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Healthcare Misery, Pinterest IPO, Japan Marketplace, URI Earnings: Market Recon

Negative political pressure is being felt in an overbearing way on the entire healthcare sector.

Pockets of Weakness and Politics Will Make For a Messy Pre-Holiday Session

Focus on defense, as news headlines on the Mueller Report and discussion of 'Medicare For All' make stock picking tough.

Pockets of Strength Offset Some Really Ugly Action

The biggest negative in the market Wednesday was that the gap-up open was sold very aggressively.

Qualcomm Stock Has Catapulted to Must-Own Status in the 5G Space

This is the start of a bigger move for the stock.

Jim Cramer: Want a Snapshot of the Economy? Look at the Rails

When you see that money pouring out of the market it is going to be looking for a home. The home will most likely want some economic sensitivity.

Novice Trade: IBM

The stock moves slowly, but tends to do so in one direction.

What's Next for Qualcomm After the Stock's Monster Move?

There's a key level to watch.

Rolling the Dice With Skechers

If I had a bias for SKX it would be on the long side.

Natural Gas Is Trading Counter-Seasonal, but It Probably Won't Last

This year we are seeing natural gas prices slump despite seasonal support.

Qualcomm: A Lesson in Trading

This was a complete surprise to the market and that creates a whole different type of trading dynamic.