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In This Market the Good News Is Never Fully Discounted

Trying to fight the positive trend has been a disaster for the naysayers.

5 Promising Stocks to Study Over the Long Weekend

Last year wasn't particularly kind to every stock, but some are turning around for the better in 2020.

Novice Trade: Wells Fargo

The premium for long term options is cheap.

Something Big Is in Store for AeroVironment in 2020

It offers exposure to unmanned aircraft systems, drones, tactical missile systems, first-responders, telecom connectivity, and is exploring commercial A.I. & agricultural applications.

Let Me Count the Ways I Love Microsoft

MSFT is not one of my names that has just kept on hitting target prices, thus forcing decisions. The stock is getting close though.

Jim Cramer: Buyers Get Very Few Breaks

There were opportunities in the transports.

Strong Markets Tend to Stay Sticky to the Upside but Breadth Is a Bit Softer Now

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the odds that the market reverses and goes straight down from here are very low.

GAP Cancels Old Navy Spinoff and It's Greeted Favorably

This is retail, where down is up and up is down, and the dynamic of the sector continues to change.

Why I Like Using Buy-Writes in the Biotech Sector

Putting buy-writes in your investing 'toolbox' seems one route to becoming a better investor in 2020.

The 2 Great Stock Market Certainties

The inevitability of cycles is what makes many market participants so confident that they can predict the future. But that is a fallacy.