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This Kind of Inconsistency Can't Continue for Too Long

While the S&P 500 looks quite euphoric, many stocks are far from it.

Jim Cramer: Johnson & Johnson? Moderna and Pfizer Can Do the Job

You never want to be caught in a counter trend rally.

This Highly Enriched Options Play Is Anything But Radioactive

This uranium stock has continually bounced off its 50-day SMA since February.

AT&T's Charts Are Just Treading Water

There's not a compelling bullish case at this point.

Here's Why We're Bullish on Cisco Systems

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Bitcoin Is a Bright Spot in a Frustrating Market

I'd rather be late jumping in on a bottom fish than jump in too early.

I'm Not Bailing on Johnson & Johnson Now

Don't forget, this is a very large company with a lot more than the vaccine going on.

These Stocks Are Losing Energy

Several signs point to underperformance for energy names in the near term.

Cheesecake Factory Could Correct Before Making New Highs

Let's look at the charts and technical menu of CAKE.

Indices Fail to Tell the Story of This Market

Stay focused on sectors and rotational action if you want to navigate the action.