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Once They Uplist I Want to Own Cybin and Draganfly

What they both have in common is a ton of momentum in their respective businesses.

Jim Cramer: The Pushers of Meme Stocks Are Actually Sticking It to Themselves

If you weren't the one pumping, dump it and move on.

Sports Entertainment Acquisition Charts Are Bullish

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Corsair Gaming Pops to the Upside: Now What?

Here's what I'd look for this week and beyond.

Crocs Is Breaking Out to a New All-Time High and It's My Stock of the Week

The shoes may be ugly, but the chart is attractive, and sales are good.

If a COVID Vaccine Becomes Seasonal, Watch Novavax: Here's 2 Ways to Trade It

I prefer the bear put spread over the covered equity play due to the decreased risk to principal, despite the capped potential for profit.

Data Cast Shadows as New Market Highs Reached

Insider buying interest remains absent.

This Portfolio Is Up 27% After Seven Months: So Why Am I Disappointed?

Fifteen of the 18 names in my 2021 Double Net Value Portfolio are in positive territory.

Spotify Is Set to Stage a Recovery Price Rally

Traders could probe the long side at current levels.

UWM Holdings Charts Don't Point to a Compelling Buy

Let's review the charts and indicators.