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Indonesia Approaches Crisis Level Despite Mystery of Missing Covid-19 Cases

The world's 4th largest population has under 2,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. Yet the Indonesian rupiah has breached 16,000, a level not seen since the Asian financial crisis over 20 years ago.

Restless Rally, Fiscal Stimulus and Trading Strategies

This precarious rally came on the back of oil production cut talks, but the equity markets remain in a downtrend.

Covid-19: The Elusive Pursuit of Clarity

Jobs news will provide some data points, but we still have little idea of the extent of the economic damage that will occur.

Think Zoom Video Has Become Overvalued? Me Too

This is a little bit of a 'look what we are all using,' without much of a 'what's their business model?'

All Systems Are Still Go With Citrix

CTXS provides workspace, networking, and professional services.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Banks for the Long Run?

Given the current price pattern in the banks, I see no reason to rush to buy them at this point.

De-Risking Your Portfolio

This advice is absolutely relevant in the current Covid-19 era.

Trump, Luckin Coffee and Walgreens Don't Make Trading Any Easier

One act by Luckin will call into question virtually every Chinese company listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq.

Procter & Gamble Could Generate Good Gains in Addition to the Yield

Time to review the charts and indicators.

My Plan for Disney

My thoughts on the shares of DIS are this... Right here? I sit on my hands. Still, here's a trade idea.