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With Zscaler, I See No Reason to Push or Pull Either Way Today

Wait until we see a test of support or a breakout above (or failed test of) resistance before making a move.

The Share Price of Okta Could Grind Higher in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check the charts and indicators of this company that builds cloud applications for employees.

The Overall Market Narrative Seems to Be Shifting

There isn't enough evidence yet that it is going to gain downside traction.

New Coronavirus Concerns Tempered By Central Banks and Asset Class Rotation

Stay focused on price action and watch for signals that there is a shift in the character of the action.

Confidence Will Decide the Fate of the Markets

The world's most levered balance sheet belongs not to a company, but to a country: Japan.

Novice: Trade: Disney

Now's a good time to head back to the Magic Kingdom.

Lam Research Could Correct With the Broad Market

I would rather stand aside from new commitments until the dust settles.

Kass: All Problems Cannot Be Solved With Monetary Policy

The near universal faith in central bank liquidity's ability to buoy stocks may be unjustified in the face of weakening fundamentals.

Is There Something Significant Starting to Unwind?

We will see how things close and then watch the various asset classes for shifts.