

The Runway Is Clear for Delta Air Lines Investors

The last time management sounded this positive at a conference, the following earnings report and guidance propelled the stock significantly higher.

As Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Sink, Here's When to Dive In

These stocks are priced for an industry-wide calamity, but how realistic is that considering their customer base?

Time to Get on Board the Airlines?

Several investment experts look beyond near-term turbulence and focus on the sector's long-term runway for growth.

Shanghai Is Free, Sort Of, as Lockdown Ends

A nine-day partial closure of China's biggest city escalated into 65 days of home confinement. Now China's bruised economy can flex its muscles again.

Delta Is Ready When You Are

Here's why shares of the world's second largest air carrier offers a solid risk/reward as travel trends start to take off.