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Here's How I'm Playing Micron

MU's cloud integration and migration to the cloud remains a main business theme driving capital expenditure on the data center.

The Pullback in Restaurant Brands Could Extend Further Into July

Avoid the long side until the OBV line tells us that buyers are becoming more aggressive.

Honeywell Is Likely to Struggle in the Months Ahead

While the fundamental story on HON may sound promising, the charts and indicators tell a different story.

What to Watch as the Quarter Ends, Undersized Fed Weapon? Reclosings Accelerate

As the month and quarter end, there's a key level on the S&P 500 to keep an eye on -- in addition to mandates from pension and mutual funds to move capital out of equities into debt securities..

Want Some Short Exposure? Consider Twilio

I'd position any bearish call spread to expire before the company reports near the end of July.

Jim Cramer: Why You Shouldn't Expect the Market to Get Clobbered Again Monday

Let's go over the confluence that allowed us to advance after a brief dip down in the morning.

Are Your Index Trades Making You Money or Distracting From Better Opportunities?

I have to remind myself that they should just be an adjunct to the trading of individual stocks.

Want in on the Rampant SPACulation? You're Very Late to the Party

Many SPACs were hit hard from June 19 through June 24. It will happen again.

The Fed's Resolve Is Being Tested

Let's see how soon they come back in to support the market should the S&P 500 lose its key 200 day moving average support of 3020.

Keep on Trading What's Working

To navigate this market effectively right now you have to understand that there are two major groups at work.