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Strong Friday Finish Improves Mood, but Weekend News Is the Key for Monday

Even if the indices do bounce back from here there are significant obstacles to a V-shaped move.

Illicit Cannabis Market Keeps Taking Market Share

Can the industry afford to lose 80% of its market and still make a profit?

Southwest Airlines Is in a Weak Technical Position

I would not rush to be a buyer of LUV.

My Thoughts About the Market Heading Into the Weekend

As you read what will be an immense amount of market-related material, look for those most focused on risk-management, a trading strategy and a core thesis behind it all.

If You're Buying Clorox, You Aren't Buying Growth

With how much the markets have declined over the past two weeks, I see far better plays out there than Clorox.

Nvidia Looks Like It's Holding Up Better Than Many Stocks

NVDA is finding some support at $246-$240, but could retrace more of its rally.

The First Thing You Need to Do Here Is to Be Clear About Your Goals

The worst thing you can do is to worry too much about being at the bottom tick.

Jim Cramer: I Don't Know Where It Will Bottom, I Do Know What to Buy and Sell

This is the time to high grade your portfolio, take some losses and move to better stocks.

Why I Like Long VXX Calls Here

The idea that this is going to be a quick bounce back is laughable.

The Travel Industry Is Being Decimated

I still do believe that the panic is overblown, but that does not mean that it won't continue.