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Trading During Earnings Season

The most important thing to remember about trading earnings is that you do not have to hold a stock into its report in order to find good trade entries.

3 Earnings Reports Will Be Key for the Market Next Week

There is a good foundation for more positive action in the week ahead.

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Is Flying Higher on the Charts

Before I give my recommendation I want to visit with the charts and indicators.

Big Blue Looks Like a Big Dud

We have decent odds of a new 52-week low in IBM over the next few weeks.

For Boeing and Johnson & Johnson: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Both BA and JNJ appear to have made decisions in which the bottom line took precedent over what they stand for as a company.

Add to Longs on AT&T's Upside Breakout

Let's drill down on the charts and indicators.

SmileDirect Is Not Smiling These Days

Here's why I'm on the sidelines for now.

Coca-Cola Is a Pretty Solid Name but I Like PepsiCo Better

Do not look at Coke as a value play. This is more a play on global growth, but within the context of a defensive sector.

Europe's Economy Has Ground to a Halt

It seems as if the complacency that has gripped the U.S. markets of late has crossed the Atlantic.

Friday's Market Action: Dreary

There are a few random names with momentum, but mostly there is just a lot of churning action.