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Let's See If the Market's Latest Bounce Has Legs This Time

Don' be sucked into hyperventilating about a market bottom.

Apple: Heavily Scrutinized, Yet Still Underestimated

Apple is a battleground and go-to stock all wrapped up in one..

There Are Many Ways to Search for a Market Bottom: Here's What I Look For

Who says you can't time the markets? Let's look at some methods technical analysts and others use to identify market bottoms.

Know Thyself and You'll Be a Better Trader and Investor

We are too often focused on the prize rather than the process and steps to get there.

Bond Market Liquidity: Even I'm Concerned

It is in the best interests of everyone to see bond markets normalize.

Here's How to Play Tesla When Great Isn't Good Enough

The series of lower highs since last November and the series of higher lows since May imply the coming of an explosive move in TSLA.

There's Light Behind the Clouds, But Indexes Still Lack Reversal Signals

2 key charts closed below prior support Friday.

You Can Trade Bounces, But You Can't Trust Them Right Now

The action continues to be quite coordinated as the main focus is on buying indexes rather than individual stocks.

Don't Be Freaked Out by Those Tweets About a Closed-Door FOMC Meeting

There are many meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee that aren't part of the regular schedule, so don't fret too much.

Stock Picking Languishes as Traders Keep Hunting For Oversold Index Bounces

Valuations and the merits of individual stocks just aren't significant right now as many people largely trade index ETFs.