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Stimulus Negotiations, Chanos Comments, Playing the EV Space

I'm starting to believe the legacy automakers may be the best way to play the EV space in 2021.

Take Advantage of Overblown Healthcare Worries With This Trade

Monday's action in Johnson & Johnson is a fadeable event.

Have Small-Cap Stocks Topped Out?

Let's check out the charts of the small-cap heavy IWM ETF .

Microsoft's Charts Have Weakened in the Past 2 Months

MSFT has been a key stock in the tech rally but it has behaved differently since early September.

Don't Overthink Copper's Push Higher, and Look at Southern Copper

I'd give some time to a SCCO trade and go out to December or January with a $50 call.

Tesla's Indicators Continue to Show Signs of Weakness

We continue to look for weaker prices heading into the year-end.

Can These Stocks Run Into Earnings?

Here's what's on my radar as market players continue to be optimistic about the prospects of individual stocks into earnings.

Can the Uninvested Now Get Involved in Procter & Gamble?

PG reported fiscal Q1 results Tuesday morning and literally did almost everything they do very well.

Tread Carefully With Netflix as Upside Momentum Continues to Wane

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Market Body Surfing, Changing Election Odds, The 'Game', Trading Amazon and AMD

Monday showed some signs of not just profit-taking, but some risk-off behavior by professional managers. What gives? Why now?