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Jim Cramer: 3 Market Storylines Are In Play, But Which Is Best for Investors?

Only one of these scenarios is going to get you in and out of this market with your assets intact and your portfolio stronger.

Why Blame It On Coronavirus? It's All About the Fed's Free Money

Only two things can save the market right now, the Fed cutting rates aggressively or the virus being contained.

Peloton Isn't a Must Own but One to Consider

I see no reason to hurry or force things right now.

In This Market, Remember the First Rule of Holes

I suggest that you make a few 'sacrifices to the gods.'

American International Group Could Sink Lower in the Weeks Ahead

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Texas Roadhouse Could Pull Back to Revisit Its Breakout Level

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Home Depot's Got You Covered This Week

If management is already guiding the top line and comps to levels of last year or better, then I like the odds of upside potential to EPS.

Here's How I'm Going to Protect My Profits in Home Depot

I would not be surprised to see the name sell off in this weak tape after all of the post earnings hype wears off.

This Signal Proved Prophetic With the Market Selloff

Still, none of the data is suggesting a near-term bottom has been achieved.

It's All About Flexible Positioning Right Now

Don't worry about missing out on the upside.