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So You Want to Be a Day Trader

If you're a day trader there are ways to 'day trade' that can at least reduce some of the danger.

General Mills Could Reach Historic New Highs

Investors should put GIS on their shopping list.

Dazed and Confused, Jobs Report, More 'Helicopters' on the Way, Trading Boeing

Equity markets had a tougher day on Wednesday than immediately meets the eye. And did you catch what Trump said?

Slack Faces Increasing Competition

This was a name I had been very bullish on but the story has changed enough that I need to reconsider my stance.

Cannabis Is Not Happening in Vegas

Experts predict it could take 12-18 months for the market to recover.

Shares of FedEx Gap Higher and Break a Long-Term Downtrend

FDX is likely to trade sideways for a while before resuming its uptrend.

Keep an Eye on the Sluggish U.S Dollar - And One Way to Play It

Imagine what the stock market might do if the currency headwinds became tailwinds.

It's Hard to Resist Those Index Shorts but They Still Aren't Working

The action is shifting a bit and the momentum has cooled.

I Wouldn't Buy Pfizer Shares on This Pop

I would wait until the next down day, and there will be one.

It Looks Like the Uptrend in Beyond Meat Is Continuing

Today's price strength is so far telling us that the bulls are still in charge.