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Old Dominion Freight Line: Still Steering Towards New Highs

Let's put things in gear and check out the charts and indicators.

With Coronavirus, Ignore Those 'Talking Their Own Book'

Chinese consumer confidence will likely be dented for much longer than the global equity markets are currently assuming.

What's Most Notable About Friday's Market Action? Its Complacency

Time for some rest in front of the three-day holiday weekend.

Newell Brands, in Turnaround Mode, Saw Q4 Earnings Top Expectations

The 'new' version of NWL is still comprised of a host of well-known brand names after asset sales reduced debt.

Where Nvidia Is Performing Well They Are Simply 'Crushing' It

The firm's forward guidance is both positive and thoughtful.

Nvidia Has Broken Out to New Highs Setting the Stage for Gains to the $340 Area

Let's go over the charts once again.

Cardlytics May Not Give Buyers a Dip to Buy in This Strong Market

Jim Cramer said he'd bless buying Cardlytics but only under $70 a share.

Jim Cramer: And the Stock Beat Goes On...and On

No matter what the current price to earnings multiple or enterprise to sales or even out year sales analysis, that sucker's going up.

Why Worry About Negative Arguments When the Price Action Says They Don't Matter?

The reason that the coronavirus hasn't mattered to the market is because the market keeps going up.

Amazon vs. Microsoft, Assessing the Virus, Sticking Up for Judy Shelton

Fed repo policy changes confirm that external issues are having only a small impact on U.S. economic performance.